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Reception and Usage of Energies

When we give energy we are giving Gods little seed in our step in a way of divine sparkles, which we receive directly from our Father.

We, the beings that inhabit this universe, are constantly receiving energy from the universe, which nourishes our bodies. It’s a natural process; however we must have conscious of some important aspects so we can take it better.

The different energies are overall captured at night and after midnight. At night we receive it not with much interference from 22:00 hours, but before midnight, meanwhile the ones after midnight, the best ones are the ones that come between 5:00 and 6:00 hours.

To receive them we sit as comfortable as we possibly can, to think and to imagine that we open a great path directly from the cosmos to our heart, and that beautiful pathway comes our house of love: the Universe.

We can imagine that the path has the most beautiful golden color or the most sublime blue because in a first face it will be something created by our mind.

But as we practice, little by little it will be real, in the true image of that bridge. Than it will not be just a fantasy of our mind, it will be a beautiful a real path.

In that moment we could see how those different energies come and get mixed with our heart and body, and when we receive them we give each one their functions

For example some of them will go to the heart, other ones to a specific part of the body or to our mind. The important will be to direct them where we think and feel they are necessary to distribute them right to each part of our being.

Also we must make a conversion of energies and to see how we receive them from the cosmos, at the same time we give to the universe our energy. With this exchange we get rid of the “dirty” energy and we will be ready to receive that pure energy from God, that comes to our body to clean it.

Energy as a Gift

And so, this new energy will give us peace and love that we will give away in all of what is created by God: our human brothers, animals and vegetables, etc, because we all need to give love as well as understanding.

By this, we are leaving the little and beautiful seed of God in our path transform into divine sparkles that we will be receiving directly from our Father and from our Big Brothers from the Universe.

What is more important is to know how to do it and to learn how to give that energy we have received and that we can’t and shouldn’t reserve it only for ourselves.

We must liberate that energy received so we can keep on receiving it. On a contrary case we would have an accumulation of energy unused. Therefore we could be so full
of energy that we wouldn't be able of receiving the wonders from God and the cosmos, until we distribute it.

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation





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“The beautiful face of

a child is the expression

of Love and Hope without

limits, without fears,

only Love

Flora Rocha

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