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“Me? a vegetarian?”

Although our inner being is the first one to reject meat because it really knows what it means, our mind which is accustomed to see it as a dish, deceives us and it makes us believe that we need it to live

If we offer to the inner being of anyone of this planet a meat dish, its immediate answer would be a total rejection, because within our interior the energy is greatly pure which can see animals as equals.

This does not mean that we all have to be vegetarians, as that is an election that each one can take in a certain stage of their life and only because it was dictated by their heart.

We must never make ourselves say “I have to be a vegetarian”, because we are not going to achieve it: maybe we are only going to stop eating meat for a month, a year, but afterwards we will go back to eating meat again.

We simply have to be honest with ourselves and for our energy to keep guiding us towards what we need.

When we finally believe that it is a good time to do so then it will be when we will realize that we no longer feel good when we eat it, or maybe we will suffer an illness that will make us stop eating it.

How do I know when to stop eating meat?

If we become a vegetarians by obligation, we will be blocking ourselves anyway, because our mind is going to be always thinking about meat, even if we are eating only vegetables.

We need to truly feel compassion and think that it is a piece of being which felt like us and that now was turned into food.

Then, when we feel that, our mind will ease because it will center in what we are eating.

And if our inner being feels that when we say “I am not going to eat meat anymore” is really because we are going to stop eating it forever, then it knows that it has to adapt, it knows that it has to change.

It will start to get rid of the energy of the animals that we have eaten in a process in which we are going to benefit ourselves more of what we eat, which will help us to ease each time more that burden that we have.

Why to be a vegetarian?

As we talk more with ourselves we will see that we do not need meat on our dish, that other kind of food equally satisfies us and that they give us more energy, because we are going to feel better each time.

When we do not eat meat, neither red or white, one of the benefits is that even when we eat a dish very heavy on fat or with much condiments, it will never be as negative as one with meat.

Another element in favor of vegetarianism is that humans have many things that disturb them, like sadness or anger, and one of the things that greatly contributes for this to be possible is meat.

Why? Well because when we eat a piece of an animal we are eating all the pain that was suffered during its short life.

For instance, when a cow is born, it comes happy as all of us, but then the things that occur in its life makes for it to feel sadness, only that it shows it in a different way.

What makes us state that animals have emotions? The simple fact that they feel pain, which is one of the greatest emotions, then that would tell us that they equally feel love, joy or any other emotion.

Even when it may seem difficult to believe, animals like cows, chickens, pigs, etc., realize that that they are being grown, cared for and fed only to die.

They are wise, it does not matter that many people say that they do not feel because they are not intelligent, because this is not a matter of intelligence. All the beings of the universe are gifted with something that greatly surpasses intelligence, and that is wisdom.

Our beloved animal brothers have wisdom, which is the one that lets the mother cows as well as to their babies realize that they are going to die because of humans.

In this way we can imagine the level of stress with which these animal live, knowing that any moment their babies or their parents are going to be taken because they are going to be eaten.

All that tension which is in their lives is impregnated in their being, in its flesh.

Even if they say that they kill them without pain, with the sole fact of giving them death, even if its quick or in a sophisticated way, it is still a process which is too violent, too shocking, and all that is absorbed by the flesh.

That is why when we are going to eat an animal we think “delicious” because we do not know, but if we are aware of everything that happens with the animal, none of us would eat meat. Just by trying to put ourselves in their place, then we would never even want to see it.

We do not need it

It really is not difficult to stop eating animals if we truly hear our interior, because he does not feel good by eating them and if we hear our interior we are not going to crave for meat, not even in a conscious way. That is why a Master of great wisdom called Nintancito said:

“If you would really taste the flavor of meat you would realize that it is bad, that you have adapted it with your mind because that is what helps you make it smell and taste delicious.

“But the ones that have never eaten meat before, when we smell it we realize that it is a horrible aroma that you throughout your life have had as an information that it smells good and you feel it that way, it has been taught to you in that way.

“It is not your fault, but you can awake from your dream: meat is not delicious and you do not need it.

It is true that we do not need meat, even when doctors say that we need meat for its protein and that it cannot be substituted not even with soy meat, this is not true.

The problem is that throughout all the time that we have been eating meat in this planet we have been looking for an excuse to do it, because even our own being is telling us that it is something that we should not eat.

Then, only by saying that we accept it because there is no other element that can give us that protein, only with that we feel satisfied.

“You only need to ask the ones that do not eat meat”, Nintancito said.

Carnivore blockages

It is important to say that eating meat really harms our body, but also our spirit because we are eating elements that can block us from appreciating many things from nature.

Masters say that even what we eat does not let us totally enjoy nature. When they said this to me I thought: “but, how can it block us from appreciating the Sun or the stars?” to what Master Nintancito said:

“If you it this it has an effect on your body, all your organs start to work and you use energy for that and when doing so and by trying to assimilate something which is heavy, like meat, you need to use more energy. In this way, that energy which you could have used to direct your gaze towards the sky it was already used for another thing”.

He explained that this was the reason why I felt tired every time I finished eating or simply without the inspiration to contemplate anything that was around me because my body was working in what I just ate.

I now see that for us to process and assimilate meat, our body has to use additional elements with the purpose to expel it from our body because it is something that we cannot have within us, as it is something different from what it is prepared to receive.

No human organism is made to retain within its interior any quantity of meat and therefore it needs to use special energy so we can stay alive.

Even if it sound exaggerated, when we eat something so heavy we put energy into it so we can assimilate it and if we also are carrying out an activity that requires energy, then our body collapses, an energy clash is made, our organs are harden and this could have gravely consequences.

But, what can I eat?

Being a vegetarian does not equal having to stop eating, because practically we can eat the same but without meat (with substitutes like gluten, tofu, soy meat and all the vegetables).

The only thing we need to do is to readapt our body, to eat similar dishes and we will see that later we will find new things; we can even go to a vegetarian restaurant or store to find new options.

The important thing is that we must not make a sudden change in our diet, because we will not assimilate it well. The best thing to do is to follow the recommendations of vegetarians, first to eliminate red meat from our diet, then chicken and finally, seafood.

Among the most complete elements in food that we can recommend is soy meat, which the Masters eat and they prepare it in many different ways, besides it is recognized as a plant that works as an antenna to absorb the energy of the universe and of Earth.

The consumption of soy meat helps us to feed not only our physical body, but rather also our spiritual body, because its components are very powerful in another level.

In the case that you decide to keep eating seafood, it is good to know that there are highly evolved sea animals that must be respected because they are very sacred and it is not good to eat them, among them we have whales, dolphins, lobsters and big devil rays.

To keep eating seafood is really a good way in which we can stop eating meat, because there will come a time in which we will feel that we do not need seafood as well and we will go back to feed ourselves with fruits and vegetables, like it was in the beginning.

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation



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