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Big Questions

Big Questions

Why is the soul necessary? Why not be born directly with only the body?

The soul is something infinite and eternal and it has a determinant role in each life that we have. Our physical body is necessary for the fulfillment of our Universal Mission, depending on the planet in which we are found with that purpose. On Earth, matter just as we know it is necessary because it is a planet of duality, so our soul takes shape and part of our body in which we are destined to be born in, creating a single energy.

Our physical body will be the one in charge of fulfilling our Mission through our actions and our soul will be the guide, the connection part with the universe that unites us with the most sublime and infinite emotions and feelings.

Thus our soul is the balance of our body in this planet, this is why it is so important that we find ourselves linked and connected to our feelings so that through them our actions can be actions connected to achieve our principal Mission as universal beings: To Be Happy and to Make Others Happy…

How and where can I communicate with God?

When people want to speak with God they feel that there has to be a place where to speak to him, but in reality a place in the physical level does not exist, and it does not exist because God is a Whole and it is definitely impossible to say that he will be only in one place.

God is in our heart, God is part of us, God is everywhere, then there is no place, no way and there is not a specific method to call him.

Through our actions, through our behavior, through what we feel is how we can establish communication with God, each thing that we do is as if it was a ritual to God, as if it was an offering.

Why? Because he is our Creator, because he is part of us, because he is in our heart, because humans could not exist if God did not exist.

The way that you can feel your establishing communication and conversation with God is giving yourself time to be happy, giving yourself time to express that happiness to others, to be able to communicate in your actions, in your movements, in your speak, in your walk all the love that you have for God.

For instance, like the Koran says that birds when they are drinking water, when they rise their beak to the sky, they are thanking God and they are talking to Him.

With this small action birds show us that each thing, each living being, each human in our actions, in our walk, we communicate all the time with God, the fact that we do not do it consciously is different, but our communication with God is primordial, necessary and always exists.

Everything we do is for God because it is for happiness, because it is for us and we are God, we are part of that God, and God is in our heart.

Each beat of our heart, each time you hear your heart, its beat, that language of and for God is there, each beat is that communication with Him that is giving us life and we are giving it back thanking Him.

At the same moment that your blood is circulating, you are speaking with God.

How can we feel with our heart?

The best way to start getting closer to our heart and listen to its wisdom is through the four elementals. Once with start interacting with the water, the earth, the fire, and the wind we will also achieve to have a conversation with God, which is our heart.

The reason is that the energy activation of our body through the elementals is a way to begin knowing ourselves, to identify what we feel, of discovering our thoughts, but not only the ones we are used to hear, but the ones that are already a bit hidden and that sometimes is necessary to let them out so that this way they don’t block what our heart sends us each second.

It’s important to remember that many things that we feel are detained in the mind and that’s when we can’t express them, because we don’t bring them out, they stay there. When this happens, the mind starts formulating a heap of thoughts, of blockages that are precisely what stops us from hearing our heart.

But thanks to the magic of the four elementals, and to the small effort that we will make when being near them, we will be capable of cleaning all that.

Moreover, we will be able to activate our energy to hear better what our heart tells us, as well as to have, even a higher level of development of our senses, because so much energy that blocks us doesn’t let us hear, it doesn’t let us appreciate, it doesn’t even let us smell or hear properly.

Why do we get sick?

It all starts due to an imbalance in our energies, our astral body and in our physical body, as with the imbalance that surrounds us.

Among the factors that mostly affect us and that generate that great imbalance are the negative emotions. On the contrary, happiness, wisdom, positive state, and the energy we produce are going to help us reject what we could develop as negative in our body, in other words an illness.

Likewise, these feelings strengthen our energy, which at the same time will help us block whatever is around us.

The reason is that in general, the energies that provoke illness search for someone that is weak, mainly emotionally weak, a state that is truly potential to suffer some kind of strong disease.

Regarding us, if we have an imbalance in our bodies, our energies start to lose strength, which provoke for certain channels to be opened.

When this happens, we are more vulnerable to  attract all kinds of energy, among them some of low frequency, for instance viruses and bacteria, that come across through the energy until getting deposited in our physical body.

Although these microorganisms live in our body without causing harm, there comes a time in which this changes when we start losing strength in the energy of the astral and physical body. If our positive part weakens, then the negative one activates that in this way will begin to take more strength, the same as with bacteria.

We have in our bodies many channels that are not active, many potentials that can be diseases and that, depending on the type of energy and of life that we have, they can disappear completely or activate in one moment.

The activation has to do with the life style, with what we are doing in the energy level, astral level, and in the physical level. They are all part of a united chain, even when they are different bodies, they all have a union, if one weakens the other will weaken as well.

Then, by this channel that opens everything that can will enter or whatever one haves within and wants to develop will activate.

What provokes all this? The imbalance in our physical body, in our astral body, in our spiritual body, in our energy, they are all related, but also the imbalance that is around us because that is an important factor as well.

There are many things in which we can definitely be very strong energywise, but at the same time there could be something very strong in the environment that is going to provoke us an illness, for example in a very heavy radiation it will cause us cancer.

Then if we were very strong, we may be able to prevent this, but it will depend on the situation, of how our bodies and energy centers are working. The essential and important thing is to have our energy strong physically, mentally, and in the astral level to be able to reject whatever comes.


Do souls have a defined sex?

Ever since God created us as beings, our energy already had certain information of the gender we were going to be. It is spoken that the souls are asexual, but by what the Masters have explained to me it is not like that. The beings that have been supposedly classified as asexual are the triad beings.

Through our lives we are always born with the same gender, there are only certain exceptions that have been only when you must assimilate something as the opposite sex and that there is no other way to learn it. For example, a man asks to be born as a woman in his next existence because he wants to understand something and this is the only way he will achieve it.

But since the beginning we already have a certain definition of our being.


How do we pick our family before being born?

Families get to be created on Earth because it is a pre-established encounter from the universe to unite a group of souls for things that they all have to live, because together they have experiences to live with the same energy of that existence.

In this way, the members of a family, even if they live far away or just are distant relatives they will always be a part of the same energy and these are not karmic strings, rather for other things of their life or past life they have to live together. They all have a same purpose spiritually speaking, nor in the physical level.

Why do we have to sleep?

To us humans the stage of sleep exists as something natural, but we always ask ourselves, why? Why do we have to sleep? Why can’t we be like the Masters for example, that they do not sleep? Why do we need to have that process?

The answer is that we as humans, and as sons of this Earth, we have a physical body and are under the laws of balance, which is positive and negative, physical and non-physical.

We have a physical body that definitely has an own activity that starts when we wake up, bathe, work, study, etc., that is the part of development of our physical body, but we have another part, another body, which is our astral part, the spirit.

It is there where sleep comes in, because our astral body needs its life as well, of course the life of our physical body is different because it needs more activity, while the astral body the only thing in which it focuses in is into search the kind of energy that it needs to be nourished, which it is achieved when detaching from  your physical body that is going to be asleep. In that moment your astral will do whatever it needs to do and will search for what it needs as a universal being.

For instance, maybe you will go and visit people to whom your physical body offended and that your true being did not want to, it may be that your astral body can say: “You already offended that person, but I am going to make a voyage towards that person to tell him what you really feel”.

It may also be that our astral body feels the need to fly, may be it needs to feel free because we always keep it attached and ignored, we rarely pay attention to it.

We humans generally forget that we are more than physical, we forget our emotions and feelings.

This is why, if it not be for the fact that we sleep, we would be “something” very much involved in what is negative, because when we rest that part of our being takes us to all that which we do not approach during the day.

That is the reason why the astral voyages are so necessary to live, in fact many studies have been made that support this.

For example, a person with insomnia haves many problems, even when he sleeps 5 or 10 minutes and his astral body tries to make good use and take the energy mostly possible, it is not enough. It takes minimum 5 to 6 hours to be able to recover and take the energy that your astral requires.

Many studies indicate that the human being does not bear without sleep; it bears not to drink water or food for a long time, but not without sleep, why? Because it is when it achieves that connection with what our heart needs to survive, with that spiritual, beautiful and sentimental part, with that part that truly gives life to the physical body.

What can I do to protect the people I love?

We can achieve this giving them and sending them much love, because with it we create around them a big bubble, a very big one, in which we protect them so that they do not suffer or for them not to exposed to any danger. This bubble is of a beautiful gold color and it always comes from love.

It is also important to reject fears and negative thoughts because they are negative influences that try to weaken a little that bubble that we have created.

Above all, we have to remember that we are strong and that we don’t have to let anything negative get into our heads, that in our being only love and beautiful things of the universe may exist. In this way we will always be radiating a positive energy that will get to our loved ones and it will protect them always more.

What is the origin of life? Are we simply a genetic experiment of other beings?

This spread idea of us being a genetic alien experiment is something that we do not have to think because it is not how we were born. Life is sacred and it is given by love, but the origin of life is a mystery of the mind that does not exist in the heart.

The Masters of Wisdom say that trying to know about that origin is like wanting to understand God, to whom we can only comprehend and feel with the heart.

In the heart it does not exist as a mystery, that beginning is comprehended in our interior because only there it can be comprehended. In other way it only adapts to what there is in our mind, with which we formulate many hypothesis about how it started.

For instance, it is said that we came from the monkey, but this is believed because we humans have very attached the feeling that we are beings of constant evolution and what we do not consider is that in the physical level this does not apply.

Even when it can seem that with monkeys there are certain similar characteristics, there is a moment where they cut and it is there when it is questioned how is it possible that from a monkey we came to be a man. The reason is that both species are simply not united, we are not their descendants, as they say.

Of course we are their brothers and we are somewhat similar, but this is only because we are a same essence, we are different manifestations of life that feel equally, as it happens with the rest of the animals.

The explanation and the only truth is that we all come from the same essence which is God and we always stay together, even if we are in different places of the planet or of the universe.

How is the process of death like? Where do we go to?

With death it occurs like when you go to an unknown country, where you do not know anybody, you do not know which are the laws or how do you get to a certain place. You are there and you are watching signals and following them until you arrive where you have to be.

It is like this when you die, there is no one that can tell you where to go, and there is no one that can tell you what to do or how can you go. Why? Many things have an influence, it depends what you did, and it depends much on how was your life. It is like a finger print, nobody has the same, equally each one has something different to go through when they leave their body, each one experiments different ways of how things are going to happen.

When this moment comes, you will find signals, you will not remain still without knowing where to go. It is all perfect; it is all created in an ideal way in which nobody can prepare you for. They are things of your heart and of your bodies, amongst them the spiritual one.

It is like saying, for instance, that a person from Mexico would go to Europe and lived in another country for 40 years. Then they tell him that he needs to go back to Mexico, he definitely is going to know how to get home, he knows the way back, he is going to feel it, it will be nothing new.

In the case of death the same thing occurs, the person that dies will know how to get to that place. Why? Because he went a certain time to Earth, but not in that level, and in that level time does not exist, you know exactly where you have to go to, what you need and where you came from.

We do not have to worry about what we have to do or where we have to go. It is also not necessary to wait for someone’s signal, it will simply happen; you do not know if someone is going to receive you or not, it will simply happen and you will know where you have to get to.

How do we get over the death of a loved one?

This is very difficult because nobody can tell you how to overcome it, why? Because words cannot give you the comfort to assimilate death and the separation of the energy that was in your heart. We simply have to remember that death does not exist.

Unfortunately we are in a planet where pain exists, where things happen by many reasons that are out of our hands. The best thing to do is to try to be connected with that person, talk to him wherever he is, tell him how much you love him and that he will always be in your heart. It is the only way you can feel better, moreover we think that we are in a physical level, but in reality barriers do not exist, distances do not exist, and time does not exist.

What can we do? Try to feel in your heart which is the reality, to feel that we are much more than a physical body, that something is there and the clear example is when we sleep, that our other body is the one that lives, the one that tries to take all the energy, the true one, the one that gives life to the physical body.

Yes, the physical body extinguishes, but it is an egg shell, because in the end we stay with the real body, the body that limits us to stay inside the bubble that is our world extinguishes and we go out. But in reality we never separate from our loved ones because the energies have only changed shape, they have not disappeared.

Love is infinite and we will infinitely continue to be united with them, even when apparently we are not in the physical level. Even when we do not see our loved ones, we can feel them with our hearts and keep wishing them the best, they will always be listening to us and they will feel happy to know how much we love them forever. 


What happens with the near-death experiences?

The one that is going to die is because that is in his way. What happens with the near-death experiences does not mean that the person was saved from death, it is simply like going over to another dimension where people can see things that we regularly do not see, but it does not mean that they are already dead. In that moment they can have encounters with someone, like with Masters, but they do not go across the whole threshold, in other words they do not die.

They do leave their physical body and they move and feel with their astral body, with which they can see their guardian angel, a Master, even a ghost or people that have died. But this does not mean that their over there, over at the universe, at heaven or hell, they are at the same level only in a higher frequency, by which they can see things that in the physical level they cannot.

Those experiences do not mean that people will go to heaven or to the lower astral, but simply they are seeing the things that physically they do not perceive regularly.

Los padres son la mejor guía

What can we do so that children do not lose their connection with their wisdom? How can we protect them?

One of the important things is for you to receive your baby in this Earth in connection with nature, with the four elements of nature, like with quartz crystals so that they can arrive to a world not totally different from the wonderful place where they come from.

Babies when being in the mother’s belly, they are still in their true world, connected with the universe. Then, when he is going to be born, one of the first strong clashes of energy is in general the birth place.

In the first place, the hospital is a space full of vibes, heavy vibes and, in general, there is no protection, any good energy like the one of the four elements. So you receive them in a space that haves a totally dense energy, which provokes him an energy clash, because they come from a magical place.

From there, babies already lose part of their connection, and there is nothing to do about it. That is why it is so important that as a parent you try to be careful with certain details in the place where your child is going to be born. For instance, ask the doctors or the hospital so you can give your baby at least a little light so he does not lose all his connection.

From that moment on, once babies are born, it is important not to focus them only on physical things, material thing, but to let them see whatever they have to see, not make them focus in objects.

For example, babies are apparently always observing things, but in reality this is not true, in other words they see beyond, the shape, the energy, but grownups force them to focus in what they want them to see.

This is where they start to lose their connection with that subtle part, they begin to see more that physical part and to lose their connection with wisdom, with what is universal, in this is very bad (to deepen more it is recommendable to read “How to guide our children”).

The ambience of homes is also important, it is necessary to be love, harmony, the example that they are given from their parents is fundamental.

Mothers have very much to give them and transmit to them, like giving them very much love, and make them to approach the elements of nature.

Above all, treat them with much love and carefulness, give them many kisses, hugs, teach them and give them things of love, of energy, to know that a hug is like a ritual of energy, a kiss is a ritual of energy.

While you give these samples of love and carefulness to your son, the more you are making him to connect with those frequencies of subtleness and love.

On the contrary, when making this less each time, then they will go away more from what is real. Too many distractions exist that can take away their connection with their heart and their wisdom, so at least we should try that our family can make this connection stronger.

Although, many unfortunately are going to start forgetting. Why? By the fact that we are in this planet, in this frequency, then it is generally better for them to forget certain things, but they have to discover everything little by little and reconnecting with what they really need. Here is where they need us to guide them and to educate them in an ambience full of harmony.

After this, through meditation or the four elements you can ask for these energies to help you, that they can make you feel how to act, for example when saying: “In this moment, what does my son needs? What can I do to make him approach nature? Or for him not to lose his essence?” Then you will receive a kind of signals by the universe and by your angel, which will guide you even more in the way to educate and guide him towards his own wisdom.

Does the children’s diet help to keep their connection with their essence?

Among the things that we can do or not do are the fact of not giving them meat to eat when they are little, we have to wait a little so that they can say what they want.

Many times, because we are in this frequency of Earth and also for protection and defense, they may need certain food with meat. But children are so wise that they say to you what is what they need.

But if you do not give them meat and they keep a complete and healthy diet, with vegetables, fruits, grains, cheese, then this helps them very much because this facilitates them to develop that subtle part of their essence.

If they eat the meat of any animal that is going to affect them and block them, not precisely to block everything, but in a part of their wisdom.

Children can eat meat because many times parents eat meat, but one of the ways that this does not affect their connection and spiritual development is to also eat many natural things that will make the baby counterattack the effect of the heavy energy of the meat.

When we feel a “déjà vu” it is because we see the future? Is it possible? 

Yes, because our angels are our guides and they try to prevent us from what could happen to us. Before we do things, our inner being already knows what it will do.

Our angels receive this message of what we have planned. Even if we consciously  don’t know, our essence is already planning what to do tomorrow.

This is why your angel can see what you are going to do and can see what is going to happen according to what is around you and prevents what could harm you. If there is danger he tries to tell you. He communicates it immediately and you feel that you shouldn’t do something or you feel that you have dreamt it. In some way he prevents you and you perceive it.

Besides, by the way of dreams that you may remember you can know that they are a warning of a possible reality. In general with vivid dreams we must have much precaution because they could be warnings or have an important message of the future.

When during the day we feel the so called “déjà vu”, of saying “I already lived or dreamt this”, we must be very alert with what surrounds us. Our Angel and God want us to notice something because maybe something important for our life or some dangerous event is going to happen.

Another possibility is that maybe they want to let us know that we must help someone or do something special in that moment. 

Nuestro corazón siempre nos guiará

How can we distinguish the false Masters or when they manipulate us with spirituality?

The best way is with your heart, it is the only one that can say to you: “this person can harm you”.

I don’t dare to say who is right or wrong, because respect is the most important. But I can say that there are many people that say they speak with the Masters, but the majority lie.

From the 100% that affirm it, 99% are false, they are people who are channeling beings or people that have died and that go as Masters.

The sad thing is that we trust them and open our heart, but they are beings that are not going to help us, all the opposite.

For instance, some present their selves as the beholders of the truth, like the astrologists that appear on television, they are people that try to fill empty spots in their lives attracting people, but what they do is take away energy from whoever believes in them.

This is because when someone hears you they are placing their faith, their will, their heart, and if these persons are noticing of this, they obviously use this for their own good.

I learned how to identify a false Master from a true one after two years focused in this, because first I had to know what a true Master does or does not do.

In that time my Master Nintancito told me how dangerous it can get to be wrong and get confused between a being of light and an entity. With this, the first thing I said to him was: “are you a ghost?!”

He responded: “it is very good for you to ask me this! If you would not have done this I would not have continued with you. Look at what your heart tells you. He is wise, he is the one that is going to identify who is a Master and who is not”.

After this I had to do a practice.

A certain day I went with Nintancito to a very beautiful place and he said to me: “Come, a Master is going to come that is going to teach you some things of energy and this is sacred. He is related with nature and has helped many people. You have to prepare yourself to reive him.

Then, the invited Master arrived and they both kept talking for a while. But since the first moment a saw him I felt something horrible. A weird thing that I could not explain, I thought “what is happening, why do I feel this way?”

In that moment Nintancito came and asked me if I was ready for the teaching, I told him yes.

“Are you sure?” he asked me again.

“Nooo! I am afraid, I do not know what I feel”, I answered him.

“But, what are you afraid of?” he comforted me. “have courage, tell me what are you afraid of”.

“Well I am afraid of that Master” I replied.

“Of the sacred Master that I told you?!” he said. I told him yes, that I felt uncomfortable.

He answered “Oh, let me tell him, he has to know!”. He approached the other Master and said to him “Sorry ´Master´ you have been caught!”

Right in that moment the other being did not have the appearance of a Master any more, it turned into something horrible, like a shadow and it ran off. I stood startled and Nintancito told me:

“I had to do the test, sorry. I had to see if you were truly feeling what was happening in your heart and if you were ready to identify a false Master”.

This is how I realized that our heart is the guide and that no matter if they say that the person in front of us is a being of light, if our interior is agitated, the best thing to do is to ask for protection to our guardian angel and go away from there immediately.

I want to be in direct contact with God, how can I do it?

God has given us so many things to achieve it and he puts himself everywhere! The best way to be near God is to always thank him and appreciate what you have around you.

If you have the floor you must appreciate it as it is there because of god, that energy which is Him is there. Yes, for example you think that talking to the floor is silly; it is not, because in that moment you are connected with God, you are developing that gratefulness you have inside. God is there before you spoke to him, but by appreciating what you have is how you really achieve that connection.

When you learn to appreciate all that surrounds you it is when you’re at the maximum communication with God.

How is an astral voyage like?

During the astral voyages you are aware with the mind that your other body is going out, but being aware makes us afraid because it is not something too familiar and we stop this detachment. If you achieve to overcome this fear, you will see yourself in the place that you should be, you will see yourself flying or in another special place, and this is where we go when we go to sleep.

The reality is that our astral body goes out to reload energy, which will later give to the body when it wakes up. Moreover, this is the moment when we speak with our Masters and with our angels.

Even if we say that we do not dream, we all do. Each night we travel to where our angel and our heart guide us.

This is why we have to take advantage every time we feel we are seeing it in a conscious way. When my Master Nintancito prepared me for the astral voyages I thought it would be exciting, but it took me a lot of work to achieve it. Until one day a suddenly said: “I could not go in the astral level again. Oh, no! When am I going to be able to? And suddenly I saw myself sleeping; I was already in the astral level!

In that moment I felt something weird and I saw my Master that was there but in a higher level and he was saying to me: “Come, come” and I said “No!”. That time I resisted because I was afraid and I did not make it, even when I remembered all what it meant to achieve an astral voyage.

And this is how it went until with much work I overcame it and right when I went through the roof of my house I realized how wonderful it was.

At the beginning it is a striking feeling because you are watching yourself asleep, but we have to fight very much because this is when you start to remember your conversations with your angels, your meetings with the Masters, besides many important things of your life.

It is important that we know that not always do we remember our dreams or voyages because in them we are given teachings that are not useful to think about at the moment. We do not have to force ourselves, maybe it is about signals that maybe later we will apply in our life.

To enjoy, do we must suffer first? If not, we could not appreciate what is really good…

No, it really is not something that we should have to be able to enjoy what is good. But unfortunately we already have it in our genetics: if we don’t suffer for something we don’t enjoy it as much; if we don’t go through something bad, then we don’t know what happiness really is.

They are concepts that we have been creating throughout many years and that makes us accustom ourselves to live with those negative things, believing that it is part of what we have to learn.

As my Master Nintancito says: “What happens is that you are too good and too adaptable.

“You believe that is how it must be, that you have to coexist with evil because that’s how it must be.

“In reality all is perfect. There is no love fuller and satisfactory as that love that enjoys without ever having to suffer to be able to enjoy it. There is no happiness as fuller and beautiful as the one that comes to you without suffering before.

“It is one of the things we are here for, as guides for you, so you can know that you don’t have to agree to live with this. This is why you haven’t been able to keep away all that is negative, because in some way you believe that it is part of you”.

Who creates diseases like aids? Are they a punishment from God?

What happens is that God is pure love, never at any moment he could think of sending us any punishment. Nor aids or any negative thing that is in the planet are divine punishments, they have been unleashed by us. HIV was created by a country to mislead the attention over many things and to harm a group of people.

Unfortunately it was created on purpose and with the will of man, with the purpose of making a lethal virus to inject it to a determined group of people and to spread it throughout the world. All of this was for political and economical purposes and many others which are horrible to even mention.

 Can we fly?

Our essence is subtle and if we would want to we could fly, what prevents us from flying is not gravity, in this case what prevents us flying is the heaviness of our way of being, our feelings, each thing that happens to us since we grow in the womb of our mother that gives us weight and keep taking from us the feeling that we can fly.

Children think that they can fly and throw themselves from up above without fear, because they know that there is no obstacle, because it is real, but unfortunately the heaviness that they have acquired even in their short years and the environment keep giving them a weight that prevent them from elevating themselves.

But in reality gravity does not have to do with it because it does not affect in this way, but rather the mental heaviness. We are part of this planet, we are part of the nature of Earth and our energy is part it, by which we always try to unite to it. If we go out to space, we do not stick to anything because the physical body does not belong to the universe, but rather to Earth.

An example are some of the Tibetan monks, who have achieved to overcome many physical limits and have reached levitation, thanks to the fact that they are close to nature, to God, to their hearts, to knowing who they really are.

If we would do it we would achieve it as well. For instance, if you feel your parents acted wrongly with you, what you have to do is to understand them and only send them love, what will represent to have a weight less. In this way you will keep losing weight and you will feel lighter.

Of what is about is to work on taking off all that which does not let us feel, that does not let us be who we really are.

Because everything affects you, from your mom telling you “dumb” as a joke, or in the street when somebody insults you, these are weights that you keep having throughout life and that you have to get rid of.

Always what is first is to understand, to know who we are, and we are going to achieve it one day if we say: “I am going to do it because I want to and now I have achieved to know myself, to love what surrounds me and to forgive everyone”.

What can you tell us about dinosaurs?

First it is essential to remember that our planet has gone through many energy stages in which it has changed its energy and its forms of life that develop in it, in accordance with whatever exists.

Dinosaurs were able to live on Earth because the required energy existed so that their huge form of life could be possible and not only speaking about animals and plants, but rather giant human beings existed as well.

There are vestiges which indicate that giants lived here, although they have not been given to notice in a massive way. This was possible because of what we mentioned before, because the energy was adequate for that kind of development.

At school we are taught that petroleum is a “product” made of these dinosaurs and it could be said that in a way it is true, although in reality it is about a part of energy of the Earth.

When dinosaurs died they remained in a part of a layer of Earth, before this, the Masters and tribes that existed (because another myth is precisely this one, the man and the dinosaur did coexist), after that catastrophe which killed so many animals and humans, they make a ritual so that when decomposing they could give something to Earth as a tribute.

These remains transformed into a very good energy, into a sort of fertilizer which got mixed with what we now know as petroleum, this is why it is believed that the so called “black oil” is a derivative from dinosaurs.

But this fluid is the blood of the planet which at the same time keeps in richening with the animals and plants that keep dying and decomposing to give something to Earth.

This formation of petroleum is a very long process that can stop working, and as we more keep on harming Earth the less we are going to find it.

Another fact that has been modified due to the bad condition we have our planet in is that the size of people and animals instead of tending to enlarge, as in that epoch, it is diminishing, which could keep on happening until we disappear.

Each time the energy is decreasing more and more, by which the development of the living beings will always be in a smaller size.                

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Flora Rocha

Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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