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It is time to wake up

It is time to wake up

We have started a new cycle in which our goal must be to stop the insensitivity that provokes wars, violence and pain in so many places of the planet, the power to influence ourselves mutually is within us to be able to take out that strength that will achieve the change

2008 was a difficult year for the entire world because of the many horrible events that unraveled and that even today are being lived day after day, like the violence headed by armed groups, the multiple deaths caused by the wars and the abuse of some of the authorities towards defenseless cultures like the Tibetan and Palestinian people.

These huge shortcomings are eating away and undermining our planet and they are all derived by the lack of love, tolerance and consciousness by means of who have preferred to remain submerged in fear or indifference instead of reviving that flame of love which is the positive energy that we need.

This is the worst time in the history of Earth, even if we consider all the catastrophes and wars that have happened in the past. It is a reality that as humanity we are decomposing ourselves more each time and not only by these acts of terror that occur in a great scale, but also because of what we see that is being lived among families, friends or companions, where selfishness and insensitivity have been allowed to be greater than love or brotherhood.

But even so, thanks to God, the universe and to the Masters, there are still more people that want good than the people that want evil. Then if we are more, why are the people that are doing evil still in control of things?

Because the ones that want good are not using their potential, their wisdom nor their strength. We are allowing our eyes, ears and thoughts to block what is a reality, for violence, the lack of love and humanity to continue undermining the history of love and strength that exists on this planet.

It is very important for us to realize that we are more in number and that we can fight against who want evil. We must wake up in some way with coherence, with information, with the power to make ourselves sensitive so that we all have that courage that is needed.

Because courage is precisely what is needed to confront what is happening. It is not easy, but it can be done before it is too late.

It is urgent to retransmit between us that strength and consciousness so that we can realize that a change towards harmony and peace can really be achieved if we are all united.

But this does not mean that we have to recourse to manifestations and protests on the streets so that governments can change. It is an error to think this because it is not there where we must ask for a solution.

The only thing that can really stop what is happening on the planet is that we all discover what we really are, to take out our love, to take out our strength and help others to do the same.      

It is the only way in which we can achieve change and we have to do it before it is too late. The current view of things is nothing compared to what can be lived in the future if we do not acknowledge what is happening.

The rebirth of what is positive

It is important for us to analyze the source of all this, why all who are committing so many crimes against humanity are enjoying such impunity and liberty to act, what is allowing this to them? The answer is that there is no restraint.

That restraint which before existed and that now seems lost was not the governments. That restraint was the ethics that we had as humans, the fact of having a little consciousness regarding the value of what is around us and of the life of other people, values that seem to have disappeared.

This is why we need to generate positive energy by means of our consciousness, of our fight to have a better world based on having more respect for nature, in showing more love, and also for the media and school to take responsibility of what they are teaching.

This is what is first, to promote that positive energy to be reborn in all the levels of society and to seek for them to be widen instead of being darkened.

Because it is a fact that in accordance with the existence of violence, we all get filled of more and more fear, trying to ignore something that cannot be ignored. And in this way we are getting darkened by ourselves, letting the ones that promote death to take control.

But if we begin to open and to remember that some years ago this world, this country or this city were different, that there was love, there was peace, that you could go out without fear, it is then when we are going to be able to realize and say “I want to live all this again and be happy”.

With the sole fact of feeling it, of taking consciousness and of fighting for it, our energy is going to increase, and then, logically, if something increases it will take the place that the other one had, the place of its opposite.

And so, the darkness and lack of love will have less ways to act, letting free the space that in reality belongs to the light and to love. We only have to remember that we are more, the ones who want a world of peace.

If we unite in this feeling we do not need weapons or wars or confrontments with governments. Because simply goodness is going to start blocking the ways to whoever continues harming this planet and its inhabitants.

If we begin to give strength to what is positive, to give more love, if we begin to interest ourselves in the most sensitive manifestations, for what is spiritual instead of material, that energy will begin to grow and will transform even the governments or whoever is able to make a change in other levels, because it will begin to influence them towards that change.

It is the only way and I affirm it because I have seen it. This has been one of the greatest and most important teachings that I have lived with the Masters of Wisdom of the Heart.

What we do to others and to ourselves is going to generate more love; in energy it creates a huge sphere that is able to reach everywhere. Just as pollution or global warming, what is positive is generated and spread in the same way. 

All of this can be achieved, it is the goal that is expected for us to accomplish during this year that has already begun.

It is the year were each of us is going to decide how much we want for all to be better, how much are we going to be guided by what we consider is our mission in this life, it is the moment to walk by the world with the flag of honesty, of coherence, of Wisdom of the Heart, which is the Love of the universe. 

The case of Mexico

In the case of Mexico, where we also have seen how violence has unraveled, there is also much that can be done. We must know that we were born in this country for a reason that may have to do with the mission of rescuing it and putting it in the place where it belongs.

Our true identity is all the beautiful past of wisdom, of the strength and the love that our brothers had, that is something about what we always have to be talking and resourcing to, all those legacies with pride. 

That is the message that we have to send to the world and not what is being said, relating it only with violence, with an alert for them to not come to our country.

And we cannot criticize Mexicans and think that other countries are better because then we will be losing our identity. We are all exactly the same, but first we have to give love to the place where we were born.

We have to wake up to that love towards our country and to recover that respect for the culture that has been inherited by our ancestors, which was a culture of harmony and love, even when they want to make us believe the opposite.

My experience…

In my particular experience and life I can affirm that each second I try to not commit any mistakes, I have given my existence to what I consider is my Mission, and I can say it with all the strength and all the pride, because I truly want to see everyone else happy, just as I want to be happy. 

Because I have the consciousness and the daily view of what happens in the world, of what a person of this planet lives each day, of what the Masters of Wisdom and all the beings that are here to help us are suffering when they see what is happening. This does not let me to fall into provoked actions, for instance by discouragement or laziness.

If someday I think “I am tired, it is already dawn and I still have to fix some tasks of my Mission”, I just begin to remember the images of pain of the people and that impels me and gives me the strength to go on. There is really no excuse to let ourselves taken away by superficialities and allow other people to continue to die. 

It is very much what one must think and feel to not make more mistakes or actions against others. Maybe someone can think that it is easier for me to achieve it because the Masters directly inform me about what happens in our planet, but anyone can achieve that consciousness if they want.

You just need to turn on the television and see the news which talk about assassinations, wars, disunion, of nonsense that lead us to commit each more acts against life, then we will realize if we are able to keep living this way or if we decide to make a bigger effort so that everything can change.

It is not about if one wishes to excel spiritually anymore, like one could have thought, it is not. In this moment we have to excel spiritually, connect ourselves with our heart, with our wisdom and with the universe to act within true love or else maybe tomorrow a disaster or an act of violence can reach us.

It is sad for us to be forced to think in those levels, but it is time to make a stop, of taking out that love and wisdom which will stop whatever is happening and that can affect ourselves, people that are close to us or our friends.

The capability to cherish everything

Let us remember that, as always, in this task we have the Masters of Wisdom and the universe on our side, besides we live in a planet full of beautiful things that each second they speak about the commitment that each of us has towards the happiness of the others.

We can all give strength to each other, the required support so we can be able to continue walking and not stop before this challenge. We can all contribute for our world to come out of that darkness that wants to surround us. It is time to question ourselves of what are we capable of giving to increase the level of Love that circulates through our house, city or country.

Let us seek this year to achieve being united in happiness, in love, in complete harmony, in cherishing each second, in cherishing the day we wake up, in cherishing what we eat, what we live, the people we see. To cherish everything.

Let us always try to feel all that energy and Love that the universe gives us in each moment, when the Sun is out, when the Moon is out, when the stars are out, to feel all the beautiful things that we receive in each moment. This is the way to acknowledge that we must be capable of cherishing everything so we can, at the same time, be capable of transmitting it and for others to be capable of feeling it as well.

It is time to live strong and to know that each day we did what we could for this planet, for our brothers, for our family, for us. We do not know how much time we have left ahead, but whatever we have left to live it has to be in the right way. None of us is able to know how many years we have left, but we are able to decide how happy we want to be.


Flora Rocha

Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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