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Once you learn



Once you learn, feel and know yourself, you no longer act in a single body, with the physical-mental one, but rather with the other body as well, which is the universal body, the union between thought and feeling makes them become one to give place to a strength which is infinite


Each beginning of the year is a time for reflection in which we truly feel we wish to be better. We ask ourselves: “How can I be better? How can I help for this world to change? What can I do?” and the answer is that the first step and the most important one is to feel because by doing so we will begin to really know what surrounds us and above all we will begin to really know ourselves.


When one does not feel 100% happy or when we feel certain emptiness in our interior and we try to find replacements, what we really need to fill up that empty space is inside of us, in our heart. That is where we have to obtain the strength and acknowledgement of our truth as beings.


But if you do not understand your origin, you will not understand your destine nor you will be able to live it and to be able to know our origin, our roots, we have to fight to discover who we really are.


We must know who we are to be capable of uniting with the Universe, that is the key to be what we really are, to truly achieve our mission as beings of the Universe: to be happy and to make others happy.


Walking with a single leg

By exploring what is inside of us and by fighting to find that knowledge we have to focus on listening to our heart, not our mind. Generally, we have thousands of thoughts regarding who we are, when really what is truly about is to feel, because in this way we will find the most important messages.


We must be capable of thinking and feeling before any situation, because that is what will make for everything to change for the entire world. As easy and simple as that. What is difficult is to accept that things are like that.


It is fundamental to understand that thought is just empty, hollow, void, but thought based on the heart is wisdom.


When we do not know our levels of wisdom and feeling, oneself sets ones´ blockages because we think we have already understood everything and suddenly we must recognize that we do not know anything, that we do not know ourselves. At the beginning of my path this happened to me and I realized that I was never going to be able to reach anything nor to understand or go beyond knowledge if first I did not know who I really was.


“You do not know what you are because what you know you are is a deformation of yourself and that hurts you”, Master Nintancito said to me, who made me realize that it is just like seeing yourself in the mirror while being angry, you know it will be a reflection that will make you feel bad and that you will not like it, but if you face your own vision and you break that you will achieve it.


It is true that it is tough to see yourself just as you are, how one gradually is deformed, and one prefers to ignore in what one becomes, but it is vital. I say this based on my own experience; we do not have the slightest idea of who we are until we face ourselves.

If you do not understand your origin, you will not understand your destine nor you will be able to live it and to be able to know our origin, our roots, we have to fight to discover who we really are

In my case, until I achieved it I was able to say “I feel what my mission in life is”, because once you learn, feel and know yourself, you no longer act in a single body, with the physical-mental one, but rather with the other body, with the universal body. It is the union between thought and feeling the one that makes them become one to give place to a strength which is infinite.


Then you ask yourself: “How is it possible that all this time I was only walking with a single leg?”. When you achieve to acknowledge your essence and your truth you will be able to realize what you have inside and outside. Although you will never be able to say “I have all the knowledge”, on the contrary, you will feel that you do not know nothing due to the fact that you see that infinity, you know and feel that there is no end, that there is no limit to knowledge, that there is not much or little knowledge, there is simply nothing because nothing is everything.


From the moment you stop being a mystery for yourself you begin to learn to be a universal being, to be one, to stop living at the minimum level of your potential, which is the physical part, the conscious part (which is conscious and unconscious at the same time). In that moment our mission of life will get to us from the heart.


The help of the four elements

We can meditate or perform other spiritual practices without achieving the desired result, and many times the cause for this is that we are just doing it at a mental level and by doing so it is impossible to get anywhere.


If we work with the four elements using only the mind we will never achieve to be really connected. Those moments of prayer or ritual have to reach your heart so that a communication with your interior can really exist.


I would like to stand out here that the four elements are the base to be able to reach that connection, they are the ones that are going to tell you how and where you have to go, the ones that are going to make you feel what you really are and they are going to give you the answer for everything.


Then, you will have a continuous sensation of wanting to be a better person because it will come from your heart in this way, from which you will also obtain the strength and security of what you are, even with all the weaknesses that you think you have.


Defeating our mistakes

Generally, people know when they act wrongly, one feels what is negative because our heart suffers. Each one knows their mistakes, which ones are they, and the more we fight against this the more we have the power of knowledge and of all our strength.


The path is to recognize which are our mistakes, to defeat them and then to keep moving on. It is the only way to fulfill our mission of life. The only ones responsible of achieving that change are us.


To guarantee that we are able to achieve it is extremely important to identify where your strength is, what motivates you to face that fight. For example, you can evoke the love and commitment you have toward the life or the love you have for your family.


From that feeling you can take the strength to move on and say “I am not giving up and I am going to get wherever I have to so that they can be happy and feel proud of me”. That feeling and thought is capable of giving us the necessary strength, but each one has to identify his own so it can be his inspiration and source to move on.


We have to fight to move on for ourselves, for our happiness, for those messages that each one had since we were little of what were the things that we needed to fulfill our mission in this life. We have to fight so that we do not forget those keys, all that work and love of the “Infinite Expression” or the Universe that is always by our side.


In this beginning of this New Year we must have the faith that it will be a year in which we will achieve many things, we just need to make a commitment with our heart to discover ourselves to be able to be better.


As my last advice, I communicate to you what the Masters of huge wisdom repeat constantly and patiently:


Work with the four elements.
Feel your actions, your heart. Try to feel what you are doing, stop thinking.
Provoke more harmony, communication, union in the place you work, your home, with your family.
It is very important to recognize everything we are inside.  



Flora Rocha

Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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