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The Soul Mate Exists   That pers

The Soul Mate Exists

That person that will understand us and that will assimilate what we are and what we feel such as we wish, truly is waiting for each of us with all his heart

One of the great missions that we have as humans is to find that other part of us, to whom we belong as well, because the soul mate is one of the best aids for the beings of the universe for their evolution.

The existence of a complementary energy is a reality that does not have to be considered as a product of fairy tales or feminine literature, because it is not.

How many of us have felt an emptiness or a need to find "something"? It is a nostalgic feeling of our spirit that tells us that we needed to be united with that other half of us to work with all the strength with which we were created from the beginning.

It is necessary that we at least become aware that in some part of the planet or of the universe that being exists who will make us vibrate, that is waiting for us, that is loving us just as we are and, that as we, yearns for our presence.

We must have that clarity in our heart: we are two beings who before were one and must reunite to reach the happiness that we all deserve to enjoy.

For that reason, the Masters of Wisdom always emphasize that it is very important that we know this, because when we are able to find that complement we will have the required strength to fight all that we must eliminate from our lives so that we become beings who look only for happiness and love.

If we from the beginning of humanity had looked for that person to celebrate unions with the suitable being, this world would be completely different because the children would be born balanced, with an elevated level of evolution.

This is because when babies are born from inadequate couples, they come already with many emotional and physical problems, that is because generally the parents do not share the same energy and they cannot assimilate this in their bodies.

How to recognize it?

To know with certainty that we are in front of the person for which we have been waiting for is something that only our heart will let us know, for that reason we must only listen to it.

But we must know that we can all fall in love, feel attraction or assimilation of energies and, because our mind is very witty, with a sensation of peace or something comfortable the mind can send out orders or reflects that can make you think you are before your soul mate, even though it might NOT be.

However, when we are near our true love, we will experience a sensation never felt before with anybody else.

Some of the symptoms are that we might feel discomfort or strange, because we are coming in touch with a higher vibration, that is why at the same time we feel a very special sensation.

All this can happen even though we have not met this person, for this reason we must always investigate why we have these moments of restlessness and if we see that there is someone that is interesting for us, then we must approach this person.

Mainly because sadly there are people who have not learned to assimilate  this energy, and have not wanted to investigate what they have felt, letting their soul mate go away without ever forgetting that person, and all of this because they did not know that they had to provoke an encounter.

It is important to be aware and ready when these emotions come, because we can feel very attracted towards someone, but it always will be the same kind of love; that means that it is a well-known feeling and that it is not the adequate person.

The key is that with true love all your feelings will be very DIFFERENT to the feelings that you have experienced before.

Since our creation

Wanting to understand why from only one soul two beings emerged is like trying to understand how the universe was created.

This is something that your heart understands very well and assimilates it perfectly, but that perhaps it is difficult for your mind to understand.

The Masters explain it the following way: when we were created we were a single pure energy that was generating a new energy within itself, in the deepest and purest part of its center, its heart. But to do this it had to divide its heart and become two beings with different personalities.

That is why it is the same energy that by a need of love, of having its other similar part that would give it all the shelter that as souls we need; it decided to divide itself.

Each one of those beings went different paths of evolution, until the moment arrived to find its other half, with its soul mate, to separate never more.

The greatness of the encounter

Some consider that the soul mate can be a person who is very compatible to us, in a friendly way, but it is not like this. The soul mate is only that person who corresponds with the sublime love that is generated in the couple, reason why it cannot be your best friend.

It is one of the things that the Masters have much interest that we know of, that we really all have another part that we must find as part of our mission.

They say that the most beautiful part of that encounter is that from the moment in which the two souls are united a great energy is created.

This is only generated when we are finally united with our complement, with that other force that corresponds us to obtain the balance in all the aspects, physical as much as spiritual.

This has been taught on Earth since ancient times by several Masters, this gave birth to the history of Adam and Eve, which is an allegory of the soul mates.

It tells us that God created Adam, who feel the need to have a companion requested that he give him another being to love him.

This allegory tells us that God created Adam, whom by his own need of having a companion asked God to give him another being similar to him or for him to build one. And so, God created woman, but taking her by the same body or energy of Adam.

This was one of the ways that the Masters told us since the beginning of creation that beings existed which got divided and one another created themselves to be two humans with different essence, but that they rather parted from a same energy.

The threat of blockages

To recover our other part is not a difficult thing, but it can get complicated because different factors that can block that magical moment exist.

Among the most dangerous ones is to have relationships with people who are not meant for us because they are not our soul mate.

Many of us have felt the need to have someone that loves us and for that reason we look get into a relationship, and another one, and another one, trying to find in some of them what our soul asks for: our soul mate.

But with this the only thing that we obtain is that those energies that do not belong to us stick to our body like a polluting agent.

Those energies can create layers or opposing barriers to the energy of the soul mate, furthermore they prevent the communication of heart and spirit with the one that really is meant for us.

In this sense, we must also be very careful if we wish to have sexual activity with who is not our soul mate, because this is a great blockage to find your soul mate.

The reason is that the energy that is generated in the sexual contact is very powerful and sticks on all your bodies, which causes that your soul mate cannot assimilate it, and if your soul mate passes by your side you will not even be able to identify it because of the accumulated energies of other people that you already have.

If it is not possible to be celibate, it is important to talk to ourselves, and to feel what is really what we want from life, if we really want to be with one who makes us happy, then what we must do is to reject anything that can block this.

We should clarify that this does not mean that we cannot have boyfriends or girlfriends, but it is necessary to be careful of not having too many relationships that can close the door to our true love.

This is why it is important to teach our children that there is a being who is really going to love them, that is going to understand them unconditionally and that we create that consciousness in them to call their soul mate so that as they grow up they do not feel so complicated to act in a different way than others.


The methods to call it

One of the ways for that person to come into our life is to invoke him with a prayer like this one:

"Anybody who is my soul mate I love you, I respect you and I want you, know that I am waiting for you".

Furthermore you can use other methods like:

With the strength of the heart which is love

The easiest way to call our soul mate is through our heart during the night, which is when the energies are quieter.

In this moment we must try to relax, with clothes that are comfortable, and place ourselves in some part of the house where we feel better.

We can sit or lie down and begin to speak with God or anything in the universe with which we feel affinity, and when evoking that energy we are going to attract images of things that relate us to the being which we have called.

It is not so easy at the beginning because in this type of exercises there are always many obstacles, but we must try with strength.

We can evoke all the images that give us love, with which we can activate this feeling within us. Then we request for that love to travel to the being that has our same essence.

In that moment we remain in peace, trying not to think, and letting run all the images that cross our mind. Then we will talk to our inner being to tell it we want this energy to flow to wherever it belongs.

During this time that energy is going to move to the place in which it must be and in this way the love of the other person is activated and whatever he is doing, his energy flows and is united with yours.

Our inner being that we've already activated is working on communicating us with our soul mate and to let us say to each other what we wish, even though in a conscious way we do not perceive anything.

At this very moment both spirits are programming a physical encounter as soon as possible.

The astral body

In order to apply this method you must have certain consciousness to travel voluntarily with your astral body, but even when it is not like this, before sleeping it is possible to ask our inner being, our angel, guide or Master, to take our body to wherever the being who belongs to us is.

It is as if you give permission so that the angels would take you in astral to where you must be, which will be an intermediate place for you and your soul mate.

When calling for our soul mate, its astral body also travels and this is how they begin to communicate.

The only disadvantage is that if she or he lives in another place where it is daytime, because its astral body will be within its physical body.

The advantage of this method is that if you have consciousness you will be able to see some of his physical characteristics, because our astral body can sense and capture them.

Other ways to do it are:

  • Though quartz crystals: They are the best friends to achieve it, because you can program them so that they attract our complement with their energy. You only must verify that it is a non polished quartz crystal and try for nobody else to touch it once it has been cleaned and programmed.
  • By thought: It is to call your complement consciously, to speak to it, to say to it what you feel during the day and thus creating a bond.
  • By attitude: To see with what people you relate to while your soul mate comes along and measure how much to involve yourself with them.
  • By fire: It is done setting several candle sticks to ask the element of fire to nourish your body so that you get more strength to attract your soul mate.

With the help of our angel

It is important to know that we have the consolation that we will at least once in our life going to run into that person.

And although perhaps we are not prepared to identify it, your angel, guide or Master, and those of your soul mate, make that union possible.

This can happen even when they live in different places, since they provoke that at some time you can be close from one another.

What the angels want is to make possible that encounter and they advise you what to do, and they even tell you when you’re true love is near; this is why it is important to nourish that communication and to listen to their advices.

It is most important to analyze everything that I presented here, what is felt in respect to what has been read and that one self can see if all of this can help us to be better and happier.

If you feel that it is like this, then you must do what the heart says, because it can be something very important for your life... and for the one of the other person who already is waiting for you.

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation



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