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Awake your potential

Awake your potential

We Latin-Americans are the descendants of great civilizations respectful of life, but this reality has been distorted with an opposite version that has stopped us from bringing out all of our strength and wisdom

"Why is it said that we have a great energy and great potential, however very few bring out that strength and projection of the true being that we are in reality?", I asked my Master Nintancito speaking of the Latin-American inhabitants.

Overall what worries me is the perception that many have of us as uncivilized people, going nowhere and violent, characteristics that many affirm belonged to our roots.

My Master responded to me that exactly what limits us so much to posses what we should have as a country and as people, is the bad information that has been given to us of who our ancestors were…

Nintancito with his great wisdom and love explained to me that it has affected a great deal the development of us as Mexicans in particular, and of the Latin-Americans in general, by telling us that our people were warriors, savages and that they made human sacrifices out of superstition to achieve great crops.

It is that so mistaken and distorted perception of the reality what has been limiting us to really develop our essence, that beautiful and wise essence that lives in each one of the Latin-Americans

Even if this seems that it can’t damage us at all, it’s affecting us because it is a reality that all America is living, it is an energy in which we are all submerged, even without having consciousness of it.

And what is most sad is that most of us today don’t cherish that spiritual richness and we even come to discriminate our own brothers, indigenous descendants of these cultures.

Let us recover our strength

Maybe there are many that really feel that we weren’t the way that they have taught us, but they find that the official version sustains these "stories" that in some point were created with political purposes.

The truth is that we were never violent; we were never warriors out of anxiety for power like they want to describe us. We were never bloody persons that killed others to offer them to the gods.

Those are things that have been inculcated to us through all this time and that have been limiting our action, our true strength. This is why the Masters of Wisdom are so concerned that these teachings keep on being spread.

They don’t say that they are precisely negative or bad, because they don’t use those terms, but rather they say that they are distorted teachings that we have taken with the mind and they have affected us so we can’t see the truth that lives in our heart.

That reality speaks to us about the rituals of the Aztecs, Mayas, Incas, Quechuas, Mapuches, etcetera, yes, but that they were of complete love and respect towards nature and towards all living beings.

Our ancestors achieved what we now consider great technological advances because they lived in connection with their heart which is the energy that creates.

Each second was an offering, but made of positive actions and full of energy so that the universe could continue with its balance.

Unfortunately, only a few of the direct descendants of these beautiful beings continue to preserve their traditions, since the majority was obligated to leave them and to spread amongst them a transformed version of whom had been their parents and grandparents.

But in a part of our essence that truth has stayed recorded that truth that no book, film or story could ever defeat.

That is why the Masters feel anxious for us to know who we really were, who we are and who we are going to be. All that depends on us, it is in us.

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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Flora Rocha

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