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The sensitive face of the Flora

The sensitive face of the Flora and the Fauna

If your heart says "Love them," well, Do it! You will not regret it, since you will have the best friends and sisters at your side.

Why were the flora and the fauna created for? Have we ever asked this question to ourselves before? It seems we have not, although maybe some of us when we did we answered that it was or our benefit, and this may be a good answer, but not completely. 

Indeed, they were created for our wellbeing, but without meaning that they were going to have the bad part of life, they were not born to live a life of suffering and hatred.

The purpose of their creation was exactly the same as ours: born to be happy, as well as to receive and give love.

But, is this what we are giving to these lovely little brothers?

The treatment that we are giving to whom unfortunately does not have the means to defend themselves from us, is really sad.

What we need to understand is that if we are superior in relation to our defense, it does not mean that we have to commit the type of injustices that we have provoked.

On the contrary, it is to take care and protect those that are smaller and that lack of what we have.

They have a heart

The way of life that we have given to the flora and fauna is not what God wanted for them. That is why many humans suffer when they see the injustices that are made against them.

If our eyes get full of tears before these spectacles of destruction it is because there is still something that makes us perceive within us that the lovely plant or animal feels just as we do.

The key is to try to feel what they feel, what they enjoy, suffer, long for.

If they could put in words what they long for, it would surely be the same things that any of us would wish and would answer.

They have a heart, although we cannot achieve to understand it and we think that animals only have instincts, whereas plants manifest only chemical reactions.

What happens in the zoo?

Generally when one goes to a zoo inhabited by different animal species, one admires their beauty and that is it. When you go back home you do not remember what you have just seen.

Although in reality, we presence an act that in some cases is very unfair because some places are totally neglected and abandoned.

What we need to do is to remember that they suffer in the same way that we do, that they also need food and water, but above all, love and care.

These animals live deprived from their freedom to which we all are entitled. There is an attitude in their faces and bodies of complete sadness towards our limitless cruelty and towards our selfishness.

Why are we like this with them? It is not fair.

If we would stop and see an animal for just a moment we will realize that it observes us with sadness, fearfulness and mercy, if it receives love it will only respond with love, is it not wonderful that it does not hate us?

Whatever we can say about the flora and the fauna is a surplus; we just need to look at them as our sisters full of love to receive it and give it, full of feelings, of hopes to be happy.

If your heart tells you “Love them” well, Do it! You will not regret it, because you will have the best friends and sisters at your side.

Flora Rocha

Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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“The beautiful face of

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Flora Rocha

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