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Master Lau

Master Lau, Master of Medicine

To cure the diseases of people is a great step to begin the healing of our Mother Earth, a reason why this Master guides the doctors of this planet

Master Lau is one of the universal doctors who now live on Earth to guide by means of his wisdom, all those who believe that healing, giving treatment and relief to those who need it is his mission in life.

On Earth, there are several power centers of great energy, which help our planet to receive cosmic energy that helps to maintain a certain balance, even though the conditions are difficult.

This is one of the reasons by which the planet has been able to survive so many attacks from man.

At this moment 25 power centers still exist, generally they are located in uninhabited places in appearance, because in these sites Masters of Light are found that are health specialists.

The reason they are there is to perform ceremonies that can allow them to direct the energy of Love to all the doctors of the planet. This way, our doctors will be able to fulfill better their mission to give relief to others.

Master Lau is one of these health experts. He lives in a region of India with small population, where he has a small place of prayer and a humble house that he shares with several animals.

In this town he tries to accept those who in their heart wish to dedicate their life to the healing of others.

But for these people to be able to be guided by this Master, they must first have to develop totally their capability to love themselves and others.

"It is the only way in which it is possible to cure others", Master Lau always says.

Contact through dreams

All the doctors or people who dedicate themselves to heal and that really fulfill their vocation by the love to others have been contacted by these Masters of health.

The encounter occurs regularly in their dreams; which is the most subtle and proper way, since here we are in our true essence.

When the meeting occurs with these beings, who have been the great doctors of our Earth, they manage to guide the professionals so that they can know the ancient ways of treatment, which have been lost in time.

After having been reunited again with that knowledge, the doctors have the opportunity to meet the doctors of the universe, who possess the universal wisdom of health of the beings of the cosmos.

Earth calls us

Master Lau, said to me while he petted his dog: "In these moments this Mother Earth needs all the help from you, her children, since she is very ill.

"Try to remember her your love for her, because she needs it very much, like a patient who needs the love of his family to overcome his disease.

"The work that we have been doing is to get to all of those that are dedicated to heal people, because it is very important that they can have the certainty of the value of their mission.

"If they manage to understand it, and in this way open the doors of their heart, which is the only one that has the wisdom to perceive the imbalances of the body, then what you call diseases would begin to lose their strength.

"If this is obtained to a large extent we will be conquering a little bit of health for Earth, since there is nothing that sickens a mother more than the disease of its children. That is one of the contributions that we can give to this beautiful Mother.

"We hope, and we have all the faith, that this will happen, that we will manage to understand what the correct medicine for people is, because the way it is done nowadays is totally inadequate.

"The majority of treatments are based on substitutes of the natural elements, chemical substances are created that have nothing to do with the body and that the only thing they cause is the deviation of the disease towards another point.

"The sad part is that this is widely known by the people who practice medicine, and some accept this reality with sadness, whereas others ignore it.

"Even those who are naturist doctors that work with a part of the true medicine, do not manage to use it correctly because their healing elements are chosen without the certainty of the heart.

"It is very important to consider that not only by means of the medicine do we achieve to heal, because several things affect in an important way. The place and the way you treat those who suffer a disease determine the recovery.

"Medicine has much more meanings than what until today it is handled, but we totally trust that those teachings can get to everybody".

They use anonymity

Another way in which these Masters contact doctors is visiting them as if they were patients who need help.

Though these visits They can clearly know the way that the doctors of Earth work and diagnose.

And all these Masters agree to say that what the majority needs is more love and patience towards the patients.

It is important to emphasize that the Masters never criticize or refer to us with words that are not of love, but it is also true that through this love they hope that we can reconsider and redirect our actions with our heart.

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation
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