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Meditation: A Wonderful Voyage

An altar, a relaxed body and a suitable breathing will take us into the beautiful universe that we have within our hearts

Meditation is the most direct way towards God, because it is the moment in which we concentrate to have a communication with Him and with the cosmos, which is our own heart.

Through it we make contact with everything that is around us, to have sensitivity and the required energy to be able to dominate them within ourselves and to be able to compare them afterwards.

This is in general because there are different types of meditation that we can develop depending on what we need.

For instance, there is the profound meditation which helps us to take out a feeling or thought, but there are also others that are useful to us to take out the tensions that invade our head during the day.

In addition, meditation is also useful to assimilate or reject energies that have been sent to us, as well as to send love towards wherever we feel it is needed, like to our Mother Earth.

In this material what we present is a series of easy exercises to achieve a better concentration and dominion of our physical body, by which they can be practiced by whoever wish to start to meditate as well as for the ones who already do it as a part of their spiritual discipline.

An altar towards the universe

The first thing that we need to begin is to have an altar, which will work as a representation of the universe in our own home, and at the same time it will be a sort of an antenna of energy which will nourish and protect us during these exercises.

The ideal thing would be to have a wooden table which we could cover with a cloth of blue or golden color that can seem really beautiful to us.

Once it is covered, we can put on each corner a representative of the four elements, Water, Earth, Fire, and Wind, which are the ones that have control and harmony in the cosmos.

To symbolize the brothers of water you can put this liquid in a recipient made of transparent glass or of wood.

Whereas with earth we can select either a stone, flowers or a flower-pot to place in a corner.

For fire we can use a candle, and in the case of wind we can use an incense stick which will evoke that subtle essence, although we can also use a spray of any pleasant fragrance.

It is very important that when we do it we ask each one of them to give us the required strength for meditation and that also they help us so that the altar can work as an energy receptive pyramid.

Once the four corners are programmed, in the center we can place a quartz crystal, which does not have to be polished, which we have to program for whatever we need for it to develop in the altar.

It is desirable, in addition, for all the components of our altar to receive first a light bath of oil, from the energy of a plant or a tree, for example of sandalwood.

To end this section, below the table we need to put a cloth in which we have placed our blessings, because it will work as a protection of the altar.

The reason to place it there is to prevent a leak of energy, because when the energy is received it comes down, it clashes with it and it cannot deviate or go any other way, but rather it stays within the field which is defined by our altar.

The best position

It is important to mention that we have to use clean and clear colored clothes to meditate, although what is ideal is to do it with the lesser clothes possible.

In the case of the feet, it is necessary to have them uncovered completely or if it is cold to wear cotton socks.

The seat that we choose must be hard. That is why it is not good to try to meditate on our bed, which would make our body be imbalanced.

We must be sit and to have our back as straight as possible, but with our chest and our buttocks towards outside, making a kind of arch, which will help us not to bend our back during the meditation.

Regarding the position of our body, we can say that however we have our feet is not really important like some teachings say, because in the moment of meditation the left and the right complement each other and the unite as one.

Really the reason why the lotus position has been privileged is because with it you have an adequate position of your back to receive the energy, but not because how you have your extremities.

The feet, therefore, can be placed in such a way that we can feel comfortable, the only thing that we have to avoid is to place them oriented towards the floor, because in this way they are not going to receive the proper energy.

The importance of the chakras

The first step that we will take is to be aware of our seven chakras so that in this way we let the energy enter by means of them, these are the crown, the one in the center of our forehead, our throat, our heart, our stomach, our plexus, our sexual organs and our coccyx.

The best way to activate the chakras before a meditation is to pass the flame of our candle near them, but with the precaution of not getting burned because if something like that happened the effect would be the opposite, they would get closed.

The chakras must be completely opened before a meditation because if not it will be impossible for us to achieve the required state of concentration to have a good meditation.

After that step the most important thing is the way we breathe, which we will verify when we are aware of our plexus.

This part of our body will the one that receives the required oxygen to make it get to all our body and to let it completely clean.

Breathing equals concentration

Breathing, as it was mentioned, is vital to achieve a good meditation, but the best way to do it is through our diaphragm.

The reason is that with the diaphragmatic breathing we achieve balance and relax, whereas with the normal one we only enter into a state of sleepening.

A good exercise for the plexus is to inhale and exhale only with this part of our body. Let us try for the air to enter and go out so the plexus can start to open.

Once we have dominated it we will see that when we hold the breathing we fill our body with energy, then the plexus is now big enough so it can open and close as it requires.

For example, we can count until number 10 and breath out in the quickest time possible, in other words, taking it in counts of 10, hold it and the exhaling in 3.

After this you need to keep reducing the inhalation time and keep increasing the exhalation one and keep alternating them.

In other words, now you have to inhale in 4 times and you will exhale in seven, then in 3 and you will exhale in 10, then in 15 and 30 counts.

The purpose of inhaling in a major amount of counts and to exhale in small ones is to take much energy and to take out only the element of air without letting that energy out.

After this, when you inhale in less counts and you exhale in several counts, that is for the energy that we left inside to pick up and clean whatever we have negative in our interior and to expel it with the exhalation.

Once we have achieved a regular rhythm in our breathing we must maintain it in the way our body tells us.

To achieve that balance means that we have mastered the channel of breathing… then we can go to the next step.

Let us prepare our body

Before starting to move, we begin by imagining that our back is a stick of power and energy.

Then we move our waist, we put our arms over our shoulders, near our neck, and we make flexions towards the sides in which we feel that our back is moving to so that our vertebras can adjust themselves and to leave a free flow for the energy that is going to arrive.

We have to do this exercise until we feel that our back loses its rigidness.

Afterwards we will continue with a series of rotary movements of our torso, lifting our arms flexed to our side and placing our hands in front of our chest. This exercise is made so that the extremities of our back can relax.

It is also important to feel a rhythm with our neck, because we have in it the tip or the reception center of the energy that flows down until our coccyx, from where it goes out.

To exercise our neck, we need to place ourselves as straight as possible, but at the same time creating a curve with our back, trying to put our chest and buttocks towards outside.

When we are in this posture we will flex our neck in front of us so that we can feel how all the vertebras begin to pull as well as the nerves, but we must do it carefully, avoiding sudden movements.

Our hands, equally, must relax and to achieve it we can pull our fingers one by one so that our nerves can liberate tension. With this we will achieve a better and major reception.

The next step will be to rub them one against the other until we feel that we have opened their center, which will be when on the center of our palm a kind of tickling initiates.

Now we are really prepared to initiate a meditation.

Meditation: a journey towards our interior.

Maintaining our straight position, we entwine our hands with the palms towards the cosmos (our fingers must stay over our hand palms) and we direct them in front as a sign that we give our body so that it can receive the required energy.

Afterwards we make an offering to the universe, which can be our energy, our love or anything that we feel.                                             

In that moment we will feel how the energy comes to us, how do we absorb it, and so, we must bend our arms and to deposit it exactly in our heart.

Then it is possible for us to perceive how our heart beats faster because of the received energy, which will be the symbol that is going to tell us that the movement has been performed in the required manner.

We remove our hands back from our heart, but feeling always that our hands are united by energy strings, which we will take and try to imagine how we intertwine them.

Once we feel that we already have conjugated our energy with them, we are going to take it and deposit it on our altar.

From then on we now can place our hands however we wish to. The only thing that we need to observe is that at the moment in which we inhale to receive energy we must open our hand palms, and to exhale we close them and so forward.

In that moment our prayers must come out from our heart, without going through our mind, he will send them to us directly to our mouth so that we can say them out loud or quietly.

After that we summon our three angels to ask for them to help us so that our meditation is not interfered by any kind of negative energy that can block us or affect us.

We have to request for them to supervise the path that we are going to travel, so that nothing that does not belong to us does enter into our bodies.

From then on we will start the real meditation, which is nothing else but the journey towards our inner being, which is the home of God or the “Infinite Expression”.

Because of this is that we do not need an external guidance which tells us what to think or feel, because our heart will be our own guide.

He will guide us to our deepest feelings so that we can analyze them and we can know who we really are and to know what we really need.

And this will be until after some time in each meditation we can even meet our own angels, with the real energy of Nature or with the answers to all our questions.

It is possible that the first times that we try it we may not be able to achieve complete concentration, but the important thing is for us not to quit and to continue with our practices.

An advise so we can get into wherever we need to go is for us to concentrate on the images or events that make us feel happy, to evoke them, because in this way we will have the required energy to improve.

Finishing the exercise

Before finishing the meditation it is required to “close it”, because if we do not do so we might suffer a very strong clash of energies within our interior and an energy leak would be provoked.

The proper way to do it is found individually, because it is a dictation that will come from our heart and it will make us move our physical body in a certain way.

But for instance one could feel the need to place his hands through his chakras, to thank them for all that they have given him and to ask for them to close down.

It is important to stand out that the type of exercises that we previously exposed will help us above all to prepare our physical body and to be in this way calmer by which it will allow us to concentrate more each time.

In addition, it will lead us to be more sensitive with the reception and shipment of energy towards the cosmos and towards ourselves. This is why we cannot point out how much time it has to last, because it will depend on what we are receiving.

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation




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