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Fantasy as a reality


Fantasy as a reality

We live surrounded by signs that we must decipher to understand very important parts of our being, of our essence, of our unique and true happiness

Fantasy is, in most cases, our best ally to find the way towards reality, towards that truth that we all want to know and discover.

Because of this, the easiest way to explain things to ourselves is to simply let ourselves to be taken away by that which provides us true happiness, without considering if it is a fantasy or a reality, because the only reality is that which our heart makes us feel.

Unfortunately among us, a shadow exists which impedes us to see what and who we really are.  In this way, we believe that all which we see in tales like dwarfs, Pegasus, angels, etc., are just characters that are part of fantasy.

We forget that in our childhood all these beings helped us to be happy, for instance, to think that in a certain moment we were going to have in our house a fat man, dressed in red, to give us presents that were made by his little elves.

Now, all of this seems to us like a fantasy that made us believe in and that when we grew up we were able to see that it was just a beautiful and ordinary tale, that as grownups we must wake up and separate them from reality.

But this is a mistake because when we do so we are leaving a part of our essence as universal beings. We just need to look up to the sky thoroughly and think if we have been living in a fantasy or in reality, and after this reflection we need to try to go back to live in our childhood.


The wonders that surround us

Our world is full of wonders, wonders that are almost completely ignored but that live and exist within the most beautiful corners of Earth.

This beautiful planet is not only what we see, it is much more than we imagine, it really is the Mother of all the things that exist within her, therefore she is our great Mother which provides us with what is necessary to live.

It is easy to perceive how our Earth, as any other being, has life and feelings like all creations of God.

If we see her matter with other eyes, we will realize that in reality within her center inhabit the most beautiful wonders and spectacles of love of an infinite beauty. They are worlds conformed by perfect beings of their interior and exterior.

The records of their existence is found since thousands and thousands of years ago through the vestiges of the great civilizations, you just need to investigate a little and see it with the eyes of the heart, and so you will see that if you erase the word “myth” or “legend” you will be in front of what is a reality.



To solve enigmas

This is only a part of how much we have not wanted to see around us, but it is time for us to realize that many signs exist that we have not been able to find, but that we feel they are out there.

They are signs that we must decipher in order to understand very important parts of our being, our essence, our unique and true happiness.

This other meaning that our existence has, and that has been ignored, is the one that makes us feel that some enigmas are an important part of our life and that we have to find the way that can lead us towards its solution.

Many times these ways are located near us or go by our side, but due to our truly unawareness we let them go by.

This is why it is important for us to awake in ourselves that conscience that will lead us to decipher the wonders that exist and one of the ways is to try to see everything with our heart to remove from everything the labels of “fantasy” and “reality”.

In this way we will realize that we have been living surrounded by lights and love that come from wonderful beings, of sounds that have gone imperceptible to us and of mysteries that now we will find them as realities that will guide us in our life.      

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation



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“The beautiful face of

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Flora Rocha

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