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History of the Christmas Eve Flower (Poinsettia)

At the beginning this flower was not appreciated, regardless of all the love it gave to everything, until God helped it become into the symbol of the rebirth of love and hope

Sometime ago a very special being with much wisdom and love told me this beautiful story when I asked him about the significance of the Christmas Eve flower, (Poinsettia):

“When God created Nature on Mother Earth, he asked the plants to create their best flowers to give them to the world and that each should pick a season of the year for their birth. He also requested them to always give to anyone who took them in their hands and in their life, their best: beauty, love, harmony, and wisdom.”

“ One day God saw that one plant in particular, from the moment of its birth, gave all what was most sacred which was within its essence, with the purpose of being chosen by humans to bring to their lives the beauty, love, harmony, and wisdom that its creator had given it as a mission.

“But as as much as this plant tried hard to be picked, no one stood before it to admire it. No one appreciated it because its flower was very small, and its leaves too big.

“This saddened the plant; however it always gave its purest energy and fought to be happy even when no human wanted it.


“When God saw this he went to the plant and said to it:

“I see that you're a very beautiful plant, and that you do your mission with much love even though your beauty is not appreciated, and this makes you sad; However you fight to be happy, until you succeed by giving your unconditional love to your brothers because you know they need it.

“That is why I give you my blood, pure essence and I deposit it into your leaves transforming them into the most beautiful red, and changing you because of your love and wisdom, into the most beautiful flower during the most important season on this Earth.

“You will be the representative of love and divine essence of the universe”.

From that moment on the plant with the small flowers and large leaves was transformed into the beautiful Christmas Eve flower, making it the most representative of the rebirth of love and hope on this planet and on the whole universe.

Now it is welcomed by humans each year within their homes, succeeding in this way for this beautiful flower to fulfill the mission of bringing: beauty, love, wisdom, and harmony to the lives of all people on earth.

And so, the Christmas Eve flower (poinsettia) fulfills the mission that God left with his blood in its leaves: to give love and hope to all beings.

Flora Rocha

Wisdom of the Heart Foundation 



A Thought for the Day...

“The beautiful face of

a child is the expression

of Love and Hope without

limits, without fears,

only Love

Flora Rocha

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