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What is happening in the world

The view that we see is very sad and discouraging, but this has reached that level because we have forgotten that the elements that will give us control reside within us, and those elements are wisdom and love

During these first three months of the year we have suffered a great number of unfortunate events that have been noticed all around the world and some others that have had an impact within the countries or cities where they occur. Nevertheless, each one of the inhabitants of this planet has perceived something different and somewhat staggering in relation with the moment in which we now find ourselves… Truly, the sad images of intense pain, suffering and fear in Haiti and –unfortunately- once again now in Chile, have been the clearest example of the instability that all the people of Earth are living…

Surely there are many questions that could have many answers. The most common of this kind of questioning is, Why is this happening? And there are several answers to this. Some aim at conspiracy theories, and the strongest of them is the one that points out the usage of HAARP technology created -allegedly- for the study of the ionosphere, what for others it really is a technology to alter the weather and manipulate different elements, a performance that will turn it into a powerful weapon of mass destruction. All these accusations involve several powerful nations that would have the intention of destabilizing other countries with the purpose of exerting a complete control over them for their own power on Earth…

Other theories that are considered are the fulfillment of the Mayan prophecies of the “end of the world in 2012”, global warming and the simple natural cycle of Earth, among others…

Without doubt, we will never know the truth of what is happening or, -maybe- not for now, however, it is of vital importance to make a stop in our life and to question ourselves about what we are currently living all the children of this Earth.

The importance of respect

Violence, hate, fear, catastrophes, depression, the unstable economic situation, illnesses, they are all happening at a world level, not just at a regional level anymore. Imbalance has scattered all over the countries and cities, rich or poor. Insecurity generally hits every day and we have had to learn to lock ourselves even more in our own world due to the fear of an attack, extortion, kidnap, and now, we are trying to adapt ourselves to live with the fear against the “natural” catastrophes…

The view that we see is very sad and discouraging, however, this has reached that level because we have forgotten that within us the power and control resides of many of the things that now torture us. Little by little we have been giving them up to hands that we do not know, which provokes for us to gradually feel completely weak and helpless before this type of situations.

It is true that many things are beyond the control of any human being, but it is also true that plenty of the things that we are now suffering are mainly due to the carelessness and detachment towards what really resides in our interior, which is the strength of wisdom and love. Both elements are the ones that will guide us once again in light and harmony through the path of respect towards everything that surrounds us.

But in the mean time, without the sustenance of love and wisdom, respect will remain missing just as it has occurred among the current humanity, which day after day it proves that it has transformed that word and action into an allegory of something that we sadly have gradually been losing from generation to generation.

We have not realized that most of our problems reside in the lack of respect which is each time more evident towards the elements of nature and among the own human beings. This has taken us to live in a world which is parallel to the one that is real, to the world that as sons of this Earth we deserve and that we have let it become into almost a myth.

We can still listen to some of the voices that lived in a better time than the present one. Those voices speak about a world where you were able to enjoy a day in the countryside with your family without the fear of finding a dead body or of enjoying a boat trip without the fear of being assaulted on the open seas by pirates that only existed in tales; a world in which you could still trust your neighbor or a stranger.

That world, for the time being, can seem to us as almost a fantasy if we judge it according to what we live in this present time, when we are not able to enjoy the simplest things of life without having any kind of caution, which is each time more similar to fear.

I know that all of this can sound even sadder and more depressing but, believe me, that is not my intention. On the contrary, I am only trying for ALL of us to be capable of realizing in a clear way what we are currently living, because at the same time that we are living we are dying by gradually stop enjoying the essential things of life.

The worst thing to do is to wait without doing anything

To wish for things to be fixed by themselves is the worst thought that we can have, because we all have the obligation of waking up to reality, of getting rid of that numbness that we have all self-prescribed to ourselves to be able to bear the present times.

But, if we truly want to LIVE for our family, for our future, we necessarily must start to take control of what is in our hands, starting by waking up and that awakening will take place when we open the doors of our powerful inner being, which is none other than our heart and wisdom.

As a first step, that part of us will guide us towards the simplest manifestation of love through the deeds that we will offer to our environment. Then we will see that respect is a necessary element in life to have a full life.

I know that this may sound as unimportant or slightly effective to solve so many problems like the ones we face today, however, this is better than living in the darkness of a life full of fears and uncertainty.

Love and its manifestation is the most powerful strength and weapon that the human being possesses and it is the one that we need to begin using against those who still believe that the opposite of love is the key for the future life on the planet.

Cherishing what surrounds us

Whether those conspiracy theories are true or not, the strength to fight all that will be the manifestation of love and the opposition of humanity, or at least most of it, against any manifestation that goes against respect and harmony.

But for that, we ourselves need to be the holders of that example. We need for our public and private actions to be always ruled by our heart and the sensitivity of Love to gradually free ourselves from the old egocentric habits that have averted us so much from compassion and tolerance. Because there is no better teaching than the one that is received through the way of example and we owe that to our environment.

One of the best ways of developing that inner connection of wisdom and love is also through the external knowledge. This knowledge consists in investigating and analyzing all the things that surround us and which we feel it does not belong to us, because by doing so we will obtain the conscience of the true value of it all, of each thing that surrounds us. It is easier to be able to defend, love, and protect that which you know than that which you ignore completely.

That conscience will take us to develop even more our love for everything that surrounds us, as well as for every place of our planet no matter how far it is. And if every person feels a love of that magnitude, which is authentic and real, we will have the most powerful strength which will unite to the one of millions of people that in the same way they have been capable of provoking this so necessary change.

Such conjunction of energies will create a difference so powerful and magnificent that will vanish the darkness of those that through actions of hate they have submerged themselves in the negativity of their actions, in addition it will weaken any action that does not belong to the light that love is capable of generating.

The plague of the XXI century

The rapid increase of violence, hate, crimes, and of whatever is related with the lack of love, is capable of multiplying itself being fed by that same dark energy, like a virus that is not treated with medicine to fight it. That increase will take almost all humanity to become infected, like it occurred with ancient plagues.

But, on the contrary, if we find the appropriate antidote to fight that “virus” and we apply it gradually, the outbreaks of it will decrease until it remains controllable, not dangerous for humanity and maybe the time will come when the planet can declare itself free from this kind of threats.

Equally, as we have learned to fight so many illnesses, we now must -and we have the obligation- contain and stop this new “virus” of the current societies that have brought us so much evil and so much pain in different forms like hate, pain, illnesses, crimes, disasters, destruction to all nature, etc., before it is too late.

They are “contaminants” created from the lack of Love and Respect and that they have been gradually triggered by the actions that have harmed our environment and our behavior to the degree that we are able to see today. This is why it is not an option to continue ignoring that we have this “virus”, because that unconsciousness is the one that prevents us from finding that antidote before we are all infected with this “evil”.

To pretend to ignore is not the solution because things will reach the limit where it will be impossible to ignore anything and where sooner or later we all will have a same illness that today, as we are able to see, it is gradually invading everyone without distinction.

There will be no nation, nor rich or poor that can escape from the consequences that may come. This is why it is of vital importance for ALL, absolutely ALL of us to be capable of taking action in our life from now on, of gradually learn to know ourselves and know the great Love that resides within and which will be the key and the medicine against any evil.

We will be able to share this new feeling with others as if we were to initiate a vaccination and healing campaign where, through our actions, we will begin a new life where we will be capable of facing whatever is necessary and of reinitiating a new stage of respect that will be translated in harmony and peace for the ones that inhabit this planet…

The requirement is for us to decide to be more aware of how marvelous we are and to accept the Love that resides within. It sounds easy, it is easy and it is necessary… Life is the most marvelous creation and we are part of that marvel, we must never forget that…

With the infinite help

With all my heart I ask you to remember that the entire and infinite Universe is linked together and deposited in the heart of every being and that constant light of the Cosmos is tenaciously calling for our attention through the brightness of the stars, which support us with their presence and their language, which is not unknown for our spirit.

With love, dedicated to all those that wish to feel the light of love and that long for the darkness of destruction to disappear from their life as if only it had been a bad dream…

“Giving Love is a necessity that has been forgotten, that has been lost in the misery of indifference…” Flora Rocha

“The respect that you give is a tribute to yourself, which is granted to you as a gift by the one that you have respected”, Master Nintancito

“Darkness does not exist in Light and the greatest Light is the one generated by Love…”, Flora Rocha 

Flora Rocha

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