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“Soon will arrive the day in which the spirits of beautiful humans will understand their path of love and unite in one only, and when that day is here there will be no more limits. There will be only love and justice for the child, woman and man of this beautiful Mother Earth. So be it…,” Master Nintancito


I. BACKGROUND: From chaos to harmony

It is very sad to wake up each morning, with the majority of news being negative, discouraging and in some cases as extreme as those which demonstrate the lack of love between brothers. There is no doubt that our planet is in the climax of a great crisis, attacked by individual crisis, crisis between religions, economic, political and social crises within the countries and between countries.

But without a doubt the most discouraging is the crisis that our mistaken actions have caused to our planet, which is our only home and the one that provides us with all the necessary to live, to exist, and to evolve. We have created such an imbalance in Her ecosystems that we are suffering the consequences that we will not be able to solve.

Man’s ignorance towards himself and towards his adequate position of the role that he has in this planet, has made him think that he is all powerful, that he is the owner of whatever is around him and of what he has, moreover, the absolute right to manipulate it with the sole objective of gaining power and material wealth.

Fortunately even as we stand before the chaos and the darkness of this view, there are encouraging rays of light that illuminate the uncertain future of humanity and of the planet, giving in this way to all its inhabitants the faith and hope of being able to turn this planet into a vibrant and healthy world, ruled only by just laws of man, but above all things by the universal law of Love.

Those rays of light, those factors of change are in our hearts engraved as wisdom codes, just as our genetic codes are in our cells but with the great advantage of being the ones that keep our own wonderful accumulated wisdom throughout our individual ancestral history, of our peculiar learning.

The other rays of light that illuminate the foggy view are those beings of great wisdom, love and kindness that always have guided the development and blossoming of the universal cultures and that fortunately throughout our history they have continued guiding us in a loving and respectful way, as the great Masters of Wisdom that they are.



The primordial objective of Wisdom of the Heart Foundation is to facilitate the opportunity for each of us to find true happiness as individuals and at the same time to help make the ones that surround us happy, in an authentic coexistence of perfect harmony, respect and tolerance with our equals as well as with each member of the planet.

All of this will be possible through the recognition and application of the ancestral wisdom engraved in our hearts, as well as the experiences and knowledge from the several ancient cultures that have populated the Earth, which have been left as a heritage for our development, blossoming and  evolution.




One of the main goals of the foundation is to maintain online a web page on the Internet, which is the first impression of the Wisdom of the Heart Foundation, as well as its main source of massive information of worldwide coverage.

In it, the mission of the Foundation is presented; there will be shown a list of activities, projects in process, announcements of publications, as well as themes of interest for the visitors. The webpage is dynamically in an updating process of enrichment.

At the moment it is already available at or and can be read in Spanish, English, Italian, and Dutch.


The most important figure of the mission of Wisdom of the Heart Foundation is undoubtedly the Center of Reeducation. This will be a space that can be attended by all the people that have a need in any aspect, by those who recognize that they have a problem, that they lack something, those who feel and can bravely say "I need help and guidance, I want to change".

Then, the opportune help of the facilitators, who have had similar experiences and have surpassed them with the knowledge of our ancestors and the wisdom of their heart, will guide them. To achieve this, nothing will be imposed, rather they will be driven towards finding their own inner guidance, where they can be capable of finding the answers that their own wisdom will dictate them.

This guide that is offered will be totally under the precepts of the knowledge given by the Masters that have instructed the members of the Wisdom of the Heart Foundation. 

In these centers there will also be forums where people will be able to present their problems, doubts and concerns related to the manifestations of their internal being, their vocation, their artistic passions; of all that which leads to the development of the spirit and the feelings not manifested.

In these forums there will be multidisciplinary conferences offered, where in complete liberty they can expose their problems and concerns, everybody can discover and define the manifestations of their own inner being, which will allow the attendants to identify their personal mission.

Some of the subjects would be the following:

  • All the manifestations of Art
  • Meditation
  • The four elements
  • Quartz crystals
  • Elimination of egos
  • Identification with the environment
  • Study of the knowledge of the ancient cultures
  • Protection and handling of energies within the house and workplace
  • Preparation of food for our physical, astral and spiritual body

The centers will be free, so that all types of people, without distinction of nationality, education, gender, economic position, etc., can feel free to attend without fear or distrust.

Why will they be free? It is important to recover confidence and faith in people. Usually humans are distrustful, because our formation has caused for our mind to be always alert and to reject the help that some stranger may want to offer us. It is necessary to recover that lost trust, it is primordial to demonstrate that not all seek the own benefit.

The creation of these centers will take place in all the countries, because everywhere there is somebody needing help and somebody willing to give it. There are not up until now territorial limits because our Heart is one and our needs and concerns are the same, not mattering the race.

The objective of these centers is not to substitute or to replace religions, psychological therapies or schools. The only purpose is to awaken in each one, by themselves, our wisdom and thus be able to wonder ourselves before our creation. In the centers no type of leadership will exist because we already have enough of that in all the different aspects of our life.


One of the main goals to achieve in the Wisdom of the Heart Foundation is to break the barriers of limitation in all senses: interracial, geographic, cultural, idiomatic, ideological, religious, commercial and social differences in the entire planet.

Possibly it may sound utopist, but if we consider that the concept of INFINITY is one of the main characteristics and policies of our Foundation, and at the same time we bond it to the other fundamental characteristic of or Foundation, LOVE, we will then have the perfect and powerful binomial to achieve to overcome all these challenges.

Once we have been convinced that as human beings we are more than what they taught us, that we do not have limits nor barriers, that we are united to the universe and that we have been created under a universal law of love, then we will be able to do anything, no matter how difficult it seems.

This infinite love is a whole that will open for us all the doors to turn that supposed utopia into a wonderful reality. We have to open our heart and break the limits between the heart and our mind. 

In order to achieve this, it is primeval to establish NETWORKS of connection on a global level in:

  • North America (the USA and Canada)
  • México and Central America
  • South America
  • United Kingdom
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • The Middle East
  • Africa
  • The Australian Continent

These networks in their ideal or final phase will have to include the following members:

a). - Facilitators

These will be individuals that have felt the calling of their heart and will be in charge to promote the mission of the Foundation, to do operative activities and to canalize the concerns of those interested towards the Reencounter Centers. They will also be able to integrate groups of volunteers.

b). - Agents

These people of recognized professionalism, honesty and efficiency, will look for the means and resources necessary to carry out the projects of the Foundation in each ones field and country. For example, to find publishers for books and magazines, corporations interested in making films or programs for TV with themes of Wisdom of the Heart, to promote in the companies the adoption of the concept company-social-ethical-, etc.

 There could be several types of agents who according to their functions could be the following:

·         General agent, (Foundation’s image)

·         Agents for written material

·         Agents for conferences and lessons

·         Agents for network setups in different countries

·         Agents for the creation of the Reencounter Centers

·         Agents for the creation of volunteer groups

c). - Translators

To achieve the concept of infinity of the Foundation, it is necessary to offer to all the worldwide communities the writings in their own languages, by which it is necessary to count on a team of translators that, with a developed Wisdom of their Hearts, they will allow us to take writings to the people of those countries that will preserve their original sense. They will also help in the updating process of the webpage.

It will be necessary to locate specialists who fill out a profile of identity with the mission of Wisdom of the Heart, to do aid tasks of extreme importance to fulfill the objectives of our Foundation. Among others we could mention editors, scriptwriters, producers, designers, publicists, consultants, diplomats, etc.



An important goal will be to promote and cause the unification and congregation of all the foundations, organizations, diverse types of associations and institutions, as well as individuals that are identified in a common ground: to maintain alive and well our planet, and for all the inhabitants of the realms can live freely and harmoniously in an environment of balance, respect and tolerance.

This will be achieved by unifying them by the law of love, which will allow this energy of love-wisdom to flow without barriers nor interferences of any kind by space and by all the directions of the infinite universe, from which we are a chain-links.

These several organizations belong to the following fundamental activities:

  • Science and technology
  • Media
  • Education
  • Health
  • Fight Against poverty and Inequality
  • Preservation of the Environment
  • Art
  • Spirituality
  • Religion
  • Human rights
  • Animal Protection
  • Protection  and rights for the education for children
  • Economics



Without doubt, one of the main causes of the overexploitation of the natural resources, of the detriment of the environment and of the imbalance in economics, food and health of most of the population, has been caused by the eagerness for excessive profit, for financial power, which is translated to an insatiable need for prime product that the great transnational companies require to cover the demand of an ever greater market, in a minority consumer society of the rich developed countries.

The above confirms a generalized lack of ethics in these corporations, on the one side not respecting a point of balance and harmony in the exploitation of the natural resources, particularly in the non renewable, hurting its sustainability; and on the other hand, when breaking the balance in the renewal resources, forcing to get to deadly traps.

Because of the above mentioned it is of vital importance to convince these companies, small and big, that they are making a mistake of irreversible consequences, and therefore it is necessary that they become aware of this situation and they adopt corporative practices based on ethics, and love and manifest a respect, as much for the nature that provides them with their prime product, as for the consumers who acquire their goods.

We must remember that the ultimate purpose of the people who consume and buy products from the several companies is to feel better or it is to feel happy because they satisfied their hunger, because they dressed their body, because mainly they received a service provided with quality and with much love.

This should cause a great reflection within the corporations and institutions that provide services and sell products, that maybe they are not only going to receive money for their services and merchandise but that they will receive gratefulness, collect that love and that joy that is caused in the people who consume their products

And if we add to this that people will recognize and discover that this one offered him a product with love and quality, then people will feel happy knowing that part of their money that he used to buy a product or service will be destined to a noble cause, for something that can provoke brotherhood and the help between all the other beings.

When achieving this benefit and equality for society a great benefit is achieved and this is not only a success for the company, but rather more importantly a success for the person, who starts to redefine himself as a being that unites with others for the solution of the justice for people..

In conclusion, we have to promote that the companies adopt a social focus, of sentiment, of human focus, the one of love and connection. It is meant for them to convince their clients that in addition of offering them a products, a satisfier, they are collaborating in complicity with them to create a better world.



Another of the important goals of Wisdom of the Heart Foundation is that of managing to rescue and incorporate to our everyday routine, the great cultural inheritances of the past that are the treasures of wisdom of our old countries. This wisdom is scattered throughout different nations of the world, where a part of our history as universal beings is deposited, and the vestiges of what was a wonderful past is now forgotten.

The challenge to achieve this objective is to continue with the visits to those sacred places and, with the guide of the Masters of Wisdom, to continue compiling this information at least until we have completed the rescue of the knowledge of the main cultures of humanity

We will have to emphasized in taking once more the knowledge, the familiarness and the use of the four elements: water, wind, fire and earth, givers of life, strength and wisdom, which will connect us automatically with nature.

Once this is obtained, that information will have to be systemized in such a way that it can be classified to be able to be divulged and, more importantly, to be able to apply it to the reality of this present world without lessening the present scientific and technological advances.


This last goal is first in importance, it is the substance, the heart, the soul, the spirit of the mission of Wisdom of the Heart Foundation, and it is all this, because it is the Universal Cosmic Wisdom, it is the knowledge received through the education that lovingly and for so long has been given to us by our beloved Masters of Wisdom.

In this case we cannot set specific goals because the knowledge is infinite like the heart of God, but the great challenge is to compile, to classify and to systemize these teachings to be able to capture them so that they may serve as inspiration and guide for each of the inhabitants of this wonderful planet in which we have the privilege to live.


To be able to reach the goals mentioned in the previous chapter it will be necessary to carry out a series of actions and activities that we can synthesize as the following:

·          To spread the knowledge through the webpage

·          Publication of papers, books and articles

·          Conferences, workshops and forums

·          Radio programs and interviews

·          Film production

·          Production of programs for TV for public of different ages

·          Production of artistic spectacles (festivals, plays and expositions)

·          Field trips to study sacred places

All these activities will be generated and produced specifically with the teachings of the Masters of Wisdom and will have as fundamental objective to stimulate and to arise the memory of the Wisdom contained in our Hearts, which will allow us to become aware of our inner being, and therefore to discover the wonders of our planet and of the universe.



0.- Constitution of the Wisdom of the Heart Foundation, a nonprofit organization.

1.- The continuous updating of our Internet web page

2.- Publication in English of Flora Rocha´s “Wisdom of the Heart” book, published by Editorial Diana of Mexico.

3.- Accomplishment of ours first feature film.

4.- Establishment of the first Center of Re-education.

5.- Rescue of the knowledge of the main cultures of the ancient humanity

6.- To know and take advantage of the 4 elements, life givers.

7.- Promotional tour.

8.- Development of the program “Let us live in wisdom, Let’s unite in


9.- Nature: Loving it as our true home.


The Wisdom of the Heart Foundation is an organization that was born with the purpose to provide to each person of this planet the hope for a better world, a world of wisdom and love. An ambitious, utopist project some people might think, but that nevertheless has become a beautiful reality in a small scale, that will turn itself into a medium reality until it becomes a great reality.

At the moment we can mention the following achievements:

- Our Foundation has been constituted already in a civil association with non profit goals, registered within the juridical-legal frame which gives it the prerogatives of the law to achieve the objectives for what it was created.

- We already have a web page on the internet that is the first impression of Wisdom of the Heart Foundation, as well as its main image and massive source of information with worldwide coverage. This website can be read in four languages in or

- Two different editions of the book “Wisdom of the Heart” by Flora Rocha have been published in Spanish by Editorial Diana, Mexico.

- We count with this document of Great Vision which proposes sequential development towards the accomplishment of the objectives of this Foundation and which is the guide to reach the projected goals.

Another of the advances and maybe one of the most important one is the positive change that all these teachings have caused among people who have read the books, entered the web page, those that have attended our conferences. This shows us that by opening our hearts, feeling love, joy and happiness; we can achieve all the things that we set ourselves to do and to recover that paradise that we so much long for.



Personal message from Flora Rocha:

I have acquired this wonderful experience of 17 years of learning and study thanks to the guidance of the beautiful beings of great wisdom, I have lived it very closely with my family and with a very reduced number of people identified and immersed in this same teaching that have encouraged me and offered all their support to constitute this Foundation, a nonprofit organization, with the purpose of disclosing to all the world the Wisdom of the Heart.

All of them also have helped financially to arrive at the advanced point where we are now. Nevertheless we have exhausted even the last of our monetary possibilities, and to be able to continue with this titanic task, we are in the need of economic aid of all those people, companies and institutions that believe and feel in their hearts that it is important to go ahead with this mission that can only be continued with their financial and material support.

Our expectations as a Foundation are many. All of them are based in love and equality, as with the respect for our Mother Earth and all its inhabitants.

I thank with all the strength of my heart the consideration that it will be given to these proposals and for the help that can be achieved with it. This gratitude is not only in my behalf, but rather from Masters of Love and Wisdom as well that will see their effort and Love transformed –thanks to the help of everyone- into facts that will take us to unite in a single commandment of Love and respect.

 And we also give our gratitude to all those persons that long for Peace and a just treatment on the part of their governments and brothers; to all those people who are waiting for a sign of hope to continue living in a world of conflict.

This project and Foundation are for all the children, adults and seniors who want happiness, justice, equality, Love and everything that as universal beings we deserve.


Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation




A Thought for the Day...

“The beautiful face of

a child is the expression

of Love and Hope without

limits, without fears,

only Love

Flora Rocha

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