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Reincarnation, a path to happiness

The purpose to be born time and time again is not other than to learn to be happy and to value what surrounds us, in a voyage that can be as long as we wish it to be

Throughout time, reincarnation has been interpreted as a way of paying karma or as a part of an evolution process, although its reality is much more simple and even amusing.

We know in a general sense that it consists in being born once again with a different body, but with the same essence or soul, although we do not understand why all of this that it could seem wrong.

The answer is very simple: we are born time after time only to appreciate and understand what the planet to which we arrived is, in this case Earth.

The Masters of Wisdom have taught man that when he starts to see and understand what surrounds him it is when he will achieve complete fulfillment and happiness, which is his goal.

Life is full of clues and key signs that we need to understand, and we always have to know why certain things occur, and this is achieved by knowing the answers that our spirit will enjoy from the happiness that we are all looking for.

How many lives will we have?

Many philosophies and religions say that there are certain number of existences that we humans have, for instance that each being has a cycle of more than 2 thousand lives at his disposal, or others say that we each have 108.

When exposing to Master Nintancito that all this information related with cycles was confusing me, he said that nothing was too complicated to understand, but that unfortunately a great part of the teachings had been distorted with the passing of time.

He explained that we all are submitted to universal laws, but when we are born we acquire the ones of the planet in which we incarnate (the law of karma among them).

In our case we acquire the laws of Earth, where beings will be born as many times as needed until they cherish what they have and learn to be happy.

“That is the only purpose, we are born to know it all and to cherish it so deeply that we are able to reach happiness”, he said.

During these existences our Angels will guide us; until we have achieved happiness and we have cherished this planet, then our body, spirit, heart and energy will rise in evolution and will go to more evolved planet to continue learning from the universe.

Our ancestors made good use of it

Although reincarnation defines itself under the sentence of “we are born to know and enjoy what happiness is”, since the beginning of humanity this essence has been disappearing.

The consciousness of our several births existed among the first inhabitants of the planet, who incarnated with a very high capability, knowing details of their past lives and even why they were born in this place. 

In this way they were able to make good use of that knowledge to develop exactly what they should in that existence and to use all of their time to achieve their goal.

But throughout time it began to degenerate from the perception of God to our wisdom of the heart, by which there were registered births of beings without the consciousness of who they were within.

This is what has happened since many centuries ago, by which until we disincarnate it is when we take consciousness of all the truth that we did not want to hear when we were alive.

In that moment we realize that our life was like a minute, a spark, and in that other level, the astral level, we realize that we did not make good use of our existence as we should have.

In general, few are the ones that have the consciousness to cherish and make good use of a life time and to achieve the evolution of their soul in a single life; this is why we all have to be born more than once.

Memory of other existences

But the need of taking consciousness of the reincarnation does not mean that all the people have to investigate about who they were in their past life times.

This is only given in certain cases, when it is necessary for someone to know because by doing this they can straighten the way in which they have been living their present life.

When we have to understand that we are making the same mistakes as we did in a previous life, it is the moment in which we feel that a certain situation has been already lived (the so called “déjà vu”).

The reason is that our guardian angel, that is always ready to help us with anything, sends us through the way of emotions and sensations memories of what was a previous life.

It is a way to warn us that we are going in the same path, that it was wrong and it is not going to liberate us, because if we are in this life it is because in the past lives we did not achieve that fulfillment.

And so, with these fresh memories we have to analyze why this happens, we need to talk to ourselves and find the answer.

Misconceptions of karma

In the aspect in which it has been distorted the most in relation with reincarnation is karma, which has been wrongly used to explain situations generated  by the imbalance of the planet, like diseases, deaths and the suffering of innocent people.

When it is spoken of karma it is said that for instance, if you are born with a physical impediment it is because you are paying for something that you did in another life as another person.

But the Masters of Wisdom have insisted to clarify that it is not so: Karma does not pass on from life to life.

We pay for our mistakes, but in the same existence, in the present one and it all closes in the moment we die.

If we were bad and did negative things in a life time, it will be in that same one when we will pay and things will get back o us by the law of the planet, but we are not going to be born to pay for what we did in that previous life.

We have to remember that God is pure Love, that he is fair and that he would never let us pay in such a cruel way something that we did and that we do not remember.

When we are born we are the same spirit, but not the same person, if we do not measure our actions by the personality that we had, by the life that we carry, then it is not fair for us to suffer in this incarnation for something we did in the past.

When we are born, we are born free, pure as a baby because each life is one more teaching, it is another opportunity that says: “Let’s see if you cherish your world this time and if you can see the things that are around you as you should to be able to achieve happiness”.

Reincarnation helps us know that if we were born so many times is because our spirit has not achieved its purpose, it has not had a complete fulfillment and until it does not achieve it, it will be born again. But a birth will never be related with unfinished business from other lives.

Regarding criminals

It must be said that an exception for karma exists, when someone commits an act so cruel as an assassination and when having a new life he commits the same mistake, in that case karma is dragged from one life to the other.

Whoever commits crimes is also born again to carry his life through a good path, but if the spirit of that person does not have the strength to not make the same negative mistakes, if he commits another murder, then he trips in a same mistake and drags all his past karma.

If he does not make good use of his new life, it is as if he would have done a fusion of his past life with this one, because he committed the same mistakes, and makes them to turn themselves in one, for what he will now have to pay for what he did in his previous and present life.

The people who commit murder, when they die they go to a place where all the souls that committed the same acts go, they receive teachings there to understand what they have done, to find their reasons and to find peace.

When they go out from that place, they are ready to go back to their essence as beings of light, by which it is expected that when they are born again they will fulfill their mission as universal creations: To be happy and to make others happy, although they not always achieve it.

This is why it is essential for us to remember that our spirit never dies, it is an energy that simply changes place to learn more about the universe, about who is God, about who we are.

And so, we must explore each second of our life and know that, it does not matter what we were in other existences, we have another opportunity for our spirit to be completely beautiful and as good as it was created.

Moreover, there are still many place more for us to explore…

Flora Rocha

Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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