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The Law of Love


To begin to apply this universal law it is necessary to be aware of our acts so that each of them can really come from the manifestation of this feeling


The main law of God and of the Universe is Love, it is the most important law because the rest of the laws that are positive derive from it as well as the ones that help us have an evolution and a complete development of our bodies and of our feelings.


When we apply this law in life it is how we self-help ourselves to develop as people and spirit, because if you have love towards all things and if you have love in your life it is because you will also have it for yourself, you will take care of yourself.


For instance, you will think about your astral body and you will try to give the required food to it, by which you will be enriching your spiritual part with the beautiful things of the universe. 


All of this is derived from love, because if you do not love something, you will never be able to give the required strength and protection to it.


Moreover, it is the law that is followed by all our brothers that come from the other planets that are evolved and by all the Masters of Universal Wisdom.


That is why they come here, to teach us through their actions, which is the main rule. The only thing they do is give us love, keep watching us, trying to help us with the paths that are not noticed. All of this through the ways of respect and without violating any kind of law.


They try to help us without transgressing our life leading us to have a happy existence and the only way for us to do it is to apply this law, because the majority of us are not much aware of it.



A wonderful change


It is important for each of us to develop the love that we have within and all the things that live in our interior and that we do not take out. We only express love towards our family or to what is convenient for us to love, but not towards everything in general.


Once we are able to develop it towards all the aspects, it is when we will notice a wonderful change.  


Many people talk about other laws, but they are not very useful if you do not understand and expand the application of the law of love.




How to amplify love


The main thing is to have awareness of your actions and realizing how many of them are made with love and how many are not.


It all must have a balance; you must see if your life is ruled by love, how much you love your family, the ones that are around you, and mainly yourself.


It is to seek for the answers within ourselves, to ask yourself what is love for you and each one of us will have an answer. Love is what each of us feels it is.


And the main way to apply it is seeking that answer and that motive and reason to leave it in your life. 


When you really get to know yourself and love yourself with true love, then you will have the power to give true love to the other people and in accordance with this you are going to be opening more ways of happiness for you and for all. 

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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A Thought for the Day...

“The beautiful face of

a child is the expression

of Love and Hope without

limits, without fears,

only Love

Flora Rocha

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