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Liberate your anger without harm

Liberate your anger without harming

Yelling, hitting or sending bad thoughts can feel as a good relief for anger, but there is only one positive way to do it damaging neither others nor ourselves

Almost everybody at least in a moment of our life we have come to feel annoyance for some reason, but at the same time we do not want to manifest negative emotions, then, which is the best way to relieve ourselves without causing damages?

First we have to remember something which is basic and very important, everything is energy and it has a shape, so any word, thought or fact will acquire a shape.

For example, when we say to someone “I love you”, we are immediately liberating a positive energy, of love, which goes towards where the other things of love are deposited and acquires a beautiful shape that helps this planet.

But the same will happen whenever we send energy which is not so good or positive.

This is because all our actions and thoughts have energy definitions which in a way help us or damage us in our life.

When a negative emotion comes to us and it wants to dominate us it is because we have forgotten how to listen to our heart, because no feeling is negative and we will never feel from our heart to hit somebody.

If we are angry against someone it is not something that comes from our inner being, but rather from our conscious personality.

Us sleeping, in our astral essence we do not have resentments against anyone because we are pure beings which come from God and God does not feel anger against anything. The one that keeps all the bad energies is our physical shape, the mind.


The relief of taking it out

Then we can think of this that we have to be very careful not only with not saying negative things, but also not to feel them, although it really is worse when we try to keep it because it is a low energy which reflects in our energy as a larva.

It is better to take out what we feel in a calm way and trying to control at all time what we say or do, but asking at all time for the help of the four elements.

We have to say to them that we want to talk to somebody and they are going to guide us to express ourselves without taking out something against whoever we feel are guilty of our anger.

But the best thing to do is to try for our negative thoughts to keep decreasing each day, to increase our manifestations of love, care and respect towards others.


Offsetting negativity

Whenever we feel great anger and we think that we cannot avoid it, we at least have to try not to manifest how angry we are.

But if we do not bear enough and we have already said or done something negative, then the best thing to do is to speak with our angel, with our Master and with God and ask for forgiveness or whatever we feel to ask for the energy so dense that we have just taken out.

In addition, we must offset the negative energy with something that can equal what we did.

For instance, apologizing to whoever we harmed. If you cannot do it with the same person, then take out something good from within and offer it saying something like:

“This which I am doing is done with my heart and with all my love to offset the bad that I have done”.

You will immediately be programming those words so that they can follow that bad energy and erase it or transform it into something positive.

Something else that can be done when you feel like anger is winning, is to feel all the bad things that are happening in the world and to be conscious that with a feeling of anger we are going to add something more.

Hit after hit?

There are some people that think they can liberate their anger by hitting something, like a pillow and that in this way they are relieving themselves without harming anyone, but this is not true.

Anything that we take out in a way of anger or rage it will harm because we cannot control that energy and it will go.

Then it will occur what we said at the beginning, this anger that we have just taken out in a way of a punch will turn into a new creation of ours which will gather up with all the other negative energies that other people have generated.


The great method

The best way to calm ourselves when we feel anger or frustration is to take it out with the four elements:

First, you take one of the four elements, the one you feel like holding or the one that is closest, for example water.

You let water run and you put in your hands, you start to feel its energy and to speak to those beings saying to them what you feel, for instance: “I feel this negative emotion, I want you to help me take out all this energy so that I do not harm anyone…”.

In that moment the elementals of water will act in all our body, they will enter and will begin to transform that negative energy into something positive. The same will happen if we use the other elements, fire, earth or wind.

When we use the energy of the four elements after a while, the first thing that happens is that our energy calms down, because when we are angry it is shaking and we can even notice it in our physical body.

Once they have balanced our energy, they begin to calm our physical body and our mind.

This process takes a while, but it is very beautiful because it is a way to take out any negative emotion that we have without contamination our environment.

Engraved in our heart

Since we are born, we all already have that valuable information in our being, for example when we feel bad because of something we go and wash our face or take a bath because we experience that need to come close to the four elements so that they can help us to assimilate what is happening to us and to clean what we are suffering.

Our heart is the one that tells us to do it.

Even if we want to use this technique with a child who is feeling anger it is very valid. You can take them to have a bath, but before you must say to him that you are going to put him in water so that he can feel better, this way he will prepare himself from his inner being.

Also with wind we can do it without realizing it, but still we can make good use of it. For instance, when we breathe we have to immediately ask God to give us through that means the energy that will liberate our anger at the moment when we take out the air that we have inhaled.                                     

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation



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