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The Reality of the Soul Mate


The Reality of the Soul Mate

One of the topics that captivate us is related to the other part of our being, because it is something that makes us dream and imagine a happiness that we all deserve to have

Love is what makes us live, laugh and bless all what is around us, this is why all beings wish to experience it in all its manifestations, like the love of a couple among them. It is the same in all the universe, each soul has its counterpart that makes it feel complete and that makes it vibrate with indescribable feelings.

All of us, without exception, have that special someone that awaits for us but it is very important for us to know that nobody can tell us where it is or who it is. That is a mission that only our heart can achieve, only he is able to answer if that person for which we fell in love with is truly our other half.

Whenever we feel this uncertainty, the best thing to do is to talk with ourselves and with our angel about it, which can help us find the answer. It is the only way in which we are going to let flow from our being the certainty that if it is an experienced feeling or if we are dealing with the great, unique and true love.

In the following we will present some of the questions that you have sent us about this topic, from which surely we will talk about in the short future.

Could it be that my soul mate lives in another city or country?

Yes, usually soul mates are born far away from each other, geographically speaking. This is because when they are born they decide this in order to make the union even more special. The reason is that they hope to be reunited again once each of them has achieved their evolution separately.

And so, they will find each other once their paths and the own energy unites them. This is why it is important to remember that almost never he will be near you, that usually he will live in another place and for some circumstances your lives will come across, whenever it is necessary.

What happens if one is already married, with a formed family and all of a sudden finds his soul mate?

When a person is already married and has his family complete and finds his soul mate, from that moment on that person changes, he will never be the same. If you found your soul mate and your married, you care for your couple, and have children, but you run into that person, your energy will change immediately. All within you will transform itself. And it is not necessary for you to have physical contact, because even so the connection is made.

Your soul mate can leave, but you will not be the same, your way of thinking and feeling will be different. Especially if you assimilated who it truly was, you will no longer be able to be happy in your house. But the next step is a decision that only corresponds to you. You must know what to do, to stay home or to go with your soul mate?

When you have children you think that it is best to renounce to true love for them, but when the parents are united and that great love does not exist, you can harm the life of your children. You might think that you are giving a good example to your children, that you care for your couple and that apparently you are good, but there is something else, an education that goes beyond and that also is given to the children, which is your happiness, your inner being. That is what your children need to be raised properly, not appearances or the fear for what other people say.

This is why it is so important to meditate very good before we get married, we must do it only if we are sure of heart that we are about to get married with our true soul mate. If not, it is best to keep asking for our soul mate to come to our life and be patient.


Is the soul mate always the opposite sex?

It could be, even if you like a woman may think it could be a man, it could be another woman or vice versa. This would be like this if in your essence you have in a way contemplated the possibility that it is so.

We must have very clear that “soul mate” doesn’t mean man woman, no it’s a very delicate topic, but also very important, that the masters are very interested that we understand: we are not two sexes. We are three, man, woman, and triad, which is the union of the three sexes. But we will talk more about this later, because it’s something that requires profundity.

For this is that the triad man will have for a soul mate a man, if his destiny and God made this way, same is for the triad woman, all of us since we are born we all ready have the definition of whom our soul mate is  and what the sex will be.

In any case, will always know that is the person that corresponds to us, and that it will be perfect and ideal for us...

Flora Rocha

Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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