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The Ancient Civilizations

The Ancient Civilizations

With the guide of the so called beings of the "superior Light", the Egyptians found the path towards a true spiritual evolution

Among the ancient civilizations that have lived on this planet, the Egyptian stands out because before they achieved the great prosperity epoch, they knew the existence of beings that came from the “superior Light”, as they called them.

The Egyptians knew that with the direct guide of these brothers they could achieve everything they needed to become an exemplary civilization for other cultures of this planet and to obtain an evolution in all the fields.

They were also aware that the place where they had been born was a very important point for the balance of Earth and that the settlement in this site was chosen so that they could develop and handle that important energy center.

But they also knew that they would not be able to do it by themselves, because they needed a significant cosmic and spiritual development to learn exactly what their mission was. With their actions they had to maintain the balance among their habitat and the Land.

The members of this civilization considered that this fact was a great opportunity to reach a spiritual evolution for all the members of their group and in general of the Earth, for which they always were ready, in body and spirit, to learn what its leaders of love taught them.

This is how they obtained a spiritual development which was very important for Earth, as for other cultural groups with which they maintained a close contact and communication.

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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