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Lady Master Sanora


Lady Master Sanora, Defender of a Race

"Our mission is to approach our beautiful black brothers in order to show them how valuable they are. We want them to see that they are equal to everybody else and that they should let their true strength to come out"

This very beautiful Lady Master owns an indescribable beauty: Her skin is dark colored, of a tone hard to identify and from her being, she spreads a magical jasmine aroma.

In her language, Sanora means “Star of the Universe”, and it is really the impression she gives, like the first time I was with her.

That time, she spoke to me about her world, which is inhabited by dark colored people like her.

"All your black brothers of this planet (Earth) are part of us, we all are a same race to which, in a way it has been tried to be helped and guided towards the true meaning of their being.

"It is very sad for us to see what is happening here with our brothers because a big separation has been made between you and them only because of the difference on the physical appearance.

"This happens because you base your concepts on the image that you believe our Father God haves, but He is infinite as his work is also.

"In the Universe, there are many races completely different in physical appearance, but our inner being, our heart, feels and vibrates the same way.

“A person with white skin and one with dark skin are only different by the color of the skin because underneath it there is blood and organs working the same way. Furthermore, they both are looking for the same thing: happiness.

"One of the most important goals of our mission is to approach our brothers of race to make them see how valuable they are. We want them to see that they are equal to everybody else and that they should let their true strength to come out.

"The power they own has been misused sometimes because inside them there is much sadness and mistrust due to what has been done to them for centuries. These feelings have made them to unite themselves, but it is hard for them to do it with the others.

"It is sad that even at these times there is distrust  towards them, attributing evil to them only due to their skin color, or to condemn their likings because they are more outgoing than the majority.

"It is part of our job to get one race close to the other so they can understand each other and have a conversation from heart to heart.

"This matter has been already understood by many people, but there are still a few who have not understood this equality and the need for a true union to exist in order to promote the balance of love that this planet has been waiting for millenniums.

The need of gold

This Lady Master wears objects made of a metal similar to gold in her hands, clothes and hair because, she explained to me that it is a need for her race to use the energy that this material gives to them, because it works as a complement for the activation of their most important energy centers.

Moreover, they make a channelization through it that allows them to make contact with their power center, their heart.

If the people of this race really knew what their true essence is, were that beautiful color comes from, the reason of their particular likings, then they would surely have even more strength to fight to teach the rest of us who we are.

Thanks to the work of love of these beautiful Masters, an approach has been possible between the races to create a union that now seems to get stronger, even though it is not enough.

But they have full confidence that this new awareness of what we really are and the fact that we are able to know who They really are and what do they do in our world, can make us get closer to our own center of information, our heart.

They help from Africa

In South Africa Lady Master Sanora has a planning and help center, along with other Masters that have the same mission, from which they send help wherever it is needed, like to ill people and abused children.

But the people who arrive there do not know who They are. Most of them think that they are part of some humanitarian organization, and they really are but their work is much wider.

Unfortunately, the help they offer is very limited because many times it is hard to get close when someone does not want it, does not ask for it or blocks it with his own energy.

This kind of work is so big, valuable and extensive that it is impossible to explain all its work. This is only a summary and the majority of its understanding remains in each one who reads it.

So if any time you perceive without an explanation the aroma of jasmine, remember that it is the essence of this beautiful Master and of her race that is in our planet to take their love to whomever needs it and in that moment she is near you.

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation



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“The beautiful face of

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Flora Rocha

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