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Daily Wisdom

 Since ancient times we have seen how our ancestors tried to always have with them pieces of the so called precious metals like silver and gold. Nowadays this attitude has been interpreted in a distorted way because it is explained that they only were ornaments. But the reality of things is one very different. Each metal contains a unique energy that has a precise connection with something beautiful.

For example, silver is related with the white energy, with the universe that contains all the colors and light. This makes it into the perfect material to generate all the energies of your body. Moreover, it generates a special energy that is related with the strength that helps to fight evil. It takes light wherever there is darkness. And so, if we program our jewels of silver, they can perfectly help us as a protection. (we can also see how to protects our house with this metal in the theme “The energy of our house”).

It is not a coincidence that in several supernatural stories of creatures like the Wolfman it is indicated that to be able to defeat it a bullet is needed, but that it will only work if it is made of silver.

On the other hand gold represents the sublime energy of God, but unfortunately this metal is now related with something negative because this is how society has classified it. Anyway, you can also program it so that it can act in your body and energy.

 The fact of making a toast is always motivated by a festive reason, but in reality this apparently trivial clinging of glasses encloses something much more profound that is important to know.

It all starts with the liquid with which it is going to be toasted with. In ancient times it was a custom to program the drinks because they knew that dealing with liquid (which contains the Water element) they could activate a very strong energy. Here is when the ritual starts, which continues with the making of our wishes. These are a way to ask for protection, strength, besides emphasizing what is being celebrated.

With the fact that you want for something to be protected by God and for it to be possible thanks the power of the four elements, with this you are already activating your glass and generating a heap of vibrations that program the liquid even more.

Moreover, this special moment makes an opening from your energy and astral body to the universe, a way that protects you when you drink your glass. At that moment it seals with your physical body and the energy towards the connection you made with the universe. So all the time you are going to be in that vibration that is produced by the not so simple act of clinging the glasses… cheers!

 Feeling that the best friend of the man is the dog is not because one is against humanity, rather it is perceived the extraordinary nature of these faithful companions that we see more as family than as a mascot.

The reason is that dogs have a beautiful and strong energy which has made them always our true guardians. Since ancient times they have had an essential and determinant role for people, as it is possible to see in different works of art like writings, sculptures and paintings.

Dogs have been and still are protectors of the temples of wisdom, of the ones that are in this dimension as well of the others that are not in this one, due to their strength, loyalty, energy, and their connection with man.

They know what we want, they have the ability of hearing our feelings that go with our thoughts, and they feel pleased by being our unconditional friends.

The closeness that they provoke is such that they are capable of entering into our energy fields and detect anything that could be harming us. Moreover, they help balance our energy, they perceive with their sense of smell the different levels and feel when there is imbalance or when something needs to be readjusted.

So what they do is lick us, smell us or be near us, because in this way they use a bridge to be able to help us overcome any problem in the astral level or in the physical one, even if this means to sacrifice their own life and energy.

We can think that many animals have all these qualities, but it is important to underline that dogs in particular are the ones that adapt in a more perfect way to the style of life of humans, in the energy, physical and astral level.

 Even if for many, when we grow up the idea of celebrating our birthday with a cake may seem childish, it is important to do so because it actually works as an antenna of energy. By placing the cake at the center of the table what we do is an offering to stars, to the universe. There, the energy is received and it works for us as a channel that transmits the energy of God and the planets that have influence on us.

The tradition of the cake started centuries ago respecting the teaching that it was a channel to receive blessings, although this started to change until leaving only the idea that it was one more element of the party.

But in reality the round shape itself of the cake has its meaning, because it makes reference to the universe, to life. As for the flavors and colors they are part of the ritual that help when we eat it and it becomes a bread of God. It is just as receiving within yourself the blessing of god.

The element of fire that we put with the candles represents our heart, what we want to achieve. That is why the custom of making a wish when blowing exists, because it is a strong mandate that is asked to God and at the moment of blowing out the candles the path is sealed and the petition is sent to the universe. cause it is a way to give your energy of what is sacred that lives within you. Moreover, your guests without knowing will help you achieve what you have asked for; they are a kind of accomplices. But they also will take their piece of harmony, abundance, and pleasure,

It is important to share the cake with our loved ones be that gives a cake thanks to the energy that the whole universe deposits.

What is best is that not only on birthdays we can enjoy a cake, because any that is used in a party, for instance in a baptism, wedding, graduation, etc also meet these functions.

 “I knock on wood”, we say this when someone announces something we don't like or when we don't want it to happen and even though it may sound like mere superstition, it is based on reality. With the simple fact of knocking three times on wood we will achieve that, the bad wish or augury will be nullified. Wood is a very strong living being that has the power of absorbing in a way the bad energy that has been sent in an oral way.
 When someone says something negative we can knock on wood, which will set free three energies in different frequencies that annul whatever was sent and could have been harmful.

Why is it bad luck to break a mirror? Because once we have reflected ourselves in them, they take part of our energy, so when they break they harm us, and it is worse if we see us again when it has been broken. What is best is to put the pieces in water with a quartz crystal or a stone. You have to leave it this way for seven days and then throw everything far away from your house. While you are doing this you must say: "With this water all what is bad goes away and I will have all my energy back." In general mirrors are not objects that we should have in our house, because they provoke the negative energy to triple itself, so then if there is a fight, the people involved will feel three times angrier, in the same way if there is an illness, or if someone feels depressed. Because of this it is not recommendable to have them in our home or at least to choose a small one instead of a big one.

 The furniture in our house shouldn't be touching the wall so that the energy can flow freely and won’t cause imbalance that affects our energy body. And because of this, if we go to a restaurant and we see that something is against the wall, we have to move it so it won't harm us.

 The fungus and mold that appear in our house are ways for all that is negative on Earth, by this conduct they can get into your home. This is why they should be eliminated as soon as they appear.

 It's very important to separate all the meat utensils from other ones that are for other type of things, such as salads, cereals, soups, etc. The reason is that the energy of meat is strongly deposited in whatever it touches, so even though we are not eating meat if we use a fork that was used another day to eat meat then it's just the same as if we were eating it.

 It is not good to let fruits or vegetables spoil in your refrigerator because it is a life that didn't fulfill its mission. Its evolution is achieved when someone eats them. So it's better to eat them before they die completely.

This does not occur with animals because they have a certain period of life that ends when they die of natural cause, but when they are sacrificed they get cut whatever it corresponded them to live, like it happens with humans. On the other hand fruits and vegetables don’t last more than a month after they are cultivated.

 Whenever we want to clean deeply our home it is recommendable to call our guardian angel so that he can assist us and make a special cleaning that we may not be able to do by ourselves, because he will get rid of elements that are in another energy level.

 Why is it good to feed birds in our home? It is very positive to our home to place food for birds because with this you give part of your matter in favor of nature and they repay it with chants and with a special energy that helps you receive the material abundance.

 When we cross a street we have to ask for protection to our guardian angel because those are places charged with very dense energy. You have to ask the cosmos to enclose you and protect you so that your body does not get contaminated with that bad energy.

 Since ancient times there have been placed in gardens: pillars, sculptures or figures made of rock, steel, marble, etc., the explanation is that they function as an energy receptive antenna. Placing a fountain in the exterior of our house will help us distribute in a better way all the energy of our home.

The animal figures that are in a defensive position, like lions or eagles, represent battle, which is a call to combat. This is why centuries ago they were used in the entrances of fortresses and castles, because they invocated violence as part of the common life of that period. But in our time this kind of representations are not recommendable to place them as an ornament in our house, because what we less seek is for these energies to come and start a confrontment.

 When we shake hands with another person an energy exchange takes place that could be an advantage in some cases, for example when we go to the doctor because by giving him our hand he can perceive, in another level (in a subconscious way), exactly what we need for our recovery.

 Many people accustom to speak with some of their belongings like their cars and it is not a wrong conduct, all things vibrate because they contain energy, that is why it is possible to establish a direct communication with them.

  When eating our food it is best to do it with our hands or with utensils made of silver or even better if made of wood because all that is in contact with food donates part of its energy to it.

 The prayers must come from the Heart so that by their means we can activate, live and feel Love towards God and what surrounds us, more so this energy will go towards where it is more needed at that moment.

 Listening to birds sing is pleasant, one of the reasons is that although apparently it is just a sound, these birds are giving us messages of love that go to our heart if we manage to decipher this language.

 At the moment we are eating our meals it is better to eat with our hands or with utensils made of materials like metal or, better yet, wood, because everything that is in contact with our food gives part of its energy.

The prayers must come from the Heart so that by their means we can activate, live and feel the Love towards God and what surrounds us, more so this energy will go towards where it is more needed at that moment.

 The daily bath is an act of spiritual cleansing, because besides cleaning our body of germs, it leaves us clean of energies and emotions that are freed during our sleep.

 Remember that cooking your own food is a whole ritual, by which your food will not only nourish your body, but also your soul. Thus, it is not unusual to hear that everybody loves homemade food, because what it gives us is deposited beyond our stomach.

 Applause is in fact the "food for the artist," because when clapping our hands we are emitting a special energy that comes from the center of our hand palms and directs itself towards the players of the show.

 To meditate is not only to sit for hours and hours and to set our mind blank, a true meditation is that which reflects in all the actions of our life; the true meditation begins when we wake up, and the subsequent acts are a continuation of it.

In a moment of danger you can repeat: "God, God, God."

 It is important to flip over the mattress where you sleep now and then, especially when one feels that it is very loaded with energies.

 Hands are something sacred; a pure energy is emitted from them by which everything that they do is sublime. Many things have been inspired from this, for example wrapping up gifts because when doing this we place a part of us, giving it to the person that will receive the gift.

 Before saying something negative we have to substitute it with something else positive, that is the method to change and to be better each day.

 When going to bed we must meditate on what we did during the day and ask ourselves, "was I happy?", this will take us every day to do something that will lead us to answer "yes" at the end of the day.

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