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Words of Wisdom

A new year

“Each new year we have the hope for a new awakening in our lives, an awakening that is only possible through the consciousness of our inner being that helps us materialize hope into Happiness…”, Flora Rocha.

Ignoring love

“The clearest unhappiness is that provoked by the ignorance of Love…”, Flora Rocha.

The essence of our soul

“Our Mother Earth is the root of our physical essence and her energy is the essence of our soul, but in our soul we have lost the power of communication and creation which are part of our Mission by being her sons…”, Flora Rocha.

The pain of war

“War is the clearest sign of stupidity that the man of this planet has taken as a way to earn the so called liberty and respect of a nation, which believes is able to protect with blood and pain of their own brothers…”, Flora Rocha.

Tolerance and injustice

“The greatest injustice that a human being commits against himself is the tolerance of his own ignorance…”, Flora Rocha.

To guide our own children

“Our children are the continuation of life and above all the clearest manifestation of our Love, Love that will be at the same time the responsible to guide them through the only possible path: The path of Happiness…”, Flora Rocha.

Knowing our being

“Wisdom is the knowledge of our universal reality, and the acknowledgement of it will be the light of our steps through the obscurity of the unknown of our being…”, Flora Rocha.

True love

"True love never hurts you, it only shows the reality out of it...", Flora Rocha.

The fear for happiness

“The greatest strength is found in the Heart and the journey to its recognition is the most beautiful,  why is it then, that man fears so much to be happy and to acting with true feeling?...”, Master of Wisdom.

Life and love

"Love is the heart, the sentiment is the manifestation of Love and the clearest manifestation is: The Life…", Master of Wisdom.

Beyond depression

"Depression is the opposite of happiness and happiness is the deepest secret of our Heart…", Flora Rocha.

Let us discover reality

"The wonders of our planet, of our being and of our universe will be discovered the same day that we decide that our society hides from us our own happiness and when we fight to take out of the way what’s plastic, the distraction of our true essence…", Master of Wisdom.

Loneliness and sadness

"The feeling of loneliness and sadness are the most common to feel and the ones we can less understand…", Flora Rocha.

All the answers

"The solutions to our search is in the unknown Wisdom…", Master of Wisdom.

Wonders call for us

"The paths of Life are full of adventures and wonderful things that are only waiting to be discovered in the distance that we travel through each day thinking that life is empty and lonely, it is just a matter of opening the combination of the heart by the way of Love…", Master of Wisdom.

The signs of our dreams

"Our dreams are the reflexes of our yearnings and fears that can be analyzed to be able to understand the signs that we stubbornly keep letting pass by", Flora Rocha.

Two types of love

"The Love of a woman is not comparable to the one of a man, women Love without limits giving it totally based on the heart and men do it based on limiting his Heart", Flora Rocha.

Nature imitates us

"The human being is the being that has destroyed more his own environment, destroying himself second by second without even understanding the magnitude of that destruction, giving in this way the worst example to nature, that more each day imitates the behavior of its older Brother called Human…", Master of Wisdom.

Guided by hypocrisy

"Hypocrisy is the most committed action by humans day by day, action that keeps them further away from their path of truth and Love turning its host in a stained being in its spirit and confused in its mission… An individual trapped in a world of darkness by his own decision…", Flora Rocha.

The power of words

"Words and the energy that go with them can be the most destructive weapon or the most powerful medicine…", Master of Wisdom.

Loved and respected beautiful Beings

We ask of you with all our heart for your love, love for yourselves, love for your brothers, love for your world, love for GOD, Love for LOVE; each one of you are beings of kindness and kindness is Light, you are beings full of dreams and dreams are light, you are beings full of GOD and GOD is LIGHT, thus you are bright beings of Love, Kindness, Dreams and Light, four wonderful aspects that will take you towards your complete fulfillment; we wish you Happiness and Love and we fight each day so that all your yearnings can come true. We love you eternally”, Master of Wisdom.

We seek beauty

“When one is cleaner from within, it is when one tries to be closer to the things of God, and it is the moment when we start rejecting what keeps us away from that beauty. It is a reflection of the spirit that has began to dominate more the physical body”, Flora Rocha.

Let us live the present

“We do not have to push things, our path is to look what is around us and what we have each moment, we do not have to think in the things that may appear later, but in trying to be present in the things we have to be able to know and recognize which are the needs at the moment we are in”, Master Nintancito.

A time to give love

"December is for those who remember the birth of Jesus, the maximum celebration. December is also the holiday in which all those who celebrate Master Jesus will give Love and peace to everyone, not only to those who share the same faith, but to all who exist around him…

"It does not matter the way we call the Supreme Energy, what is important is to celebrate the new opportunity to give Love without limits to all and to the Infinite Expression", Master Malatai.

Beyond creeds

"Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and all of those who believe and feel that a maximum universal power exists, unite their energies through their prayers to create an immense gift that travels from Earth to the entire Universe… Religion or philosophy becomes one, limits do not exist, names do not exist, only the Maximum Universal Energy and Love exist...", Master Nintancito.

The best gift

"The best gift is located within each one: Love; the best way to use that gift is with Wisdom", Master Sabadimel.

Happiness is always present

"Happiness is the reality that we try to ignore; we try to believe it is a fantasy. Happiness is the most beautiful universal manifestation and reality that we try to seek and not use… The smallest smile or gesture of love provokes happiness to whoever gives it and to whoever receives it.

"Happiness is always present and many times it is ignored… The Universe always gives us reasons to be happy one way or another", Master Hanzen.

Joy and our Evolution

 "Happiness and joy are the greatest states of evolution, therefore when we smile we are also helping our own evolution as well as the one of our Great Mother Earth", Flora Rocha.

True Happiness

"We have to try to give love not only to those who love us, but also to those who treat us badly, because they are the ones who need it the most.

"Giving this kind of love will take us through the path of happiness, not the personal path, but through the true brotherhood happiness",  Flora Rocha.

Love and perfection

"Love is the perfect balance for the beings of Earth, love is the manifestation of perfection that comes from the main source which is the Heart and that Heart is the perfect INFINITE EXPRESSION whereby each element of this beautiful Universe comes from", Master Malatai.

The Sacredness of Life

 "Open the doors to Love and recognition towards our nature, that will be what will take men and the women of this millennium to recover the sacredness of their life...", Lama Master of the Himalayas.

Let us hear the chant of love

“The infinite universe sends beautiful messages of love each moment, during the day: the Sun rays remind you that light and strength of the maximum creation is present giving color and brightness to each being of this beautiful Earth.

“The beautiful night sends messages with the gorgeous language of the stars in each blink, in each spark that comes across the sky leaving the flashes of the universal love. Life gives you messages each moment, in each movement, allow your heart to feel them and live them…!”, Master Malatai.

Liberate your astral body

“The astral body is your connection with the infinite, with each being of the universe, however it is a body that haves big and heavy chains, chains of pain, confusion, resentment, anger, fear and many more dense energies that provoke that he himself can lose lightness, its essence… Liberate those chains, break them with your Weapon of Love, give that Love to all which is around you and they will disappear forever, giving you the ability to travel without limits to your own being, that will take you straight to the gates of the universe”, Master D.

What is Happiness?

“Happiness is the sentiment transformed into emotion and action, that invades whoever calls or provokes it and moreover it is capable of sharing itself with anyone that is around it…”, Master Nintancito.

The heart as a councilor

“The heart is our great councilor, our guide for actions and feelings, the noble voice is the being that we have within and that it is ourselves. It always will take us through the path of Love and Truth. It is our brightest light, the light of the true path, the light of the true purest love action, the light of our reality”, Master of Wisdom.

Loneliness does not exist

"Loneliness is only blindness; loneliness exists as a word or expression but never as a reality, because reality is abundance, Love and God," Master Zham.

True Wealth

"The definition of wealth for many of the inhabitants of this Earth means only possession. For the beings of the Universe wealth means: Wisdom of the Heart," Master Nintancito.

Nature as a Guide

"Nature is the guide of all those who live on this Earth, nevertheless that guide has gradually been destroyed, leaving you, the children of this Earth, with the mission to find with your own Heart and Wisdom, the way to happiness," Master Xciam.

Infinite Energy

“Our Universe is infinite, as well as our energy and the connection to universal energy. It is the manifestation of life and action”, Master Mo.

The Value of the Four Elements

 "The four elements: Water, Earth, Wind and Fire are the four forces of Earth that are united in balance creating strong energies that are almost completely ignored and wasted thus causing us to live in imbalance and destruction," Master Kjae.

The Beauty of our World

"The most beautiful energies are around us and within us, how is it possible that it is so difficult to find them, feel them and live them?," Native American of the Navajo tribe.

Fear is not real

“Fear is only a manifestation of the mind without any kind of realness; it only tries to block our strength and our true Wisdom capable of overcoming any obstacle”, Master Khiashi.

The Power of Wisdom

"Fear is only a manifestation of the mind without any type of truth; it only tries to block the force and the true Wisdom that is able to overcome any obstacle," Master Khiashi.

 Nothing is Impossible

"There is nothing impossible to achieve, the impossible is possible and what we consider possible is many times unreal," Master Nintancito.

The Rain of God

"Every time that you see a falling star shower thank God and the Universe, because it is the sign of the Universe and its life, it is the sign of hope, of the union of the children of Mother Earth and the Children of the Universe, who you are as well," Master Ogham.

To Materialize Miracles

"Nobody is able to make miracles, only God has that power and you are God, and if you would take your essence once again which is the true universal love, then you could materialize those miracles that are awaiting," Master Sygon.

The Physical and Spiritual Beauty

"Flowers of great color and beauty nourish and cheer your eyes and the landscape, nevertheless flowers of great color, beauty and of a sublime aroma not only nourish and cheer your eyes and the landscapes, with their aroma they also feed and cheer up your spirit," Master Sabadimel (in reference to the worries of us humans to show the external beauty, forgetting our spirit and our energy).

The Road to Happiness

"The road to Happiness is the path that has more deviations, most of those deviations are mirages of what in reality is the end of the road," Master Nintancito.

Limits do not Exist

"Do limits exist? ’No, these are modern creations of your society; in the universal language the expression 'limit' does not exist, you only have the manifestation of the expression of infinity," answer from Master Malatai to this question.

The Diseases and Nature

"Diseases cause imbalance in your physical body, man’s medicine can help one to recover from the disease, but not from imbalance, that can only be recovered through the ‘medicine’ of your spirit, which is the closeness to  whatever presents balance and that only comes with the happiness that is created when you are united with your nature," Master Lau.

Manifestation of Joy

"Happiness must be manifested and if it is not known it must be sought, and if you do not believe in it, it must be created, and if even then you do not know what it is , just open your Heart and with the manifestation of Him the search will end and the conviction of its existence will make you believe, live, and feel your mission: To be happy", Master Mo.

Universe without Borders

"Universe: infinity; planet Earth: limits and boundaries; Humanity: creation confused by boundaries and limits that prevent its infinity with the Universe," Master Nintancito.




A Thought for the Day...

“The beautiful face of

a child is the expression

of Love and Hope without

limits, without fears,

only Love

Flora Rocha

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