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2011: A New Challenge…

Small changes can open unimaginable paths for personal and global wellbeing; it is time to manifest that awareness that will lead us to transform our world

Since the first day of this year 2011 we have faced new challenges for our life and our environment. Challenges that life itself sets for us, all of them linked to the complete and necessary change for humanity. As we already know, our planet is currently full of conflicts, of countries in war, countries with famine, submerged in injustice and terror, areas of Earth devastated by “natural” phenomena, violence that is each time more unacceptable and we could go on and on…

The challenge to which life is facing us in this new cycle is a challenge of change and awareness that starts in the heart and that, hopefully, we can all understand in the necessary scale. The future of our life depends and starts in our present; the only thing tangible and real is what we all live today. Our actions and behavior of every day, our emotions and feelings will be materialized in a near future, this is why it is extremely important to LIVE our present in the best way, trying to help ourselves and others; fighting to achieve for our jobs, hobbies, and entertainment to be full of the energy of joy, of satisfaction because we did things right and for good.

That small addition of awareness in our daily duties can make an incredibly big difference for everyone’s life. Realizing if our actions are oriented towards the common good, for the wellbeing of someone else, to analyze if our behavior will damage our environment or if it will help it… If we take responsibility of the life we have day after day we will be recognizing what really is living in complete wisdom, and that is the true knowledge that humans need so much nowadays. This is what will give us a different energy, a different expression that will change our perception of all things and of our existence.

These are very small changes that nonetheless can open unimaginable paths for personal and global wellbeing. With the sole fact of recognizing that we want the common good, with the sole desire for our actions to be directed towards that path we are already giving them a different sense, a sense of love and peace. It is what we all must understand this year: as long as we keep creating a civilization that is unequal, violent and unjust, we will be building a world and a society that is weak, ill, a world that is prone to collapse towards its own destruction at any moment.

The foundations on which we have built are each time weaker and even worse because our actions tend each time more towards destruction, to the point where what is currently supporting us will no longer be able to do so. This is why it is necessary for all of us to unite in love, to try to make our own life better through our actions to be able to make our environment be better.

We live submerged in a lie

We are at the right time to generate a change that can be transcendent, a change that can make an impact in our present, so that we can be able to hope for a future of love. The arrogance of many towards all that which is linked to love and wisdom has made us only believe in an unreal world, in a world where materialism and superficiality are a priority; where the absurd control over the masses has provoked cruel and bloody wars; where science and technology have come together for the accelerated destruction of everything that is natural, countless events that have positioned us in the danger that the entire humanity is currently found.

The selfishness of the representatives of science, of the governments and religions, has taken them to hide valuable information about our relationship with the Cosmos, trying to submerge us in an obscurity of an infinite universe, but dark, uninhabited and inhospitable. This even when our ancient cultures left evidence and legacies about the communion with the universe and our close relationship with each star and with each constellation, a heritage of a beautiful reality that the arrogance of some achieved to distort it. Now that we are each time closer to the infinite truth is that our governments and institutions have released more information about that cosmic reality.

They know that the times are signaling a change, they know that our Universe does not want to be ignored anymore and neither our universal brothers, who surpass us in terms of evolution. They know that we need a global change, a change of conscience that can take us to love and harmony, because that harmony that is lived in the Cosmos must be part of our planet, because we are also part of the Universe.

And that change must be before the awakening of the Sun, and event that can leave much destruction in our planet. All of this because we have vilely attacked the Earth, and as a consequence its own evolution within the Universe has stopped and it has made her lose strength in her own energy, which at the end causes for her protective shield to weaken. The consequence is that her magnetic field has been diminished at such a point that the natural and cyclical effects of the Sun will represent a purification bath that will remove the destructive germs (in this case the humans) so that the nature of strength and harmony can continue, because that is the perfect essence of the Universe.

The call of the stars

That is why today, as we get closer to that difficult moment, our universal brothers will be trying for us to look at the sky again, to remember the perfect harmony that resides in the heart of everyone, because we are all perfect creation, even when the distortion of our species is each time greater. To acknowledge our true essence is each time more important, this is why currently the Universe seeks to call for our attention, and it will continue to do so throughout this year.

Our duty will be to listen to that call of the stars because they are only trying for us to be able to recognize that reality is not found in what each one has in terms of material wealth, in what society has sold to us as important, because really what life is about is to live happy, in love and in harmony with the Universe, because we are all sons of that beautiful Universe…

The desperate warnings of the scientists around the world about the possibility of an encounter with inhabitants of other planets, in which they try to cause fear and discredit towards these kind of topics, it is just a calculated manipulation so that we can continue submerged in our ignorance and for them to be the only source of knowledge and information. The fear of losing control exerted over all societies makes them take those desperate measures.

Some time ago, if you were capable of saying that the possibility of life in other planets was feasible, the scientists where in charge of evaluating your statement as ridiculous and as a fantasy, preventing any type of credibility for these assertions through mockery and the exclusion of their very constricted scientific community.

But now that each time there are more independent astronomers, more eyes set on our Cosmos, as well as more manifestations be the cosmic visitors, the “absurd possibility” has been changed for the “very high possibility that life does exist, but with resemblance to ours, that’s why the dangers of invasion and control by those external civilizations are very high”, wanting once more to manipulate any attempt of communication with other civilizations.

Each one is free to think and feel under what many call as “free will”, that is why my desire is not for you to believe in the existence of UFOs or extraterrestrial beings, the only thing I intend is for each one to be capable of turning towards the sky and be able to analyze our life through the present that we live day after day, to try to understand what is the distance between us and “that beauty” so that we can feel what is the purpose of our existence and how much are we really fighting for it to be full of happiness and harmony.

Let's contribute with our energy for the change

Therefore, this year is so important due to the events that will come; it is the perfect year to be prepared towards the change of the year 2012. We can't let pass by the opportunity of generating love and harmony to such levels that we can transform the intentions of those who are in the darkness of hate and lack of love. Even when it sounds as a fantasy, it is possible, if we all unite the biggest strength that has ever existed, which is the strength of love. To contribute with our energy of change will be an action that will unite with many more and this will generate the strength that this planet needs.

I hope that all this can be a spark that can light up a small light in the heart of each one which can illuminate that path of the heart that we all have. May that light be active in our fight to know more of each one of us so that ignorance can give place to wisdom, which is the one that will help us be united to our reality of Love and Harmony with our environment and with the infinite and beautiful Universe…

Before I finish, I strongly want to thank all the support received throughout all these years by all of you, our faithful friends and companions of the heart.

Thanks again and let us fight with all the love of our heart for a better world!

Flora Rocha

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