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¡Feliz Navidad a todos!

The meaning of the Christmas Nativity

The Nativity that we place in our home reminds us that we will newly have the opportunity to show our true essence to others and to ourselves

Another of the fundamental elements during these seasons is without a doubt “The nativity”, although it is linked to a religious festivity it is also important for all those who celebrate the arrival of Jesus to Earth.

The representation of his birth is included among the traditions that were inherited from our ancestors, which now is part of the celebrations of this season.

The presence of the nativity within our homes is very important because besides representing the birth of baby Jesus, it also symbolizes a new life that will come to us, a change which offers us the opportunity of “being born again” in love and wisdom.

It is not necessary to select the most expensive or the most beautiful nativity, since we only have to remember its significance to be able to know that, whichever material it is made of, its value will be established by us, for which it results necessary to feel its importance in all of its magnitude.

It is meant to bring consciousness to our hearts that God will be born again in us and us with Him, giving us once more the opportunity to show our love and wisdom and to forget resentment and bitterness that keep us away from love.

With your family

The most appropriate spot to place our nativity is under or beside the Christmas tree, since both are energy complements, because the Christmas tree is somehow the antenna that is connected to the universe and the nativity represents the rebirth of the Creator and of us, his creation.

At the moment that each piece of the nativity is being placed, it is necessary to do it the same as with the Christmas tree, in the presence of the entire family,

We have to try for each member to participate in the great wonder of recognizing that once again we will have the opportunity to show our true essence to others and to ourselves.

This helps us to live the great meaning of Christmas, which reminds us at the same time that we also are born again by way of the birth of Jesus.

When we have finished putting all of the pieces in their place it is important to understand what it is that we want of ourselves when we are reborn, since having the opportunity of mending our errors each year is one of the greatest gifts that we receive during these festivities.


Flora Rocha

Wisdom of the Heart Foundation 




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