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The Hidden Life of the Whales

Our dearest and imposing little sisters are the ones in charge of maintaining the balance between the sea and the Earth, as well as to help us with our evolution

To this day, whales are only a group of sea mammals for us, but we are a little wrong with this judgment because in reality they are beings of great wisdom.   

We really cannot imagine the great things that they have done for our planet and for our wellbeing.

For instance, they have been giving to our Mother Earth all the love that we have denied to her, they have supplied her with everything she needs to survive to our attacks, whereas by our side we only worry about finding new ways of destruction instead of fulfilling our mission as universal beings.

Even so, whales have hope of seeing us one day living in love and harmony, as they do, and they have even sacrificed their own evolution to dedicate all their efforts and their life to us.

Our dearest and imposing little sisters are the ones in charge of maintaining the balance between the sea and the Earth, they are a representation of love, tenderness and intelligence, that in their case it translates into wisdom, as incredible as it may seem.

Between science and heart

For those who base themselves on scientific proofs, it has been seen that the whale is much more intelligent than man and that it possesses its own language, which has not been able to be completely deciphered because it is manifested through mind waves. 

But the most important opinion is that which comes from the heart, not from calculations or hypotheses.

Whales are sacred beings by the way they behave and respect life, they are beings of wisdom and they are completely friendly with all who passes by their side.

This is something that anyone who has been near them knows very well, because they have experienced within that joy and peace so big that the whales have, which makes you feel more respect and love towards them than what you did before seeing them in person.

Their other side

Maybe the most unknown side of whales is their elevated spirituality, few know that these inhabitants of the sea adore God or the “Infinite Expression” above all things.

This love for the cosmos and for all that is around them is manifested in their chants, with their attitudes of joy, as well as through their dances.

The language of the whales is admired by many and even is recorded to commercialize it as a proper sound for meditation, which has its reason to be.

They way in which they communicate is very similar to the way it is managed in the most higher spiritual levels, it is gorgeous and of particular vibrations that produce harmony in all that is around them.

In addition, whales organize their own energy rituals that help maintain the balance between the sea and the Earth and for this they choose special places, like the sea of Cortes, in Baja California, Mexico.

These beautiful beings have created these energy centers of prayer in which they gather to make ceremonies that help us awaken our consciousness.

It is about true parties full of joyful dances and chants in which the whales squander all their love for our benefit.

Whales have a great respect for life and limitless love for all their brothers and at the same time they expect to be loved because they like to be pampered, as any child.

Let us stop their exploitation

However, even thou all what these beautiful animal emanate, man has decided to attack them since many centuries ago.

The cruelty that is exerted against the whales is incredible, is it our only way of repaying to them what they have given us?

We cannot allow for these defenseless beings to be constantly assassinated with the justification that it is only a preservation of the traditions of the ancestors, just as they say in Japan.

In that country they say that the whale hunting is the way of life for many fishermen but, cant they realize that it is the destruction and death of the whales? Or is it just that the only thing that is important here is “humans”?

We must stop these absurd traditions, we do not have to continue with these mistakes of our ancestors, and we can put an end to these mistakes that have been passed on by generations.

They understand our mistakes

But before these killings the only thing the whales feel towards us is love and understanding, they know that these actions are originated by our lack of conscience and light.

This is why we will never receive an attack from them, they know that we are beings in need of love and that is what they will always try to give us, until we someday awake from this lethargy and we see them the same way that they see us.

The most important thing that we must reflect on is that they are our sisters and that they deserve to live in peace, for which it is essential for us to give them the right place that they truly deserve in our heart.

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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