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Special thanks!


I thanks with all my heart to all of those beautiful persons that by seeking answers, wanting to answer your unease or simply trying to confirm your own steps towards your spiritual and personal evolution, with the guide of the heart or of destiny you’ve come up to us, the Wisdom of the Heart Foundation.


Our planet, our surroundings and our society are going thru in which the guide of the Heart and our Wisdom is almost null.


Our children and our youngsters are being motivated in a very mistakable way and are been directed to a far away path from their true essence and we can palpate, feel, since in their faces you can see a somewhat of sadness, uncertainty and fear.


In their yet existing cosmic essence the force exists that is been contained with out been used or developed do to the thousands of distractions that only take them away from the beautiful reality.


To them they have showed only a surrounding full of wars, hate, death, destruction, family disintegrates, drugs, that makes them in an unconscious form create a barrier of coldness to their family and in general to everything…



However, us the adults, we have a great responsibility with our future and our future are our children and youngsters, so if we are able to find the answers that we need and the connection with our heart and wisdom, then thru our example and guide their path will be much easier. They could at that moment feel that the confusion that they have inherit from us doesn’t exist, and it will be when our legacy will change for one full of love, respect, faith, and hope…


Is because of this that I’m profoundly gratefully to all of you that visit this Web and to those that somehow are integrated to this Foundation, which has as a purpose precisely to provide a little faith and hope to who knows that exists much more than what we believe we know and with that feeling he or she dedicates to seek answers.


Thanks to you we can, if we all can get together in one voice, find the strength to fill this planet with light, it doesn’t matter the religion, creed, or believes, EVERYONE the beings of this earth seek and yearn for one thing and that is LOVE…



We are at the exact moment to make a difference before it’s too late, and the beauty of it all is that the perfection of our creation has fulfilled us of help and clues to achieve it.


December is filled with that force that we need to achieve it ones and for all discover our inside, our being that’s afraid of our in communication with him, awaits patiently to be discover so he can finally manifest its greatness and love towards the Whole…


At this moment the beautiful things, that still remain, will grow in Love thru the Beautiful energy that this unique month brings to us.


For some December could be a motive of sadness, for other of joy, nevertheless for EVERYONE is full of great surprises that are only waiting to be discovered to fill us with Light and Happiness.




I will try to express in this month part of that guide to feel even more what we are receiving in each day of this month that, without any doubt, will help us to prepare us to receive the new energy of the New Year filled of light, inner peace and exterior and, above all, with the certainty that we are making and giving something valuable for our planet and its well being.


Just to remember and valuate that we are the model of those that have the future in their hands it should give us the necessary strength to battle against the ignorance of our true being. Then we could find that so yearned for that will guarantee us that with our ingredient will achieve to give a dignified example and a future full of Love in wish our children will remember us with pride, following the guide of their own hearts that in the beginning will be guided by us.



Our Angels, Masters and brothers of the universe are here to help us in this Mission for a better future… so let’s permit that the force of our being will be the guide and creator of each step and action taken, like this will be able to connect with the Greatness of our beautiful month of December and of those beings of Light and Love that are here just to give us a message of love from the Universe…


Thanks, than, to all and everyone that reads these lines for your Love, Support and Faith by being in the search or confirmation of the reality.

A Thought for the Day...

“The beautiful face of

a child is the expression

of Love and Hope without

limits, without fears,

only Love

Flora Rocha

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