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The earth claims our love

Earth claims our love!

In the universe it is seen as one of the most beautiful planets, and even though we have forgotten that she is our Mother we still have time to make her feel all that is in our heart for her

Even though Mother Earth gave us life and all the conditions so we could grow and develop, what we have given lately in exchange are huge mistreats provoked because we have stopped feeling her with our heart.

Earth now feels very sad and she is dying due to everything that is happening. This is why we need to acknowledge that we are in a beautiful place that needs our protection.

Even the Masters of Wisdom see her as one of the most beautiful planets in the universe, but we have not stopped to perceive it with the eyes of the heart and that is why we have come to this point of almost destroying her.

Earth is a place that contains things that we do not even imagine, she keeps for us incredible and beautiful surprises and each of us should have the faculty of knowing them.

As the Masters say, we are living here, but in a limited way because for instance, we see you studying how animals move, their organization, their habitat, the same thing with plants or with the elements, but we do not have a consciousness of heart to really see what is around us. We have not seen how do animals feel, as well as with plants and nature, we do not know what is their world.

We do not have the slightest idea of the true way of life of nature, for example of the sea world, which is unbelievably beautiful. Marine biologists or oceanographers know that it is incredible and know “all” there is, but what they know is not even the beginning of “ALL” what in reality it contains.

We have much more to discover on Earth and doing so we are going to acknowledge the limitless love and respect that we have maintained asleep, but that we truly feel in our heart for her and that is going to help her so she can recover.

A piece of advice, before reading this text the best thing to do is to come in touch with an element of nature, like lighting up an incense, a candle, touch water or a plant, because you will have a different vision of what is being explained here, because when you touch an element the energy of Earth activates. It is like speaking the same language and understanding not only words, but rather what is beyond them. 

Besides the ecologist thinking

It is true that lately we have seen a more ecologist posture reflected in the media, trying for people to be more concerned about the planet, but that is too little compared to what we must do.

Talking to my Master, a being of great wisdom and love called Nintan, I told him that there are many projects in favor to the planet by ecologists groups and that this could generate a positive change, although he has explained the following:

“That help is too little, even though there is diffusion and marketing of creating a consciousness saying “do not litter” or “do not  use products that will damage the planet”, etc,. it is not enough.

It is like saying to a little boy “ do not step here or do not do this”, he is not going to obey, he is going to keep doing it even though you say not to, why? Because for a real change to be made and for all to know why is it that you do not have to litter, etc,. you need to learn who you are damaging.

“Generally you see that you are harming a mass of matter, which is the planet, but you are not watching that you are harming a living being. Even if it is a huge matter, it is has life, an own personality, its own feelings and you have not seen her this way.

The majority of your ancestors did see her in this way, they had a profound respect for your planet, but throughout time you have forgotten it and you do not want to realize that you are harming your own mother.

“It is very difficult what I am about to say, but in reality it is like this, it is as if in this moment you were spitting on your mother and throwing wastes over her, it is as if you were opening her entrails to insert cancer and diseases into her. Imagine what that would be.    

“This is how you must see your Mother Earth, because this is what you are doing to her. You are mutilating her little by little; you are harming her because you have closed all her important senses. You do not hear the crying of Earth, but we do hear it and it is very sad , very painful.

“It is a crying of pain, but not because of the physical pain that she suffers, but rather for the pain that she feels that her own sons are the ones that are harming her”.

Let us feed her with love

All the people in the world have the great task to awaken; it is time to worry about the terrible things that are happening to our Mother Earth.

in the past days my Master told me that, beyond any scientific explanation that you could give, the fact that there are eruptions from volcanoes and earthquakes is because something is happening with the planet.

So we can understand it better, it is as if one person is suffering much stress and has a deficient diet, this will reflect immediately on his body, his skin will begin to crack. It is the same thing that is happening with Earth due to the food she receives. The food that we give her are our actions, and what are we giving her?

The Masters say that unfortunately in this planet there are very few people that wake up to give love to Earth, that kiss her, that say to her what one would say to a mother, “I love you very much, thank you for everything that you give me”.

There are not many either, that throughout the day treat a part of her good, like nature. All of this would be good food for Earth.

 Instead we are actually only giving her problems, concerns and contamination of other type, negativity that when it is received it provokes for her matter to respond, even when she does not want to. It is like when we feel a sting of an insect on the arm and we instinctively try to get rid of it from our body.

An inclination with great significance

To achieve this necessary change we can start with the smallest things, with giving her more love. A way that we can transmit this love to Earth is adopting postures that we see in some religions, like leaning with the palm of your hands and your head towards the floor. This, although it is interpreted as a veneration to a god, in reality it is much more than this.

The purpose of this position which is adopted to start the day is to salute and give love to Mother Earth, it is to give her care and gratitude for being here.

When doing this inclination we achieve for our very important channels that we have on the palm of our hands and on our forehead, to enter in contact with the planet, not with what there is on the surface, like its layers, but rather with the energy of Earth, with her heart. 

Simply by doing this, we will open our channels to receive the energy that Earth sends us, which is the type of love that only a mother can give to a son.

When we receive this, we will have the certainty that everything that we do that day will be impregnated by that beautiful feeling. If we pray or meditate after having saluting Earth, we will achieve to do it in a higher level and with a closer conjunction to this planet, which will also help her.

In addition, we will immediately notice its effect and even our dreams will be clearer and we will remember the encounters that we have with our angels and Masters.

With this salutation we reactivate our energy, which is necessary so that when we return from the astral level to the physical one, we will have the necessary energy to link together both feelings.

If our physical body only nourishes from food, it will not have the precise energy to know what the astral body does. This is why when we activate that consciousness through the communication with the elements we achieve to conjugate both bodies and we remember our dreams.

It is easy to realize this, for instance, if we someday manage to remember a dream, we only have to remember and see that the day before we surely were near a plant, the sea, countryside, using fire or water and we will realize that this sparkle of remembering a dream was thanks to the help of one of the four elements.

Our ancestors respected her

The cultures of the past had a huge veneration and love for this planet, they really cared for it. Now we are doing the opposite.

But we can change and to do so it is possible to begin by little things like that salutation that we were talking about, that is not hard and that means so much. With the simple fact of thanking our Mother Earth and telling her all what our heart feels for her, we will receive a great benefit and Mother Earth will too.

We can start also to take once more the importance of the four elements, like our ancestors did. It is transcendental, because by approaching them we are communication with Earth, we are giving her what is necessary for her to be able to come out and fight against everything we are doing. 

Master Nintan told me recently that they saw with much sadness and pain how in a place of Middle East there was a kind of cavern where they heard the pain of Mother Earth.

When something like this happens, the Masters that are in the planet go to these sites; he told me that the great cavern was in reality a sacred site recognized from the past by several civilizations that lived there, and also that it was one of the places to be able to enter the center of the Earth.

So for them it was very sad to enter and to perceive that different members of the government were there before, trying to know the secrets of our ancestors, but not only that, but rather tried to drill its walls to be able to get to the center.

When they did this they harmed Earth very much, they harmed that so important communication channel that goes to the heart of our Mother, and because they could not be able to enter they left something that harmed her even more.

The representatives of the governments know in a way that they are not welcome because they do not arrive with their heart, they do not do it to really help, but rather with the intention of having more power. They do not want their heart to tell them that Earth is alive, that they are hurting her, even though they do feel it.

Even though they feel it, their ambition is stronger, so what they did in the cavern was to leave a chemical weapon so that it could contaminate everything and to leave the whole place in a terrible condition.  The idea was for the toxic chemical to enter the entrails of the planet to damage them as a vengeance because they could not get to the center of the planet. They simply left that artifact with the purpose of harming her.

Master Nintancito told me this very sadly. He went to that place and saw how Earth was suffering. Together with other Masters had to make a huge ritual to try in some way to take away all what it had so that this venom could not get to places where it could really damage her forever.

What is found in the interior of Earth?

There are many theories that talk about what this planet is compounded of, like saying that in its center you find magma that nourishes the planet through the layers, but for the Masters it is not so and some people of the Earth have proven it.

Many centuries ago a person in Italia was very intrigued to know how was the planet conformed. He dedicated his life to see what was in the interior of Earth. He entered by caves and caverns, but never found the answer.  

However, almost at the end of his life he said: “God, I have not achieved to find what I want because what is inside is more important than what is outside, I know this. My life is going to end and the only thing that is left is to ask to Earth itself to see if she responds to me”.

This man laid on the ground of the woods, facing down, with his arms and legs stretched out and began to speak to Earth, but at the same time he fell asleep.

It was then when he “dreamt” that he was taken by the hand by a very, very beautiful lady to a fantastic place where a ball of energy was found. She then said to him:

This is what our great Mother has within. She has a place for all of you, for all those that with their hearts want to enter within her, because it is there where you are going to find what you are looking for”.

In that moment that man got so frightened and happy at the same time that he woke up, and when he did he saw the beautiful lady that he just dreamt about.

Who are you? Are you the lady of my dreams? He asked her.

She answered:

“Yes, I am the lady that was in your dream. But I am also your mother, your mother Earth, and I want you to know that inside of me there are many things that all of you have to fight to go in and know them someday”.

Even though he saw her he thought that she was somewhat crazy by thinking that she was Earth. But he felt in within his heart that it was true and he dedicated himself to create a theory that said that this planet was hollow and that the next generations were meant to be able to get in and discover the wonders that withholds the interior of the planet.

But scientists of that time denied this, that Earth was not hollow, but rather it was solid and that it was impenetrable. Until this day it is still said that it is impossible to get very far because of the rather high temperatures that magma has.

Masters say that it is not so, that we need to go back and consider the theory of that Italian scientist, that we need to worry about achieving a communication with Earth to be able to know what in reality she contains within, and not settling with what we know externally.

Of course that to be able to get to the internal part we need to appreciate and cherish what is outside, because there is no other way that we will ever see what is inside.

The aura of Earth

If we analyze the different religions and philosophies, we will see how the enlighten beings are covered by a light around them. All the beings that have left something good for this planet are represented with that light.

But in reality we all have that energy; it is a part of us. The same thing happens with Earth, which in her case it is known as atmosphere.

When a person is sick, his energy or aura is minimum because he has a kind of hole. This is what happens with our planet. Its energy is completely damaged, perforated. The ozone layer is bombed by all sides and it is about to extinguish.  

The beautiful thing is that this layer can be nourished and it can be regenerated; but only with the LOVE of all of us, only we are capable of doing something for Earth by means of the four elements.  

We must not forget that in this very moment Earth, our Mother, is going through a lot of pain. This is why the Masters of the Universe are worried for us to take consciousness as soon as possible.

But they hope for it to be a real consciousness, not of mind. Because it is useless for us to be very ecological and be recycling, if in reality we do not control as well what we think and feel.

Do you feel emptiness within?

The majority of the inhabitants of the planet always feel emptiness within. Even those who say they are happy because they have it all, like a good family, aid actions towards others or spiritual satisfaction, they will feel that something is missing and it will be in this way until they can be reunited with the elementals and with Earth.

We will always feel that something is missing and it will be just that, the approach with our Mother Earth.

It is very difficult for the Masters to come and say to us about the importance of the four elements and of Earth, we have to discover it by ourselves, it will be then when we will fill that emptiness because we will become the fifth element.

It is up to us to do it, it is up to us to get close to her heart and say to her with all our love:

“Dear Mother, recover all your sacred strength, we are together in this battle of love and we will achieve once more to be as one, with the grace and magic of the four elements. Remember that I love you and that each day I will show it to you with my actions and my feelings”.

Then will Earth know that her sons have not forgotten her, that we still respect her and that at last we have awakened to really feel her as what she is, our Mother Earth.

Flora Rocha

Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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