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Clouds, Messengers from the Sky

Our ancestors knew that by looking up they would find the answers they were looking for, now it is our turn to recover that wisdom of the universe

Each step, each passage is a teaching and proof of the infinity of the Universe and of God. Our pace is a continuous move on towards a place that many of us think is unknown, but that has a great and divine purpose.

To find this significance is possible with just only considering the clues that our surrounding gives us in each step. By perceiving them we will be capable to distinguish in some moment what our path really is. Above all, we could know where is our life headed to and, thus, which is our Mission.

Those clues are in everything that surrounds us, they are symbols that for each being have a unique and definite significance for our existence. These clues are found in infinite elements and they have as a purpose to participate in that ¨aid¨ that will guide us to keep on through the correct trail of our Mission. One of those elements are the beautiful clouds.

The clouds manifest themselves in the sky with their never ending come and go movement, creating an unlimited series of symbols and shapes that for each person will have a special significance.

In reality they are always showing us one more clue that will help in a conscious or unconscious way to distinguish in what moment or state we are in that path.

Or maybe they are just simply looking to fill us of hope and faith with the love that the manifestation of their beauty produces in us by seeing them.

It’s only precise to stop a moment to give time to a moment of connection with what is sublime and, if we are capable to appreciate that beauty so pure, we will then achieve one step further towards the truth of our being and of our spirit. A step that could determine the course of our life and decision making, an element that will define where will our path take us. 


Let’s seek their guide

Forever the sky has filled us with guidance with the sun, the stars, the comets, the clouds, and the rain. All of them bring us gifts that unfortunately pass by unnoticed and ignored.

Few people notice that these elements of nature leave us symbols that, if they were taken with the heart, they would help us answer what doesn’t have an answer, to feel what we refuse to believe, to live with the sureness of our pace.

For this remember that just as our wise brother ancestors left it written; ¨ the answer to all our existence is in the sky with its infinite manifestations”…

Let’s not forget that if we think we are lost or with uncertainty to where our life is headed, we only need to look up to that immense sky that by the clues and symbols reflected in its clouds, sun, moon or stars is trying to remember us that the infinite exists.

They’re the reminder that we are part of it. It’s very important not to forget this because this will also help us to open the doors of our heart, which is the one that keeps all the wisdom.

By doing so we will achieve that every shape that we can distinguish in a cloud will reveal to us a special message from God and his universe: The key of the infinite happiness…

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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A Thought for the Day...

“The beautiful face of

a child is the expression

of Love and Hope without

limits, without fears,

only Love

Flora Rocha

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