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Sunsets, a party of colors

The magic that is reflected in the sky at the moment we admire them leaves an energy print very deep in our being, which will keep nourishing our soul and spirit to help us to feel more and to fill us with Love

Many wonders exist in our world that in many occasions pass by unknown. One of them is the beautiful gift that Mother Earth gives us each day, that show that she offers with each sunset.

The magic of nature is reflected in each stroke by the Sun when hiding, moment when a magic of colors and beauty is created that is impossible to reproduce in a picture or to describe with words.

Even so, I will use words to be able to speak of the benefits that we all obtain with the sole fact of being able to dedicate 5 minutes to admire this show.

The magic that is reflected in the sky at the moment that we admire it is such, that it leaves an energy print so deep in our being that if we know how to feel it and direct it towards what we most need, we will be creating an enormous wellbeing to our surrounding.

The setting of the Sun is the moment in which the energy of the day starts to give entrance to the energy of the night, by which our bodies start automatically to change of state: from an alert state to a more relaxed one.

This is why in that moment it is necessary to give a little bit of time for our body to receive this transition in the most beautiful way, admiring a sunset and letting our eyes take the message to each corner of our body, a message of Love and Beauty.

A door to the universe

For some of our ancestors the sunsets were a sacred moment of the day in which the energy of the Light was seen off and they welcomed the stars and the Universe.

A very wise and loving Man told me once that the sunset was a moment in which our Father Sun opened the doors of the sky for us so that we could see it and so, admire the beauty of the Moon, the stars, which would lead us to remember how immense is God and ourselves by being created by Him.

Without a doubt these words left a profound print in me and made me discover that in reality each sunset is the opportunity to see the precise moment in which the Sun, when hiding, opens the door of the sky and lets go of the flashes and colors of God to open the path for the night

In that moment an opportunity to wonder ourselves is given to us with our universe, in addition, it is when the Sun leaves us an energy so special and unique that only through the admiration towards the sunset we are able to cherish and understand.

Each show that our world and its nature gives us is capable of moving so much in our hearts and in our energy that we do not have to let go of that opportunities to learn to cherish more our environment and our own nature as humans.

We have to remember that we come and are a creation of that same thing that has created such spectacles, therefore we are equally beautiful and we have to try for that beauty to come out of our being in the most beautiful way, which is giving love to others and to all.

Minutes of immense connection

To cherish for 5 minutes our sunsets gives us the opportunity of having a moment with what surrounds us, with ourselves. In this way we will be helping our body, which through our eyes will receive the most beautiful message that can only be transmitted with sensations and emotions, but not with words.

In those minutes, this immensely beautiful energy generated in our being, will slowly keep nourishing our soul and our spirit to help us feel more and to fill with Love those holes of obscurity,  sadness and anger that affect us so much physically, mentally and spiritually.

As utopist as this may sound, it is a reality, and to prove it the only thing we need to do is to sit for 5 minutes on each sunset of our city and enjoy them the most we can. Nothing can be lost, and there is indeed very much that can be gained…    

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation



A Thought for the Day...

“The beautiful face of

a child is the expression

of Love and Hope without

limits, without fears,

only Love

Flora Rocha

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