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We are energy

To perceive our energy is one way to start to know ourselves better, of reactivating our power and to awake and sharpen our senses

It may not sound new to affirm that "We are energy", but if we look within this definition for its more universal sense, we will see that for the Masters energy is love and we are that. So it is time for us to recognize that when we decide that we are energy it is because we are love.

In addition, whenever we start to recognize our own energy we are going to recognize ourselves. But not only we are energy all which is around us is energy represented by different manifestations and we all have the capability to see it.

For instance, some may have heard about the aura, which is nothing else but the energy that all the beings of the universe have and that we must learn how to feel it and some day to distinguish it.

Let us recognize our energy

It is very important to recognize the energy that we have in our physical and spiritual body, although we are unable to see it, because when we try to perceive it we begin to activate it in our being.

In that moment all our senses begin to activate as well as our mind and our heart. It is an awakening, and we even begin to have more power, to feel better in all the aspects, to feel more, to hear better, to see better. It is a big change.

A daily exercise which is very simple and that can help us to start to recognize it is:

·  To rub our hands against each other to open the energy channels.

·  To ask for the energy of the cosmos, to take it with our hands and to conjugate it with our own energy.

·  To do so we need to put our hands through all our body, it is like picking up our energy to unite it with the energy of the universe.

·  Once we feel they are one, we can even program it and send it back to the universe directing it towards wherever is needed the most at the time.

In this exercise we can take the energy of our plexus, which is a center full of energy from which we can handle it and take it out.

When we do this we are sending it, but we need to be careful when we take it out, because it is sacred, it must be liberated with a purpose, for example to help the people who need it.

It is also vital that when we do it to ask for the guidance of our heart and for the protection of our angel, because both of them are going to take us through wherever we must go.


Our power centers

It is also important for us to know that we have a power center where we generally receive energy, emotions, sensations and feelings, and it is in our plexus.

At a physical level we can locate it at the diaphragm, but in our astral body we really have it in a big sphere which receives energy.

We all have different energy centers, which are the so called chakras, magical zones of our essence.

By means of them we take energy and, even though it is considered that we receive the majority of energy through the crown chakra, it is not always like this. Depending on how is our body, because it keeps changing.

If we received energy through our crown chakra yesterday, maybe today we are going to receive it through our heart or by the so called root chakra, we have different centers and depending on how is our body, our heart and our emotions, it is how we are going to receive the energy.

But wherever it is received it immediately travels to our sphere of power which concentrates in that part and it begins to work to distribute it to all our body.

Strength and protection

The center which is located in the plexus is very important, because it is also of protection. For instance, when we are frightened or when we receive bad news, we immediately feel it in the area of our stomach.

We receive the impact in that energy center. Afterwards, when the plexus has felt the clash of energies, it begins to send energy to all our being.

In addition, when we take energy it is deposited in our plexus, by which it is a very strong place. That is why there are special positions to take out and send energy from this center.

It is important to stand out that this energy is very sacred, because you move magical forces which are powers to give to others and vice versa.

So whenever we want to use and activate energy, we must thank all our body and this center in particular.             

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation




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