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Natural Disasters

The tragedies that are happening on Earth grow because she and all her children are living beings capable of reacting to the pain generated from being attacked by their own brothers

Lately we have suffered before the presence of natural disasters like earthquakes, tornados, plagues, etc, which explanation is somewhat complicated because there are several theories about these phenomenon.

Some of the hypotheses talk about possible changes in the climatic conditions, others about the contamination and the ozone layer. These explanations are valid and true because it is true that all of these events happen due to the destruction to which we have submitted our planet.

But in a little bit more spiritual terms, what is really happening is a natural reaction of a being which is being attacked and being killed little by little.

Unfortunately most of us act in an unconscious way and we do not consider what we are probably damaging. We simply do not stop to think that Earth and everything that is around us are truly living beings capable to react against the pain of watching themselves attacked and destroyed.

If each of us really acknowledged everything that surrounds us as something capable of loving and feeling just as we do, we surely would be more conscious of the damage we are causing to what gives us life.

We clearly know that if it was not for nature our existence would be impossible, as impossible as it may be to continue alive if we maintain our selfish behavior.


We have the solution in front of us

We all suffer equally when we see a disaster in which many innocent lives have perished, many promising futures, many young ones, and most of us blame nature or God for what has happened.

In that moment we outrage against something imaginary to whom we place in a guilty role, but who we never blame is ourselves.

When a disaster occurs it never comes across our mind that each of the inhabitants of this Earth are guilty of what has happened and of what will happen. But in reality we are the only ones responsible that in this planet so many unpleasant events occur.

We are guilty because we allow deliberately for this to happen and it will continue so if we do not take the courage to fight against ourselves, against our unconsciousness, because the destruction of nature, of the animal species, of plants, is coming directly towards us.

Nobody outside Earth has come to destroy our home and neither has nature nor God. Only we the ones that live in this planet have been in charge of giving an end to our source of life.

Before these attacks, nature exerts its defense, because we are dealing with the elimination of our own brothers which are only here to help us and to give us love, a feeling that of course most of us have denied them.

Maybe it can be thought that it is not true that disasters are a consequence of our actions towards nature. This doubt can arise when seeing that since the beginning of humanity disasters of great magnitude have occurred.

But they have also happened because since the beginning of our life we have committed erroneous actions towards what is around us, not so many as we do nowadays, by which equally the disasters of that time where not as destructive and continuous as they are in the present time.


Our heart as a counselor

Many times I have asked several Masters of Wisdom how we can change this mistaken attitude and I always receive the same response:

“The heart is our best counselor, our guide for our actions and feelings, the noble voice is the being that we have within and that it is ourselves. He always will take us through the path of Love and Truth. He is our most brilliant light, the light of the true path, the light of the purest true action of love, the light of our reality”.

These words enclose many important things that we have to decipher and take always in our being to be able to find from this the true actions for our life, our true life, our true being and behavior, as well as for our true path, but above all the consciousness of our actions.

I firmly believe that we can evaluate more our behavior, I firmly believe in the will to make a better place and in having a true communication with what helps us live, but I mainly believe in the Love that we all have to give, share and receive. I believe in our new world.


Flora Rocha

Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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“The beautiful face of

a child is the expression

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only Love

Flora Rocha

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