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Nature and Wisdom

Nature and Wisdom

Nature is of vital importance for the evolution of our physical body as for our spiritual body, because it is the main nourishment for our soul

As human beings that belong to the Great Universal Legacy, we are part of a great family compounded by love and made only by love. We are part of it and because of that we posses perfection, but the creation that mostly represents it is nature. But humans, although we came from it, we do not consider its Excellency.

This is because nature has conducted its life of evolution by the path of cosmic development which is mainly based on the four elements of the universe and of Earth, with which it communicates in a same language of love and brotherhood.

Nature is of vital importance for us, for the evolution of our physical body as for our spiritual body, because it is the main nourishment for our soul.

However, we have lost part of the direct communication with it due to the different ways of life that we have acquired. With this, we have kept away from what initially was given to us for a better development of our existence.


A source of equilibrium

In the beginning of our creation we were conceived in the same way as nature, we shared similar needs and even the main requirements were the same for both.

But when we took our evolution through different factors, we kept separating from the path that we initially had together, which has given as a result for us that today we are further away from her than ever. 

For this same reason we do not know many aspects of nature, our sister, which is the one that represents all that exists on Earth. It is very important for us to recognize her and to approach her to be together again in the same path from which we came initially.

Nature is at the moment mainly in charge of the balance between what is ant natural and what is natural. But unfortunately that matter part, from which we have depended on for so long, is overcoming nature and this could be a great problem.

But it is not because nature is against development, but rather because to achieve our improvements we have sacrificed nature itself, her, who is the one in charge of preserving balance. 

Another of our mistakes is creating inventions each time further away from what is natural and from what is sensible to our heart, which is causing us much harm because we separate ourselves from true feelings of love and support towards others.

The only way to recover what has been lost is to approach and get closer to what is natural, leaving behind the pride of thinking that nature does not know about scientific developments and that it is something inferior to our intellect. This way of conceiving nature is a huge mistake.

Wisdom or intelligence?

We could affirm that we have created wonderful things in the scientific fields, inventions for which we have only required our intellect.

We are sure that intelligence is the most important thing, but we can prove that it is not what we need because that intelligence of what we are so proud of, has taken us to the destruction of what is basic, to the destruction of ourselves.

We truly do not need that intelligence; it is not useful for us anymore because anybody can see what has left us. What we really require now is the Wisdom that was given to us and that we erroneously changed it for intelligence.

But we can only recover this wisdom if we approach nature, because she still preserves in a higher degree the wisdom that was given to her. She has all the wisdom that we lost.

The only way to do it is to go back, without fearing that we are drawing backwards in our path, because it is not so. When we decide to do this we will gain very much in our wisdom and in our path of true evolution. 

Flora Rocha

Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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