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Let us help Tibet


Let us help Tibet!

This is the moment to put a stop to egoism and ignorance. Please, we need to support our Tibetan brothers and lamas to continue with their Mission, the Mission of balance for Mother Earth…

It is very sad and heartbreaking to see what’s happening with the Tibetans and the lamas. It’s incredible that China keeps torturing them in this way over the years with nobody doing anything against it.

The countries of the First World that are able and have the power to act in its defence don’t even pay little attention to the maximum injustice that these wise persons are suffering day by day.

The question many of us are asking is: Why is China so interested in a poor country without any resources? Only the lamas and China have this answer, however we, as their brothers, should and have the obligation to help them the same way they help us.

The help they give us is enormous and infinite and it is directed to our planet, and consequently, to each inhabitant of this planet.

They dedicate their life to praying and activating the sacred energies of our Mother Earth.

I have had the opportunity to be close to them and to realize about the incredible Love and Wisdom they have for each aspect of this society and for all humans. They spend every second of their life to help with their prayers, chants and rituals. Their compassion and tolerance are infinite, and we have not cherished them.

Their Mission is to give us Love and help to maintain a balance in this planet as they have done it for centuries, and of course that the lovely Dalai Lama is the guide for all the ones who decide to act with Love, Tolerance and Compassion.

For dark and evil beings his presence is unpleasant because they know about the positive influence and love that he brings to people. Therefore that obscurity tries to delete the traces and the presence of beings that only fight for the Love and Peace of this planet.

This is the moment

I think we humans should all ask ourselves: What is the real reason of this repression and injustice? The answer will be easy if we ask this to our heart.

This is the moment to put a stop to egoism and ignorance. Please, we need to support our Tibetan brothers and lamas to continue with their Mission, the Mission of balance for this Mother Earth…

It’s in our hands and in our hearts, let’s join this noble cause and we will ensure the continuation of life in this planet…


Flora Rocha

Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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 We unify our voice for their Liberation…

Some members of Wisdom of the Heart Foundation have wished to leave their testimony and feeling about the situation the lamas and Tibetan citizens are suffering at this moment:

I have faith that someday the beings that govern the world will have the wisdom and love that the Dalai Lama has, who is against violence. Let’s rescue the teachings that the Masters of Light and Love left us to create a planet full of love and happiness. As brothers no one should cause pain to others and even less to try to violate their rights and life.  As humanity we have to defend without violence, but to strongly ask the Chinese government to respect the rights, and above all the life of our Tibetan bothers.

We will always support the Dalai Lama and the lamas!

María Guadalupe Pérez Domínguez

From the deepest of my heart I send to my brothers the Tibetan lamas my energy of Love, Understanding and unconditional support. I ask God Light to cover and protect us in this moment so difficult that, even though the situation in Tibet is already several decades out of control, now it has become completely outrageous.

After all that our Master and Guide Dalai Lama has given to this planet, the least we can do is to unify and to let us be felt in prayer, and whoever feels spreading it, the truth in Tibet.

Juan Equiz

If you have asked yourself who is the Dalai Lama, this is the moment to know that he is all love, compassion, tolerance and peace, and that it’s time to feel with the heart that the time has come that we are able to decide to support him in his non violent search for the liberation of his people, of our Tibetan brothers and lamas who have only given love to everything and to everyone. Today is the moment to know that it’s not possible to believe that the news is telling us that everything is in order, when we feel this is not true.  Let the union of everybody who wants to see a country of lamas free of violations and abuse be today.

Marisela Buelna

In this era where the Light should shine more than ever we see again that the negative beings try to stop what’s unmistakable, the force of love and wisdom, attacking and repressing the lamas, perfect models of a sovereign attitude.

The triumph of the truth is here and now. Let’s not allow the truth to be deformed and let’s unite in attitudes and prayers to avoid that the dark and diverted forces affect these beings of light. Let’s open our lips and manifest the indignation that this crime causes us. Let’s pray, but let’s also boycott all that comes from these terrible attitudes, supporting the real Chinese wisdom and dismissing patterns that manipulate and obligate men to keep away from their real divine nature.

Beloved lamas, from the deepest of our hearts, we are and we will be always with you, as by doing so we recognize our origin and mission.

Alfonso Álvarez Bañuelos

It’s very sad to see all that our brothers lamas, Tibetans and our great Master Dalai Lama are going through, although what we see on television and in the press is minimum, compared to the Chinese tortures to the Tibetans.  Unfortunately this is not new, they have been already in this suffering for 49 years. Even so, they give us the example of what are love, tolerance and compassion.

This is why I make a calling to your heart to unify in a single force, in prayers of love, protection and light to help the lamas, Tibetans and the Dalai Lama to retrieve the sacred earth that belongs to them and so to be able to accomplish their beautiful mission. Let’s remember that the union makes the force. Let’s bring out that strength of love and wisdom of our hearts, let’s give it to our brothers and let’s show them that: Yes it’s possible!!!

Vicky Rosales

All of us that suffer these days from the sad events in Tibet: let’s always remember the great message of peace, tolerance and compassion of the Dalai Lama. Don’t let negative and violent feelings take possession of our hearts, not even as an answer to oppression. In this way we will not renounce to fight for our ideals, but we will rather be using the most powerful weapon that exists: LOVE.

Awake your heart; shake all the indifference that is accumulated in it. Do not forget to remember yourself that the lamas are noble souls that dedicate all their life to you. The least we can do to thank them for their dedication and love, is to stay close to them with our hearts, to pray that the heart of the Chinese governors can open for the light and refrain forever from any kind of violence against Tibet and our beloved Lamas.

Mario Varrica

What’s happening in Tibet is like a nightmare, something that should never have happened. It’s incredible that the Love represented in these beings is being attacked in such a cruel and unpunished way. Although we would like to be near them to defend them against the aggressions, we cannot, but what we can do is to send them all our Love and gratitude for all what they have done and are doing for us every second. With these words I give them all my heart and protection wishing that soon it will all just be a nightmare that never should have happened.

Eva Rocha

Screams of pain, anguish and desperation are being heard from Tibet, the brave Tibetan people have been submitted to the most cruel torture and repression. Voices asking for Freedom, Justice and Help are being heard.  The beautiful lamas and the Dalai Lama represent the light, love and hope. He is the light that guides us in this Earth.

I unify my heart with my lama brothers and the Tibetan people, and with my prayers I give them my love, my strength, my support and my light. The lamas are the Soul of this Mother Earth. I pray and beg that their light shines forever and that they can keep accomplishing their sacred mission of Love. Light, strength, love, and protection to my lama brothers, they are not alone. All my support my lama brothers!  

Salvador Trujillo

Thank you for allowing your Heart to open and feel the message of the Masters as it is, a wonderful reality that will bring us to the complete fulfilment as beings of Light, Love and Happiness. At these moments very regrettable events are taking place which need Force, Light and Love. I know that all united we are able to help our Tibetan brothers, like they always unconditionally have helped every being of this beautiful Blue Planet, especially all humanity.

You will say “How?” With all your Heart, with prayers, through art and even in your daily feeling, orating and giving to them. To feel and visualize that all we are creating reaches with such a force and in the shape of light, that it will give them Light, Love and, above all, the Peace and Protection for them and their families they are asking for so much at the same moment you are reading this petition. Thank you very much again.

Iván Méndez




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