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The Relativity of Time

The Relativity of Time

Our ancestors considered time as the opportunity to learn from each moment and to give all that their being and heart gave them to share, never as a limit

Time is perhaps one of the most difficult things to define, probably because of the different concepts that each one of us have.

It is something that we can feel that lives in and among all of us that populate this place. But for others it means the passage of life or the course of evolution.

The fact is that an exact concept of time does not exist, since it is only a kind of ghost or executioner that we have created to limit our being and our behavior.

It is like a kind of justification to our good or bad acts; a type of salvation for some or of perdition for others, although in fact it is only a limitation of being and doing.

A connection with evolution

This concept which we have inherited generation after generation, in the times of splendor of our ancestors it did not mean what it does today.

For the ancient civilizations, like the pre-Columbine civilizations, it only represented the passing of life in evolution; it was only used to know of their evolution in a way of energy- time, not as limit-time, as it is applied nowadays.

Among these cultures, the time of a person did not mean the end of such, but rather the time passed in somebody was a deposit of wisdom; the acknowledgement that if it happened, then more education was received from the cosmos, from Earth, from men and, mainly from God.

They did not know the limits that now time gives us; they only felt the passage of education on their soul; they felt that they had the opportunity to learn every moment and to give everything that their being and heart gave to them to share.  

Frustrator of Dreams

Nevertheless, unfortunately we took this concept in a wrong way. For people time is just the passing of seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc. and because of this division in which we are all centered is that we lead our life in a wrong way.

More so, we feel that great time goes by and that it takes all the opportunities with it or that maybe it takes away part of our lives.

It is also because of this wrong definition that many people do not accomplish their dreams and that they can never achieve their goals because they feel that time goes by without stopping.    

We feel that without the word time we will not be able to carry on with our projects.

Many of us can perhaps never obtain the union with a loved one to whom we feel we have lost in some way because time has passed and has pushed them away.

But, can our way of conceiving time be able to change our wisdom of heart and soul, our way of being and feeling?

The answer is no, even do we change our attitude only by hearing someone mention “time”.

We must remember that our being and feeling are governed with and by love not by time; the most beautiful and wonderful feelings last and remain forever through time itself.

This is why we must realize that time cannot limit or disappear what is most beautiful, our hopes, love, our yearnings and so many things that we feel that we lose because we think that time comes only to snatch what is most precious from us.

We think that with it, our hope to continue giving love, friendship, forgiveness, joy and everything that we feel is gone.  


The Splendor of the Senior People

The elder are people who can demonstrate that time is only a matter of sadness or laughter. But if one of them has the same heart and body, how is it possible that we limit him only by ours mistaken definition of time?

Time only goes by those people who have the feeling that it takes everything with it, that it is their end and limit to live.

Love and strength is what will teach to us to feel that time is not important to achieve our drawn goals, but rather what is important is our desire to obtain it, our desire to give triumphs to the world, to the cosmos, to God.

Many of us have felt that we have been living fully, that we have achieved good things for our life, but when we try to acknowledge time it is then when we are no longer satisfied with what we have done.       

It is then when we begin to feel that we will not be able to achieve anything else and we dedicated ourselves to live only from our memories, those memories in which it was not important to consider time in our lives, but rather only important to consider our dreams.

In this way, we will oblige ourselves to live submerged in the ghosts created by this executioner of our lives, this excessive urge to feel that in everything there is a limit and an end.

On the other hand, if we had acted without feeling that time exists, perhaps we would have continued active without stopping, obtaining triumphs, joys and successes that we could achieve by not considering this executioner.

The position which we must have towards this concept must make us feel that through time we will be able to show our love, it must be only the consciousness of our joys, our happiness and to dedicate ourselves to live in love without thinking that we have this as a limit.

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation
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Flora Rocha

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