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The Power of the Four Elements

The Power of the Four Elements

As our ancestors did, we have to recover the respect and love towards the elements, who are source of life and infinite wisdom

Nature and its wonders are without doubt our main guides and allies in our searching path, although much or almost everything has been forgotten regarding its importance and need in our life, physically and spiritually.

Our ancestors –and this is not new- had a full and direct communication with the four elements, givers of life and wisdom.

Their lives were oriented towards the respect and coexistence with each element, because they knew that from this the approaching with their inner universal being depended, as with all that existed. Because of this their rituals and ceremonies were done to honor each element, so that their strength and wisdom would be always present in each being and in their lives.

Their closeness and communication with each element helped them to keep their unity with the infinite and with all that was around them, leading them to achieve many things in every field of their lives. The consciousness of their reality as sons of the universe was kept daily through the use and most of all, through the communication that they kept with Water, Earth, Wind and Fire.

A same family

Nowadays for us, the communication and living with these four elements could seem absurd and impossible; especially because we are dealing with something with which we apparently do not have anything in common.

However the reality is other, and it says that since the moment in which the human being has in his physical body each one of the elements as fundamental part for their existence, he will be connected in a direct way with each one of them, as if it was just one family.

For most of us the terms of coexistence and respect towards the four elements: Water, Earth, Wind and Fire have been forgotten completely; that has taken us to ignore as we do and to be so distant from our Mother Earth and her gifts.

The communication and living with the elements are fundamental components for this light and guidance that we are seek, and they are necessary to find that part of wisdom that has been relegated and forgotten.

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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