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Eating: The Ritual

To take care of certain cravings, an esthetic presentation of dishes and some easy practices before and while we eat; these are part of the things that will help us make good use of food in a more adequate way

Everything that surrounds the topic of food, from the selection of it to the way we chew it, are factors that will lead us to have better physical health and to achieve a better spiritual development.

Eating is a very important activity because it is one of the moments in which the universe nourishes us physically and spiritually, because we receive food from God in the way of energy.

This is why we will not talk so much about the properties of certain food, because there is already much information regarding that issue, regarding this theme it is our purpose to say how we have to eat, what is the proper attitude while selecting our food, the energy that it has and the best way to receive it.

The first step we need to follow when we are selecting our food in an optimum way is to stop before we take our food to reflect about what we really are looking for in it.

One can answer that it is to soothe our hunger, but it is necessary to think about the reasons that we have to eat.

It is important to do it even when we are surely going to feel that it will not help us in any way, but with the simple fact of asking ourselves this we are activating our energy so it can search for an answer and for it to give us one.

The reason is that because we are energy we are able to activate as well the energy which is present in the food in the moment in which we give an answer to this question, even if it only comes to us in a subconscious level.

And so, when we eat we will have a different attitude, we will not be the same as we were before because our energy is going to be different, it will now be ready to see what we really need from food.

Avocado can help us when we feel a craving for something fattening.

Those cravings

We have all been in a situation where at some point we feel a craving for something salty or sweet and we look forward to appease that need.

The bad thing is that the imbalance of the planet in which we are living makes us have an unhealthy diet and, therefore, to prefer the kind of food that can get to be more harmful for our body.

The good thing is that we are an intelligent and wise creation and all what we may come to feel has always deep down a true and valid reason of what we are really needing.

Even so, we need to be very careful with the food that can harm us, like some that are fattening, and to ask for our energy to guide us towards the ones that may have the same components, but that they are healthier for our organism.

Soy bean is rich in protein, but also rich in energy of the universe.

Is healthy equal to boring?

Every time that we hear the phrase “healthy diet” we think that it is related to a huge sacrifice, and in a way it is true due to our ancient habits.

However, that rejection has a ground mainly based in the fact that we always hear negative comments towards all which is healthy, although that information is only graded by in that way by our brain, not by our heart.

Human beings generally are accustomed to have certain type of facts about the food they need, but that information is sheltered and it comes out from our mind and not from our heart like it should.

For instance, soy bean is seen by the Masters of wisdom like a series of little reception antennas that have all the energy of the universe and all the energy of Earth and that at the same time are energy transmitters by giving it to us when we eat it.

But if we analyze it, how many of us has tried it (without considering the oriental restaurants)?, this is why it is important for us to realize that there is a great variety of food that can help us have better health and that in the long run we are going to see them with craving eyes and not with the eyes of sacrifice.

We must look for the food that was created for us.

When we go shopping…

Each time we go to the market for groceries we need to ask for our Angels, Masters and God to guide us towards what will be important to eat for us and for our family.

With that we will have a special wisdom to select what we are going to eat, we will feel the impulse towards certain food.

In addition, we have to speak to the energy of the fruit and vegetable and ask them: “Which of you want to come with me?, which of you are going to help me and my family?”.

With these questions we can find what was really created for us, because even though it may not seem true it really is and our mission is to get to those products which belong to us.

For example, whenever we feel that something is very beautiful, but that it really does not deeply call us it may be because it does not belong to our energy and we must not buy it.

If we buy it without being totally convinced of it, it may affect our energy because it is like giving the wrong medicine to an ill person.

We also have to see where we buy our food because it gets impregnated of the energy of the places and people that sell it.

If we feel that in a certain place we have a headache or that we feel uncomfortable, it is not worth it to shop there even if they have special offers because it will bring us more harm than benefits in other levels.

It is important not to sprinkle on our food “dressing made out from our worries”.

Cooking with joy

The moment when we cook our food is also a moment which is special, mystical, because depending on the way we do it is how we are going to be able to give joy or sorrow to whom are going to eat it.

First of all, if we are going to wash something, it is important for us to ask for the water to help us to remove from our food all which is not useful for our bodies.

In this way when we clean our food, like for instance fruit, it will be free of contaminant elements also at an energy level.

What is ideal is to leave things within water so that the energy of these elemental can be assimilated and for our food to be cleaned in a better way.

It is vital for us that during the preparation of our food to be calm, free of stress, to never cook in a negative state because everything gets into what we are preparing.

In that moment we have to tell to our food what we want for it to give us and to ask from it the good energy that we need; during the process we must be programming it, because when we speak it does not hear our words, but rather our energy.

Moreover, in this way we focus on our prayers and we do not think about problems nor do we sprinkle the dressings made from our worries.

This is why it is important that when you do not feel like cooking to not do it, because the harm that is provoked is too much to the ones that will receive what we are preparing.

It is basic and essential to have a good presentation.

Harmony before anything

A factor that affects very much in the assimilation of food is for each one to self-serve themselves because we take in this way what we essentially need.

A single person can serve as well, but he has to feel which dish is for whom and to program it in this way so he can give the other person the food that corresponds to him.

The way in which a dish is presented must be pleasant for the human eye, it needs to have esthetics, symmetry or a simple geometric form (it can be achieved with a mold or with small deep plates).

This harmonious preparation of what has been cooked will help us give it a good energy in an unconscious way.

This is why it needs to have a certain definition, because our inner being has to like it so we can feel it as part of us.

If this is achieved then our inner being welcomes it, but if it sees a bunch of things scrambled or not too attractive for its view, then our energy does not achieve to assimilate what is being served.

In addition, it is important for each main and side dish to be placed in separate plates, because they are different energies and they must not be conjugated.

In the case that we do not have another option, then the ideal thing is to place the food which is clear together and the ones that are obscure together as well, because by the tone of their color they can adapt better among themselves and they will not affect us negatively.

We have to try for the food to have clear colors and if there is something dark to avoid mixing it with the clear ones, because they collide, the energy does not adapt and the person gets harmed.

Each dish has to be programmed to receive the best from it.

Let us energize our food

Many people are used to pray before they eat and it is a tradition that has a millenary origin and that has a relation with the ritual that the Masters taught us since the beginning of time.

We need to continue with this custom in the way that we already do, because it is necessary to be grateful for having food when many others do not have the same luck.

But it is also important to complement it with the programming of our dishes so that they can give us what we require and to remove from them the energy that can harm us.

For instance, this is vital when we do not eat at home, because we do not know with what attitude they cooked what we ordered.

The proper way to program our food is with our hands, which have to be rubbed for them to be able to activate their energy centers.

Once we feel like a tickling, we place our hand palms towards the plate making a triangle with the index fingers of our hands.

Then we will say within our interior:

“I am grateful and let all the bad energy which is in my food to be liberated and leave only the energy that my body can assimilate and that is positive for it”.

In that moment when we are eating we emanate a steam which we do not see, but that goes out through the triangle and when it does so, which is an energy field, it achieves for emotions like stress to be transformed into good energy for the world.

This can be made discretely if we do not want it to be too obvious, we begin rubbing our hands below the table and we place them afterwards over the plate without letting someone notice all what we are doing with our heart.

The wooden sticks work as energy antennas.

The utensils that are in our favor

There are a series of events that also affect in how we are going to assimilate what we eat, for example the type of material that our utensils our plates are made of.

It is good to stand out that when we eat with our hands we are receiving directly from our being the energy that the universe sends us.

Many call it the vital energy, “prana”, and part of it is received at the moment when we eat.

The fact of using only our hands helps us to put it in a more direct way because the spoon is made with a type of metal that it gets impregnated of many energies and it is more difficult for it to be given from us towards our food.

From the oriental customs we can take certain traditions, for example they accustom to eat with wooden sticks, which because they are made of wood they work as energy antennas.

Also the way in which they drink soups or liquids without a spoon and they take them with both hands, because when we grab the plate in that way we are transmitting to it directly the energy.

Equally to eat on a table is not so good, it is better to do as they do, sated on the floor because it is healthier, as our body assimilates it better that way.

Regarding the ideal material to serve and cook food is also wood, because it helps us with its constant renovation of energy, because even though apparently it is dead matter it still remains connected to Earth and to the universe.

This is why it is not good to eat with plastic plates, because this material is compounded by very dense energies.

We can adopt all these steps as a way of life because they will give us better health, although it may seem difficult for us to believe, besides they will not complicate our existence  and, on the other hand, they are going to achieve in us a great change.

Additional tips

   All the food must be chewed at least 21 times so it can be properly assimilated, because every 7 times we put into it  an energy and those three energies united prepare the stomach so that it can receive the food. At least we must chew 14 times in the case of a small portion.

   We can use the four elements to harmonize our table, they can be placed before we serve the food on the table so they can prepare the ambience.

    If there is noise or something that we did not like happened near us, we must not eat. We always have to eat with pleasant conditions.

   It is never good to talk about problems, of things that  make us sad or of things that alters our energy, because they are changes that do not help us have a well assimilation of the food.

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation



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