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The Mysteries of Life

Rocha deepens in the need to be happy and make others happy and how the human beings have counted with the example of civilizations of great evolution in terms of Love to achieve it, of beings that have lived in this planet or that have traveled to it with the purpose of reminding us our universal reality

It is the title of the new book of Flora Rocha, the founder of Wisdom of the Heart, which has came out at the end of July 2011 in Italy, edited by Fabbroni Edizioni. The revealing material will be available also in other countries that speak Spanish.

The Mysteries of Life will also be published in Spain, by PNL Books.

Among the themes that are engaged in The Mysteries of Life are:

  • The acknowledgement of our ancient roots.

  • The UFO phenomena, a reality that has to concern us?

  • Did Atlantis or other civilizations that are not yet known really existed?

  • The reality behind the ancient rock art.

  • The Summers and their role as the representatives of the races.

  • The work of the Olmecs in the preservation of life.

  • The trails of the brothers of the stars in Alexandria.

  • Minerals, the hard disks of the past.

  • The fear against the feminine strength.

  • The murky origin of the search for America.

  • The UFO phenomena: past, present, and future?

  • Understanding the importance of love in our life, in all the levels of being.


Life in the planet is full of mysteries, of elements that throughout the centuries have left a print and a presence that have caused a series of revolutions within ourselves when we try to find an answer to them or, at least, a logical explanation for their existence.

Our own life is the first mystery we need to face. From our own life, our whole experiences will lead us to be more confused about the perception of existence, and of all what is presented to us as we walk through this world of numerous paths.

However, those «mysteries» will keep showing up as we advance in life. And so, like in the first years, we will continue to face countless situations that will make us question their reason to be. But, if we then stop investigating our own body, emotions and feelings, most likely is that in the same way we will renounce to know any other thing that we consider that it does not belong to us.     

Nowadays,  when we see society, when we see this planet so known, but at the same time so unknown, it is when we perceive the scarce knowledge that we have of what surrounds us and, even worse, the little or nothing that we know about ourselves. This makes humanity one of the biggest «mysteries», and, above all, one of the most important ones to discover.   


A Thought for the Day...

“The beautiful face of

a child is the expression

of Love and Hope without

limits, without fears,

only Love

Flora Rocha

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