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Happy Equinox of Spring to All…! Happy Equinox of spring to all…

Happy Equinox of Spring to All…!

The beginning of this season marks the balance, which nowadays it is the most important thing that we all must reach, and we will achieve this through love

This day is very important because we give way to a new energy stage for our lives, a new energy that will nourish our path, in which our inner connection with what surrounds us, is of essential importance.

The equinox of Spring means that our Mother Earth is illuminated by the sun equally in the north hemisphere and in the south hemisphere, which brings us as a benefit the balance of our energy centers.

That is why it is paramount for us to be aware of this new opportunity to balance our lives, as well as to recognize that once again nature is offering us the opportunity of being closer with our environment and with life…

The change that is happening in the entire planet, which is opposite in seasons depending on the hemisphere (North Hemisphere, spring, South Hemisphere, autumn), it is just one more phenomenon of our perfect nature to balance our energy and our life. It is a sacred event for our ancestors who left the heritage of the knowledge, which is almost forgotten, of the importance of this great event for our Earth and for us, her sons.

Our great father, the Sun, is now in charge of giving a day of 6 months to our North Pole, after he gave a long night to it, also of 6 months. And just like a father that equally splits between his sons, now he will allow to our South Pole to appreciate the night for 6 months, activating with this beautiful natural ritual, the balance of the planet.

Due to all of this, it is very important for us to at least be somewhat aware of what is happening, of the changes that nature is offering showing us, in this way, the importance of the balance in our lives.

We have to see the necessity of nourishing all what we are, of giving the true value to our heart just as we do with our mind, of giving food to the spirit just as we feed the body 3 times a day, of giving out respect to be able to receive it as well. In short, there are many things that each of us needs to cherish and evaluate.

Now, more than ever, we must cherish what is real, what is necessary to be able to live, to be able to continue life on Earth, if we do not do this we will be in the greatest danger never before seen by humanity.

That is why, NOW is the moment to wake up, to appreciate this period in which the planet is guiding us towards balance through nature.

After the disasters that occurred, the Equinox of Spring is the best thing that could have happen to us, now the important thing is to learn to cherish this new opportunity to balance our life and our Earth.

Many are wondering, how can we achieve balance? And the answer is: with Love, the manifestation of Love is the manifestation of ALL, if you feel true Love, you learn to respect, enjoy, cherish, simply to be HAPPY, which will bring as a result the balance of your life and everything that is around you.

We all have something to love, we all have reasons to love, and nobody can stop feeling love. Those who say they do not know it are wrong, because every day they wake up, eat, and walk, that is already love for their life.

He who does not love, does not live… The beatings of the heart represent the beating love, selfishness is what hides love from us and it invites us to make mistakes, love continues to exist, but buried under the dark shadows of the selfishness that has led humanity to act in this way.

This is why we can't ignore the beauty of what we are, of what the Universe and our gorgeous Mother Earth offer us through their lovely complicity with the Sun, by creating a perfect dance of love to nourish all the inhabitants of this planet with the balance of Love and the universal energy through its equinoxes.

I wish a very happy day to all of us who live on this Earth, and infinite thanks to our beautiful nature for loving us so much… And also, thanks to all the planets of our system, and beyond, for what they send to us in each equinox, where the union of the planets of the Universe, join together in this dance of the father Sun, something that our ancestors cherished very much.

Now it is time for the current civilization to do so, to wake up before this invaluable and ignored help of the Universe…

Let us learn, therefore, to live, and may this equinox give us what we need to continue and to reestablish balance and justice, while we, the entire humanity, give out the love that resides within our hearts… May this be so…!

Happy Equinox of March, 2011                             

Flora Rocha

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Flora Rocha

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