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Our Ancestors and our Universe

Our Ancestors and our Universe

Each of the great constructions of our ancestors is directed towards the sky, towards our universe, to show us which is the way and how unlimited we are

The ancestral cultures of our planet, without exception, had a relationship and communication without limits with the Cosmos, they knew and recognized the importance of the relationship of our Earth with each of the planets of the system and with those that are beyond ours.

Thousands and thousands of years ago existed a communion that was considered necessary, the Brothers of the light or of the "Sun", as they have been referred to in many of the most important and outstanding cultures of our Earth.

That communion united in an infinite way those civilizations towards their own wisdom, not only to guide them to it, but rather how important it was for Them to know and feel that we are part of an “INFINITE EXPRESSION”. In this way, they helped them develop in their interior unlimited capabilities of wisdom, which they reflected in their architectonical, artistic, and organizational work to govern their people.

For our Fathers and Mothers of the past it was part of their own essence to have the communication and coexistence that they had with our Big Brothers (if this is the way we want to call them).

The same way that we receive a foreigner that arrives from far lands or even that who is our neighbor, They used to give them a Great Welcome in which they manifested their immense joy because of this universal cosmic encounter.

That helped them to feel and live like true sons of this Earth and of this universe, and it made them to be able to manifest their essence and transmit it without limits and in an infinite way towards their Mother Earth, and consequently, to the whole Universe.

This manifestation and communication did not only occur at a physical level, because we have to remember that it is only the conscious level of our mind, the communication and communion also occurred at very high levels in which only our most evolved and subtle body, like our energy or astral body, can perceive and live.

Each manifestation of these settlers of the past in any developed ambit through the Wisdom of their Hearts was immediately received without any limit towards each and every one of the planets of our infinite Universe. This made possible the understanding of knowledge between different energies and a direct communication with the whole universe.

In the same way they received the manifestations and energies of the planets of the universe as a perfect chain communication, which they considered necessary to maintain the perfect universal balance.

The fallback of "progress"

Much has been said of the masterly organization and development reached by these great civilizations that, through their culture of wisdom and respect towards all creation, they achieved great advances in times in which they lacked the technology that exists today. Although for us, it still seems a "mystery" how was it possible to do so much without the current knowledge.

The answer to why our ancestors achieved what now to us seems impossible, like the communication in ALL levels with our infinite Universe, is because they were aware of all what is real and they knew the true concept that we are beings without boundaries, which does not happen nowadays.

Our conformity before what we call "progress", but that in reality is a fallback of our own being, of our planet and of course of the present society, has taken us to live and believe in a world full of limits in which the wonderful things are only "stories" or "fantasy".

In this way, our governments and science make us feel that we are a small dot in the universe, in which we are submerged and we find ourselves alone and helpless.

We think that help can only be provided, -according with their concepts-, through science that, such as it is known, it is very limited, so the only thing that they make us feel is that we have the consolation of waiting 26 years to "may be" arrive to Mars.

How is it possible that we have forgotten so much? How is it possible that even when our ancestors left us so much inheritance of knowledge, we are capable to deny reality? The evidence of what we were as a past is still written and built in each of those magnificent monuments of the past.

Beyond the sky

In these vestiges our wise ancestors tried to leave us their reality as people and as universal beings in the most clear and obvious way. Each of the great constructions of our ancestors is directed toward the sky, toward our universe, to show us which is the way and how unlimited we are.

We cannot forget that we are an infinite creation; we cannot let the unreal limits control our essence and our Wisdom of the Heart.

We have to remember that the communication with our universe and with our Masters or Big Brothers continues, if not at a physical level as it occurred in the past, at least it exists at the most pure level, at the level of our wisdom, in our Hearts, it is just a matter of feeling by ourselves what exists inside and that we have forgotten for so much time.

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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