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Master of Spain

Master of Spain, Master Sygon

His mission is to counter a part of the negative energy of fear or tension that exists between the inhabitants of that country, at the same time that he manages to balance in an energy level this place with other countries of Europe

To maintain the balance and the well-being of the inhabitants of Spain is part of the loving mission that Master Sygon fulfills.

This Master lives in Spain, although he does not have a fixed place to stay, because he distributes his time in seven different magical places that this country has.

His mission is very important, because along with a group of fifteen Masters, they make sacred ceremonies in which they link the energy of Spain directly with the energy of a small part of the universe that is in charge of feeding that zone of the planet.

The objective of this task is to counter a part of the negative energy of fear or tension that exists between its inhabitants, at the same time and by means of that energy which the Masters manage, they achieve to maintain an energy balance with some countries of Europe.

Energy purification

The development of their work is specially carried out in the big cities, where it is easier to detect when the energy is acting in a negative way.

When this happens the Masters go to the sacred centers to, by means of ceremonies, connect the country and the people with a more pure and subtle energy.

This energy could really help, but it is not a definite one, because its correct channelization will depend in a bigger part on the emotional state of each person.

A region in need

Spain is a country that has been witness and victim of several events that have marked it, as Master Sygon explains:

"Since long ago this region of the world has been suffering through different events and happenings that have left a strong mark.

"The essence and the region of the energy needed help so as not to affect the beings that inhabit it. For that reason we try to give them the greatest energy and assistance possible. But above all we try to give them love, because only this will make everything return to its true essence, to its true beauty.

"Now more than ever we need your conscious aid to go beyond where up to now it has been impossible for us.

"It is very sad for us to see what is been happening in these times, people are trying to forget that before anything else they are beings created by God, and that their creation is based on His image.

"They want to forget that only the way of love will be the one that takes them to reach the happiness that everyone, absolutely everyone wishes.

"Nobody is able to do miracles, only God has that power and you are God, and if you retake your essence which is the true universal love, then you could materialize those miracles that you are hoping for.

"We are only here to try to help you in whatever is possible for us, but the real help is only within you.

"We hope that when you know which is our work in your world, you can perceive how great our love is for you, our little brothers, but above all that you can see how infinite is the love of our Father God for each one of his children.

"The fact that we are in your world does not mean that we do it to interfere with your life or that we have a hidden plan, because our only plan is that you can achieve your infinite happiness, as we have achieved it; and so you can see one day how wonderful you are.

"We love you deeply, this is how it is and this is how it will be forever...".

They are very close

The time I spent with these Masters was wonderful and very amusing because they joke very much and are very cheerful, they say that the only way to be able to help, is being happy and joyful.

Some of them have jobs like anyone, within the environment in which they develop themselves and they give part of their energy and love to whomever is around them.

A peculiar fact is that they have learned to speak Spanish perfectly, along with some of the languages of the different regions from Spain and when asking them if they had a hard time to do so, one of them said:

"This took us a while, but it has such a tasty 'flavor' when you speak it, that we have decided to continue with the accent even when we speak in our own language."

After having said this they all broke in a true outburst of laughter, which instead of laughter seemed like a beautiful melody.

Something important to comment is that this Master said that he speaks with many people of Spain in a regular basis.

"This is our mission of love and this is only one of the ways to fulfill it, always next to all of you. I can assure you that with 7 of 10 persons of this country (Spain) I have had the fortune of at least establishing a chat. "About what?, "About everything!”

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation
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