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We are one with Japan


We are one with Japan


Sending our prayers and thoughts of love to our brothers in Japan will be an energy that can move and change many things, now is the time to show the planet that we have learned from our mistakes and that we can transform darkness into light


Our brothers in Japan need our help, prayers, and good thoughts towards them. This can make a great difference. The union in love of all humans can generate a positive change, and we need something very good to counteract the effects that the great disaster can bring to the planet, a disaster suffered by our Japanese brothers.


We only have one Earth and we are united intrinsically to all the happenings that occur within her. Positive changes are translated into benefits for everyone and, on the contrary, negative events bring us just pain and unbalance. However, we humans are strong and noble, so we must show our best feelings in moments like these, we must fight to have a planet within balance, it is essential.


We just need to remember that life is very fragile when it is not nourished in the proper manner, and that nourishment is love, compassion, tolerance, and all those feelings that reside in the heart of each one.


We have let the loving, wise, and considerate being silent and disabled with everything that surrounds it, to give way to the being that is selfish, dark, intolerant, which has led us as humanity to make many mistakes.




We can't continue tolerating the destruction of life that, after all it is our own, we can't pretend that all the events are just natural cycles of our planet. We must face the damages that we have caused with responsibility, and the only way to do it is by change our life towards love and respect.


Small details make great changes. Now those changes can only come from us, before it is too late. Disasters like the one that occurred in Japan are a reminder of how much we have damaged our Earth, our society, making it so dependent on what is unnatural, on the superficiality that each day is a heavier burden.


We must learn from these events. We can't continue being ignorant of what we really are, because life is made to live happy, in peace and harmony. Everything leads us to the same thing: nobody wants to die. We all wish to be alive, even when it seems the opposite, and for that, we must continue with our existence in a responsible and loving manner.




Today, there still are more people who live with fear, people who have gone through events that for many were impossible or unthinkable. They are now the protagonists of one of the many episodes of pain and fear, in which they have realized that neither power nor belonging to a rich and technologically advanced country, has freed them from the terror of watching nature responding in that way.


It is nature acting against its own “nature” of perfect balance, which has been affected by our wrong way of “living”.


This is why we urgently need to learn from this painful tragedy, and so from each event of the world that is painted in red by the blood of those who, unfairly, are trapped due to the arrogance and unbalance of many, and this has led humanity to these levels of uncertainty and pain, with the approval of all of us, the societies of the world.


We don't need to create more wars, more conflicts, we just need to love more, to share love. Even when it may sound corny or ridiculous, and it may well sound like this to many people, but in terms of facts, believe me, it does not have anything corny or ridiculous to it. In terms of facts it can be translated into a transformation based on the true nature of humanity, on the perfect balance that is shown to us by the great Universe, because this is what we really are…


We need to feel and believe that we are capable of achieving a great change, and this is not only a belief, it is a reality and we must feel it, live it, and show it.




Now is the time to begin this change, now is the time to show our planet that we learned from our mistakes and that we are capable of transforming darkness into light.


Beginning by sending our prayers and thoughts of love to our brothers in Japan, as well as to each place where hatred exists, will be an energy that can move and change many things.


It is time to see how strong and powerful we are through Love and that power that resides in our heart, waiting for us to use it at last. Wisdom, love, and balance are what we need to have a future on this Earth, and today there are many that need this.




May the balance of our heart remain with us and illuminate our path to be able to reach the hearts of all those that need love and faith… Power lies within the love that each one is capable of giving…


With love for our beloved Earth and all her sons…

  Flora Rocha

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