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Angels, the image of love

For the guardian angels there is nothing more satisfying and joyful than being with us and helping us in all that we let them

We know that the angels have as a mission to protect us from so much dangers that surround us. Moreover, we need them because they help us to find the way that we have to follow, to understand the teachings and to cherish everything that we have. But most of all, we need to know that their main function is to be a great friend for us.

They also are an incarnated consciousness of our acts; they are never going to scold us, on the contrary, they are always going to question us about what we do. They ask us about our actions, but with the purpose of us to reflect in whatever we did.

We will know in the following a little more about them, for instance how to know their name, how many angels do we have and who are the archangels.

How is our angel assigned to us?

Much time before we were born they were already with us. Who chose who is like trying to know who created God. The Masters say that we chose our angels depending on the need that we had as universal beings and they also by the need of fulfilling their mission.

Once I asked a very wise Master known as Nintancito if angels were happy helping, living only to be protecting us and concerned about us. He said to me:

“These beings are living complete life for them. There is nothing more satisfying and joyful for them than being with you and helping you. It is the mission that they have to fulfill, it is a need that they feel because it is their essence.

“They are angels because it is part of their development as beings. Moreover, they are living their own life because they are a part of you, of what you do and feel.

“Do not think that your angel helps only you, you also help him. You all do, you are the best friend for you angel. You advise them on what they should do. It is a mutual need. It is something between the two of you”.

How many angels do we have?

Each being has three angels; the guardian angel is the closest one because it is individual, one for each.

The guide angel on the other hand, is shared with three other people, usually with members of the family like brothers or children for example. What they most do is to unite families, to set a base of energy and love in the place where you are born.

But when the union is not achieved in the physical level they do it in the energy level. That is why we sometimes feel a special connection with some members of the family, like with our grandparents. 

The third one is the director angel, which sees several people that have a same type of life or of needs. He is in charge of finding the way in which our other two angels can help us.

 The three of them make the trinity of protection. But the guardian angel is the one that is closer.

This division does not mean in any way that in the universe or between the angels there are hierarchies. We are all a same being, what makes a little difference is the type of thing you do and how much time you have been doing it, but our wisdom is the same. There is no one superior to another; experience is simply what drives us to occupy certain functions.

And so, it does not mean that our guardian angel is inferior to the director angel, they are just different ways of support because each essence can help in a different way.

Can somebody that dies become our angel?

No, they cannot be an angel because it is not their mission, because their previous life was as a person and not as an essence of angel, as it occurs with this type of beings.

If somebody very close dies they still have that relationship of love with you and will always try to protect you as much as they can. It is as if they become an extra help.

We cannot be angels, but we can help in many ways after leaving this earth.

For instance when a doctor dies they say that they still see him healing people. It is because those people maybe did not finish giving all that they could, then they become beings that try to donate what was left, but it is not that they become angels as such.

But your angel will always be the same one and always has been since your creation as a soul in the universe.

If a loved one went away, be sure that wherever he is he will always protect you and help you.

Do angels have a shape?

They have a similar essence. Some have wings, but not because they use them to fly. They universal meaning of wings is freedom, the union and embracement of everything, being yourself and being free. There is even a kind of logotype in the universe that identifies all of us and that has wings.

Angels really have much light and part of it comes or emerges from their back. This is why many people that have seen them describe them with wings, but it is energy. But if they would want to they could have wings always because it is what represents them in the universe.

How do they protect us?

First we should remember that everything is energy. Our feelings and sensations are energy that we keep taking out and that affect our physical body.

It is important to recognize the energies of people, of the places we have been to, where you work, so that you can always be in places that help you and that do not harm you.

But if you feel fear at some time and you do not know why, stop a little and see around you, try to feel the energy that is not yours and identify what may be harming you.

What is best when you feel that a person can harm you is to cover yourself with your own energy, but also to speak to your angel.

Our angels are our best friends, they are the beings of light that help us whenever we ask them to, because they base themselves more in what we request from them.

In that moment you must ask him to cover you and to protect you, and immediately he is going to try to use everything that he can move to help you or to keep that person away from you.

Aside from this, if you are with a person that you feel he is sending you something negative or that makes you feel uncomfortable, speak to your angel of this person and request him to not let this person to send you that energy.

Remember that angels are only waiting for whatever we speak or of whatever we give them permission to act in certain occasions.

They can hear you and even thou it is not your angel they can help you as well, taking your permission to help someone else.

Why did they use “Los Angeles” to name that famous city?

Well first of all we have to know that there are cities that have their own angel. In the case of Los Angeles, California, we are dealing with a city that when our ancestors inhabited that land long time ago, they shared it with beings that were a kind of Masters or Angels that gave guidance and teachings to everyone.

They were called something similar to “angels” in their language, and equally named this place after them because it was the city where they lived. There were many angels and archangels in that place.

The archangels are Masters that come to fight against the negative energies in the physical level. This is why some religions know them as warrior angels.

Well, one of these archangels remains in this region of United States, although in another level, because he continues helping the region.

What is the name of our angel?

You can know this when you have more consciousness of your conversations with your angel. But it is not that complicated, because there are occasions when we have a name or letters in mind and we think “What does this mean”?, and many times it is the name of our angel.

When you achieve to know the name of your angel it is very good because you can summon him in a better way. When you do it in this way you fill yourself in a very strong light of protection and love.

There are other ways to know it, but the best way to do it is remembering it in your dreams or astral voyages. Before going to sleep you can tell him:

“Beloved angel, I want to know your name, if I can know it make me remember it or guide me towards the clues that are going to let me know”.

The inconvenience is that the mind does not accept the existence of the angel because it says “angel? I cannot touch it, I cannot see it: it does not exist”. It is our main obstacle to approach him or to get to know his name.

But if in a moment we achieve to distract it and we act more with heart it is then when the connection will be made with our inner being and we will be able to know it in a spontaneous way.

Sometimes angels give us those key instants and if we do not make good use of them, they erase them because it is not propitious for us to know it yet.

Flora Rocha

Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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