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What are the Astral Voyages

 What are the Astral Voyages?

The astral body is the one in charge of handling all our emotions and feelings and makes a perfect balance with the physical body between what is material and what is spiritual

Although we all have astral voyages, many of us ignore its meaning and what it consists in, without being aware that thanks to them we nourish a very important part of our being.

Besides having the physical body, we have other vehicles, among them the ethereal vehicle which also is considered by some people like the spiritual body.

The astral body is the one that all of us who belong to the cosmos have, and in reality it is not just spirit. It has a defined shape after the fourth dimension, in which its appearance is almost physical, touchable, which can be touched as easily as we touch our body in the third dimension.

When we are in our astral body, as it happens in most of our dreams, this helps us to penetrate within our true home: the cosmos.

Balance between our physical and spiritual body

It is important that in the same way that people carry out activities to have their organs working in a proper and healthy way, they should put attention to their astral body.

The astral body is the one in charge of handling all our emotions and feelings, thus making a perfect balance with the physical body between what is matter and what is spiritual.

The astral part of our being has as much or even more activity than the physical part, although only in some cases because it will depend on the emotional state in which we are found.

For example, the physical body develops its activities within our consciousness, which is when we are awake, whereas the astral body does it while we sleep, in a subconscious level.

In this way our dreams are images that are captured by our conscious and our subconscious, in which there is a union of images or experiences of both levels. Through them it is how our true feelings and thoughts arise.

More than simple dreams

Most of the times, the astral voyages are usually taken as simple dreams due to our lack of information about them. But all of us have had a dream that is so real that we have thought that it was true.

Some are about voyages to strange places, others deal with the visit to relatives who are far away or that have passed away, and there are also dreams about flying over waters, fields or cities. These “dreams” that the majority of us have had are not dreams, they are astral voyages.

But generally these happen in the following way: when we sleep, the physical body relaxes and it enters into a stage in which both bodies form a union with the energy of both.

In that moment both bodies give out freedom and free will, and it is then when the astral body is set to leave from the physical body to fulfill its activities.

The tasks of the astral body only get to an end after the death of the physical body, where the complete activity of the true body comes into place, which is the astral body. It is the one we use anywhere in the cosmos, since our physical body only can be used it within this dimension in which our Mother Earth is found.

The silver thread

When the astral body leaves, it continues linked to our physical body through an energy of a gold-silver color that exists between both, which can never be separated since it represents life.

When the astral part is out it dedicates to carry out proper activities of the heart, of joy, love and happiness. Thus, it is very probable that our beautiful dreams are rather beautiful realities of an astral voyage, which can only be deciphered by us.

These astral voyages also can be done voluntarily; we can direct them according to our conscious states. This could seem a little difficult, but it is not so, only will and certain discipline is required.

By means of them we will be able to know different aspects from our past, present and future life.

 In fact the advantages of the astral voyages are many, since if we manage to become completely aware of our daily acts, we can also try to have consciousness of our astral activities.

Flora Rocha

Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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