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The Energy of Our Home

The Energy of Our Home

Many people get to feel that all their life they have had bad luck, that everything they do is wrong and they blame everything except their house, even thou it could be the true reason by which they do not obtain what they want

If we want to have a good spiritual growth, to awake capabilities to see beyond the ordinary or to find what we are looking for in this life, then it is essential to take care of our home and to try for it to have good health.

Many of us have experimented situations that apparently do not have a reason to be, for instance when we have huge reasons to be happy and however we wake up with an inexplicable sadness.

What determines most for us to feel in this way is our house, its state will be the one that will help us to be better or to evolve in the physical level as well as in the spiritual one.

The reason is that during our sleep we liberate ourselves from the stress of the day, as well as of our emotions and the confrontments with other people.

When we sleep we liberate everything because our physical body is like an engine that can explode if it does not liberate tension.

The purpose is for us to wake up the next day in a perfect state, to awake fine and to be able to have liberated our self from all what was negative during the past journey.

But if our house is not good or if it is blocked and it cannot receive energy from the cosmos then we wake up tired, with our body aching or with a headache, with no intentions of waking up due to that energy deficiency suffered during the night.

 Another reason is that the houses that have been inhabited previously have accumulated joys, problems, anger, etc., that preserves in a kind of safety box that in way they harm us.

Indeed, for example: a newly wedded couple moves into a place where another matrimony lived previously that had very bad problems, the new matrimony can get divorced by inhabiting a place that has that inheritance of fights, that energy will impregnate them. The same thing happens when we move to a place where a person that was very sick or that was very conflictive inhabited there.

If we live in a house like this we must clean it from all the emotions so that it does not affect us and to do so we can use the four elements: water, earth, fire, and wind, and ask for them with much faith to help us liberate those past energies.

How to heal our home

The land

The first thing to consider is that the place where we live is compounded by different energies; one of them is the land where it is located, which has existed long before the house was built.

This is why everything that is built in it will be impregnated by that energy that emanates in a continuous way and, even if we are not able to see it, our senses can feel it and they are going to be harmed or favored by it.

This energy will affect gradually in the edification that will take place in it, this is why it is ideal to know very well the site and place where we are going to fund our home and to be able to choose the best one.

From the street to the door

The part of the entrance to our home is where the energy starts, which will be shared by everyone that lives there. The house and you are a same thing, if you are good she will be good and vice versa.

In this sense it is important to know that the streets have a very heavy energy as well as cars do, which liberate very dense levels, that is why it is said that it is not recommendable to pick up the things that fall on the street.

If we pick it up it is like lifting something too contaminated and our astral body is the one that is going to be most affected by this, which is the one that is going to absorb everything.

The recommendable thing to prevent that all of these energies can enter our home is to throw water on the street and on the sidewalk, at least three times a week.

But before throwing it you must ask the water, which is a being, to clean and disperse all the energies of the place where you are.

If you do not want to use much water it is enough to moisten a little the ground and with this you will eliminate a great number of energies that are always looking to squeeze in.

The entrance

It is important to place sea rocks on our entrance, the ones that we can find in the sand. These rocks function as isolators from the energies of dirt.

You can also place seashells, but in a matter of energy the strongest are the sea rocks.

The best way to place them is to set three on the internal left side of the fence, three on the right side and one on the center, although if this last one is not possible to place because many people go by, then you can place it at the middle of the way.

You can ask these rocks to make a barrier of protection so that nothing negative from the street can enter.

Regarding the garden, which is the most subtle part of the house and where it nourishes from, it is recommendable to place solid figures of sweet and tender shapes, like a lovely bird (avoid the aggressive ones like lions, and the plastic and glass materials).

This will work as an energy antenna that will spread light which will surround your house.

The figure must be programmed with love so that it may fulfill the function that we are requesting. After this, it is recommendable to bathe it whenever we water the garden.

The main door of our house

It is very important to place a little object made of silver on the exterior frame of the main door, out of reach of people because this metal absorbs positive and negative energy and it neutralizes them, which makes possible that no body with bad intentions can go.

Above all it helps us block people that come to ask or sell something and because they are people with many needs, within them they have like a vacuum that suctions energy and at the same time they leave everything that they carry.

You can give them money, but because you have the silver object what you achieve for them not to knock on the door, but rather to desist on doing it for some reason, at the same time the metallic object sends them good energy that is going to help them more than what we can give them.

The living room

It is a place where we place memories and pictures of our best moments, but it is not good to do so because everybody, in an unconscious way, send thoughts that get into the pictures.

These images are a little part of our energy, of our soul, and because thoughts are energy, if somebody sees them and does not think something good, then they are going to harm us in a direct way.

The same thing happens with memories of weddings, baptisms of our children, which also receive the energies from the people that sees them, that is why it is not recommendable to have something in the living room that is connected to our being.

Regarding the electronic devices, it is not recommendable to put side to side two of these of big proportions, like a television and a stereo.

Both absorb a very strong energy, so much that even thou you only have your television on, you receive the overload of the devices, because their fields mix with each other.

The metal things also have to be placed away from the electronic devices because they are like energy darts that are thrown at your body.

In addition, we must consider that in the living room all the most “playful” energies of the house are deposited.

In our home there are certain beings that are similar to dwarfs or goblins that can be very good, but also negative if your house is not full of harmony and it is when some things decompose without an explanation, there begins to be bad smells or we find thrown objects. 

In the level where these beings are found, they work with the emotions of the inhabitants of the place and they affect you making you feel depressed, not letting you concentrate to be able to study or not letting you feel calm.

In the moment when we heal our home they leave to let the entrance open for the inhabitants, that on the other hand are going to help you in your life and they are even going to leave you gifts.

For instance when you have these positive guests it is normal to find in our home candy or a strange game that we do not know.

Regarding the armchairs, you must clean them every three months, because they are like sponges that absorb all the energy that we have.

If we come from the street happy, we deposit this energy in them, but the same thing happens when we arrive tired or annoyed. Then this energy gets trapped and each time one sits on the armchair the armchair it absorbs all your energy.

The dinner table

We must avoid purchasing a metal dinner table because it absorbs energy from the floor that has an inadequate charge for our body.

The reason is that when we eat we are very relaxed, so we absorb everything through the chair which makes for all what the food gives us to be cut and blocked.

The best thing to do is to set a place with fruit or with a bouquet of natural flowers in a crystal or clay base and to ask them for their energy to be distributed to the chairs and for the energy action of the metal to be  blocked.

The tile blocks that are used as dinner tables act as isolators because they have a very low energy and, although it does not harm you, it does not help you to have a well assimilation of the food.

The best dinner table is that made of wood, because it comes from a tree which is a living being and although it has been made furniture, it still is something special that nourishes your energy, moreover it helps you eliminate stress and it helps you relax.

It is also recommendable to have a silver object or to eat with utensils made of this metal, the reason is that they are the most adequate by the energy so positive that they liberate.

Another important thing is to have a painting of our liking, at least to see it in an unconscious way because the harmonious view helps our body to relax.

The kitchen

It is one of the places that affect more in the energy of the house, because of all the food that is cooked in it, for instance when you cook beef a heavy energy is generated that impregnates all its surroundings.

This happens because the animals die three times, the first time when they are sacrificed, the second time when they are cooked, and lastly when they are eaten. So this energy is the one that keeps sticking to our kitchen.

To clean this you must use the juice of three non-refrigerated limes and mix it with water to then spray it through your kitchen, above all in the places where you feel that the energy has been deposited.

This is why it is preferable to have a kitchen door, because the energy does not travel throughout the house.

With incense you can clean as well, you just have to ask for it to balance the energies and to transform them so they can stop being harmful energies.

Regarding the trash that is kept in the kitchen you must keep it in a cabinet, so that this energy remains locked. If you do not have the possibility to put the trash can in some place, then at least have a trash can with a lid.

It is recommendable, in addition, not to open it while you are cooking because what the trash can emanates gets impregnated in the food that we are preparing. And so, it is best if we collect all what we do not need and at the end to throw them in the trash can.

The restroom

It is important to have a quartz crystal in it because when there are guests, generally they go to this place to ease any sadness or discomfort that they have at the moment.

The quartz crystal is in charge of cleaning any energy that they may leave there and those that are generated in that area of the house, but it must be set in a place where nobody can reach it.

It is also best for us to try for our bathroom to not let it look like one rather for the shower and the toilet; we must place adornments of our liking such as paintings, candles, plants, etc.

Moreover, you must hide all your personal items such as tooth brush or lotions, in a place where nobody can see them.

It must be said that fungus and all what is oxidized are very negative energies, by which they must be eliminated as soon as possible.

Another advice is to put a big rock over the toilet water deposit so that energies opposite to harmony cannot be formed within it.

The bed

The best are the ones made of wood because they help our astral body to go out more easily.

This does not happened when you sleep in a metal bed because it is a material that absorbs too much electricity for our body and it blocks us in many ways. Although in this case you can put wooden pieces under the bed legs which will work as isolators.

It is important to find the adequate position to place our bed in accordance with the energy of the room and to do so we need to be very sensitive. We must do this every six months, which is when the energy changes.

The precise location can be spotted if you stand in the middle of the room and you put your arms in a perpendicular angle to your body, this will work as an antenna and guide towards the place where it should be placed.

Another important thing to consider is that when you do not have a bed head, you must avoid putting your bed against the wall, because this prevents the circulation of the energy and causes an imbalance that affects our body.

It is of most importance to also know that the so called “other side of the mirror” is a reality, because these objects work as interdimensional doors towards obscure worlds. This is why the best thing to do is to have them in a bronze, gold or silver frame that can counterattack this effect.

If you do not have it with one of these materials then you can place a silver object and ask for it to work as a protection; in addition we can ask for the help of our guardian angel.

When there are mirrors in the main room it is usual to have nightmares because through them the ones that want to harm us reflect as well as the negative energies that inhabit our home.

If someday we feel that we saw something in the mirror, it is because we actually saw it. It is also not recommendable to cover them because with this you summon a war.

Once we are able to have our home in harmony, then its entrances of energy will work in an adequate way and we will have true achievements in all those aspects of our life as universal beings.

Flora Rocha

Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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