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Lady Master Masnetier

Lady Master Masnetier, the Master of Animals

These Masters with presence give relief and love to defenseless animals, who only try to enjoy their world, to be happy and to love God by loving us

Since many centuries ago, in this planet we have been committing several injustices against our animal brothers. This cruel behavior that we have towards them is one of the biggest evils that exist on Earth.

The extinction to which we have submitted some and the prompt disappearance of others has affected and still affects in an energy level everyone who lives in this world. The explanation is simple; we all are connected by some sort of chain which its purpose is to try to make the union and conjugation of energies.

By this union, each being can develop a great strength that later will help us to communicate with each and every element that surrounds us. Plus, this communication will help us to know Nature better and to confirm that we are a same creation.

Fortunately God is so infinite and wise that he helps beings of true light, such as Master Masnetier to be here. The presence of these Masters gives relief and love to small defenseless beings, who only hope to enjoy this world, to be happy and to love God, by loving us.

They help them to assimilate their pain
The mission of this beautiful Master, and of more than 100 Masters, is to attend any animal´s call for help when they are in danger or suffering.

When they answer the call of these beings, immediately they recognize them, because the majority of the animals know the world and the universe better than us. They have not lost their capacity to distinguish, to see and feel the energy around them.

When someone approaches them from a considerable distance, they start to perceive the energy and try to identify it. That’s why in this case the Masters achieve a perfect communication and love with them which facilitate the help.

For example, Masnetier explained to me that none of the Masters can prevent the animals from being murdered or sacrificed, since it’s a decision that lies only in he who is going to do this. Since they cannot do anything, the only thing to do is to anticipate and prepare the animal in order that it could understand or assimilate the suffering to which it will be submitted.


Beings of absolute love
When I was with Masnetier she was very sad because she had attended the slaughter of a group of dolphins to be able to help them in the few seconds after their death.

Then, she told me: “Our mission is very beautiful, but also very sad. Since we are here fulfilling our mission we have learned what sadness is by attending the very cruel acts against beings of absolute Love, such as animals.

“It is very important to know the real meaning and presence of our little brothers in this place; it is necessary to be conscious of our acts, to be sensitive to their pain in order to understand what they suffer.

“For you all, their energy and presence is indispensable, since it is a complement of your own energy, and the same happens with the energy of the flora and the minerals. These different, but complementary energies make a huge energy of strength and protection for everybody.

“In this way, in the lack of one of them a great imbalance in their energy bodies is produced, which they try to replace with non-natural elements. But when this occurs, a shock is provoked in their being causing enormous imbalances in their physical bodies.

“All the suffering of the animals produces an energy that sticks to their own energy and it’s an energy of true pain that accompanies forever the person who provoked it.

"We know and understand your being, but these little animals do not understand it, and when we try to explain with all our Love what happened, they say: 'Then they do not love us like we love them.' It is very difficult for us to answer to this question, since you are the only ones with the answer.
"We have lived in a physical level with this planet for a long time and also with the people who have the hobby to kill animals in order to understand their reasons.

"These causes often are that they are killing a wild or aggressive being, without understanding that these wild and aggressive beings have modified their behavior in order to survive, and in some other cases, the energy of violence of this planet has modified their own energy, turning them into what they are today.

“My Master Brothers and I will continue here, trying to relieve a bit the disconcertment and suffering of these beautiful beings. But the real relief and love depend on you all, their most direct brothers because you belong to the same Mother Earth: Nobody can judge your acts, only you; and if you do it, do it with your heart, only he can approach you to the truth."

They need our heart

The mission that these Masters develop is very important for the Earth and for us, since they give incredible and enormous love to our animals. These beings are always next to sick and street dogs, next to those who die run over, are abused, that are in the zoos and those that will be sacrificed to be eaten.

All this could not be happening if we would be able to connect ourselves more with our being, with our true essence and with our heart.

Something that is very important and beautiful that the Masters have tried to transmit to me is that we should approach more to all the elements of nature, to give them our love and to speak to them.

Everything that they say to us will be understood by the ears of the heart, and each of these elements, specially our animal brothers, have faith and hope that one day will come in which our approach towards them will be as brother to brother.


Flora Rocha

Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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