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Each life


Each life, a mission

“What I wish is to be able to give just a little bit of what up to now I have learned from these great Masters and that some of you can feel which is our true reality, who we really are and what really surrounds us”, Flora Rocha.

In 1991, during the total eclipse of sun, I had a magical and unexpected encounter with a being of great Wisdom, who has been guiding all this time to find my Mission and to understand by the way of experiences, different aspects of life in general.

With this marvelous Master, who I call Nintán or Nintancito, I got to know other beings like him, all dedicated to rescue what they call Wisdom of the Heart, which is nothing else than the art of being happy and making others happy through the guide of the forgotten dictation of our inner wisdom, just like our ancestors did in a daily basis.

Since that moment I started a long energy, spiritual, mental, and physical preparation process that has made me travel around the world. Passing through countries like Spain, France, United States, and England gave me the opportunity to transmit in public conferences a part of the legacy that the Masters of Wisdom have given me.

During these trips I have been able to visit places that apparently stay muted throughout the passing of time and that, however have much to give. The secrets are there; in each place full of magic and mystery, and just a bit of connection is needed to be able to hear them.

Finding the answers

Some time ago it was decided that it was the right moment to share my experiences from the point of view of a woman with three decades of life, who has dedicated her last 17 years of existence to search for answers to the questions that any human being may have.

First it was through conferences organized in several cities of Mexico and abroad, where the interest that the people manifested to the exposed subjects was such, that I considered to write my first book, Wisdom of the Heart, published in Mexico by Editorial Diana and only in Spanish, which has given me incredible satisfaction.

After this I decided to live for some time in United States and in several cities of Europe, where I continued with the investigations about subjects so interesting such as the heritages of the ancient civilizations and about the existence of millions of beings that develop their mission of love from all the corners of this planet.

It was then when I felt that my search needed much more… even when some of those questions have without any doubt been answered.

And so, I continue travelling and developing my daily preparation with the purpose of identifying all the wonders that exist in the Universe and to take once again the knowledge that the beings that have inhabited and inhabit this planet have left us. Now what is most important is to transmit it by all possible ways to those who are in the search to know something beyond than what it has been allowed for us to see every day.

At the present time the book “Wisdom of the Heart”, published in England, has been released and I hope very soon we are going to be able to read this beautiful material not only in English, but in other languages too.

The subjects I present on this website come from the experiences lived and felt along 17 years. I would like to emphasize that everything that I write is generated by the knowledge consciously obtained and verified, I do not use any kind of channeling or nothing similar to it, my work of oral and written exposition is and will always be given at a conscious level.

I hope with all my heart that everything you read here will be taken as it is, a wonderful reality, a reality that cannot be hidden any more, a reality that will make us have faith and hope in our tomorrow… Welcome.


A Thought for the Day...

“The beautiful face of

a child is the expression

of Love and Hope without

limits, without fears,

only Love

Flora Rocha

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