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How to protect our children?


We as parents are interested in find the way to help our kids to become a good person, and there are many things that we should know in order to let them keep their connection with their wisdom


One of the important things that we could do to protect our children is to receive them in this Earth in connection with nature, with the four elements of nature, like crystals quartz, so they won’t come to a world totally different from the wonderful place they comes from.


Babies being in the wound are still in their real world, connected with the universe. Then, when these beings is going to be born, one of the first strong chocks of energy is the place of birth.


In the first place, the hospital is a space full of vibrations of heavy energies, and generally there is not one protection, not one good energy like the one of the four elements. so you receive him in a space that has a totally dense energy, which provokes an energetic shock, because they come from a magical world.


From there babies loose part of their connection, and there’s nothing that it can be done, for it is so important that as a parent you try to take care of certain details in the place where your baby is going to be born.


For example, ask the medical staff to authorize or the hospital so you can give your baby at least a small light and he wont loose all his connection.



Make them see the real world


From there on, once babies are born, is important not to focus them only on the physical things, in to material things, and let them see what they have to see, don’t make them focus on objects.


For example, babies seem to be always observing things, but it’s not really like that, better said, they see beyond, the contour, the energy, but adults obligate them to focus in what they want them to see.


There they start to loose their connection with that subtle part, they start seeing more the physical part and to loose their connection with the wisdom, with the universal, and that is so very bad (to know more we recommend to read “How to guide our children”).


It’s also important the environment of the house, that love be present, harmony, the example that is received from parents is fundamental.


Los padres son la mejor guía


Love them!


Mothers have so much to give and transmit them, like give them a lot of love, guide them to the four elements of nature.


Above all, treat them with much love and tenderness; give them a lot of kisses, hugs, teach them and give them things of love, of energy, to know that a hugs is like a ritual of energy, a kiss is a ritual of energy.


As long as you give these demonstrations of love and tenderness to your sons/daughters, more you are making them to connect with those subtle frequencies of love.


On the contrary, when one least does it, then more will they keep away from what is real. Not to mention all the distractions there are that can take that connection with their heart and their wisdom, and at least we must try for the family to reinforce them.


Even many, unfortunately, will start to forget why? Just by being on this planet, in this frequency, then generally is for the best, that they forget certain things, but they can discover little by little everything and they can start to reconnect with what they really need. Here is where you need to guide them in a harmonious environment.


After, by means of meditation or the four elements you can ask these energies to help, to make you feel how to act, for example when saying: “At this moment, my son what does he need? What can I do so he can get close to nature? Or for him not to loose his essence?”.


Then you’ll receive some kind of signals from the universe and from your angel, the ones that will guide you even more in the way to educate and guide him to his real wisdom.



Can the nourishment help them?


Between the things we can do or not do, are that is preferable not to give them meat to eat when they are little, we must wait a little for them to ask for what they want.


Many times by being in this frequency of earth, also for protection and body strength, they might need some food with meat. But children are so wise that they will be telling you their requirements.


But if meat is not given and they have complete and healthy nourishment, with vegetables, fruits, whole grains, cheeses, then they are well helped, since these facilitates them to develop that subtle part of their essence.


If they eat the meat of any animal it will influence and block them, not precisely block everything, but it will a part of their wisdom.


Children can eat meat, because many times parents eat meat, but one of the ways to influence less in their spiritual development and connection is to eat natural things that will make the baby to contra react the effect of the heavy energy of meat.

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation




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“The beautiful face of

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Flora Rocha

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