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The Christmas Tree and its origin

The pine tree, its ornaments and colorful lights are more than simple Christmas decorations, because they function as a channel for the energy of the universe, and they also help us make our wishes come true

The Christmas tree has as its main function to be a receiving antenna of all those energies and positive emotions that are generated in the world.

By being a direct part of Mother Earth it has the great capability of attracting to itself all of that which by nature belongs to it and at the same time to distribute it to us.

But for our Christmas tree to be able to generate and attract these energies it is necessary for us to speak to it and welcome it to our side and to our family, because for some time it will be part of it.

When doing this we establish a sort of communication in which we will ask it to be the bridge for all of that which our lives need.

This does not mean that it will be a good luck charm which will make our wishes come true, but it will be the connection of our home – and thus, of those who live in it-, with the universe and the love that is generated in the whole world, which should flood us with a great positive energy that will help us have the strength to make our wishes come true. 

Its magical selection

If we decide to buy a Christmas tree it is highly advisable for it to be a natural one and to be selected with much care, since we should find the one that very justly belongs to us, although it is pretty sure that it selected us first.

There has to be some connection with it from the first moment, since we are talking about a being of Nature which as the same as we do, has life and a mission to fulfill, and this way we will help it to fulfill it.

Most of the small trees, when being adorned, have a star or an adornment placed on the top. It is very important that when we are placing this piece we try to leave the natural tip of the small tree free, that it is not covered completely, since this could stop it from receiving energy, and thus would start to dry up prematurely and would affect its reception.

Once we take it home, we also have to be careful on the selected decorations, because they symbolize all those things which will come to our life for next year.

This is why it is important that at the moment that we place them, we have to try to do it with all our family because they symbolize the wishes of wellbeing and happiness for each one, which makes our wishes to stay in the Christmas tree and through it they will travel the Universe.

Another aspect that we have to take into account is the decoration star that we place on the top of the Christmas tree, because we have to try that the natural tip of the tree stays free, we have to try for it to not be completely covered because this will stop it from receiving energy, and there for it will start to dry up in a premature way.

Fruit as a Christmas ornament

One of the past traditions that has been somewhat lost is the one of placing fruits on the Christmas tree, fruits like: apples, oranges, pears, etc., as if they where Christmas ornaments, and this is how they really appeared.

When placing them it is important first, to program them with all of our wishes of love, because the Christmas tree will immediately start to channel to the fruit all that pure energy that it receives from the universe.

The ritual ends on the night of the 24th or in the morning of the 25th, when we have to eat them to nourish ourselves with that beautiful energy of love which will turn into strength to make our wishes come true and to receive the coming year with a special energy.

It is as if God and all the beings that are around us are giving us their love and strength.

The Christmas lights are also a very important part, since they represent the light and presence of the elements of Nature: the varieties of colors symbolize each one of the four elements (water, earth, wind, and fire).

The 4 elements are part of all that surrounds us, including ourselves, this is why it is always necessary to be in full conscious contact with them in each thing we do. When they are present in our Christmas tree, they will be present in our home and in our life.

An energy bath

Most of us accustom to put the gifts under the Christmas tree, and we do it somewhat unconsciously, but in reality there is much more to it.

When doing so, all of the gifts are bathed with the energy that is constantly being generated by the Christmas tree, filling them with love and placing a special light on each gift that will accompany the person that receives it forever.

Another advantage of having a Christmas tree is that it acts as a purifier of our home and us. Depending on how much our home needs it, the Christmas tree will emanate every so often an energy of its own being, in the way of aroma which acts as an equalizer for our bodies as well as for our home.

For example, if any tense situation arises that could harm the harmony of the home, most assuredly, the tree immediately will disperse its nice aroma, and this can be easily tested.

Truly, these beautiful brothers are beings that have a life, and that just like us, were created with a mission to fulfill. This is why those trees that were planted for Christmas await with great happiness to fulfill the mission of giving us more love, harmony and happiness.

It is important for us not to forget that they mean much more than just a simple Christmas decoration...

Flora Rocha

Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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