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The Language of the Heart

"I know that I have not considered you very much, but I want you to help me to give me the answers that I need," this is a statement that we must repeat to ourselves so that little by little we can behave in accordance with our spirit

We often wonder if a certain decision is the correct and they advise us that to be able to know so we must hear our heart but, how do we know that the one that answers us is our heart and not our mind? How can we distinguish one another?

Nowadays human beings are used to follow the commandments and will of our mind, which is not the best one to guide us in all the aspects of our life.

We have to live with the balance between the physical body, which in this case represents the mind, and the astral and spiritual body, which is the heart.

But unfortunately we now are giving more importance to the mind which is already overloaded and this is why it will not always give us the right answers.

For example, if they offer us something and we say “yes”, do we really know which part of us is responding and if it really is what we want? This is why the best thing is to discover where the answers that we give during the day are coming from.

Each one to its place

Many of the answers or decisions that we take in life come from our mind, because they are things that our intellect dominates, but many other have to come from our heart because he is the only one that has the sense to decide about the most sensitive aspects.

But, where does the relevance of the heart come from? Many will say that it is nothing more than an organ, although without analyzing that it is not only a muscle, but that rather it has all the ability and energy to direct a body.

In addition, it has all the strength to generate the energy that helps us to make contact with God and with the other beings of light.

That in addition with the fact that it also brings out the essential energy so that the other part of us, which is the spirit, can lead us to communicate with the beautiful things that are around us.

In this way, it is important for our mind and heart to be listened to depending on the situation; for instance, if we are with our husband and we let our mind to give us the answers that we should be taking from our heart, then we are making a mistake.

In those moments it is when we must rely on what we feel, on that internal part that vibrates.

This is why many human relationships fail in many cases, because they are based on the brain.

The heart is the only one that has the perfect harmony so that people can understand and conjugate to achieve harmony in their relationships.


A confused mind

We know that our mind is too complex, because it absorbs all what is around it, which among them are the images that it sees during the day while we walk, talk or eat.

Even when we do not pay attention to person our mind is capturing all the information and processing it, selection which information is for us and which is not.

And we even overload it more trying for it to make decisions in matters of the heart like “should I forgive my couple or not?”.

The mind, which is trying to process all its information, when being obligated to answer us, it will send us an answer which will take from the information that we have picked up throughout our life.

What happens is that the brain receives the doubt and what it does is that it searches for an answer between the information stored during its life, then its answer will be “I do not have to forgive him because of this and that” and it may be a response based on the situation of a distant person that our brain picked up and that it seems somewhat similar to what we want to know.

This is when one says “Why did I make so many decisions that I did not want to make?”, and it is for all of that previously explained, because we let the brain take responsibilities that do not belong to it.

The bad thing is that the brain gets used to always give the answers and when we want our heart to be the one to do it, the brain sends the information first.

How to listen to our heart?

The first step to let ourselves be guided more by our heart is to know how it feels.

Speak to it, it is not a separate being, all the love of God is in it and it will be capable of answering when you summon it, but if you do not tell it what you are feeling it will not be capable to respond.

A simple method is to take a flower and analyze what it feels, what it makes you feel when you see it or touch it.

After this summon your heart, summon God, breaking the fear of speaking with love to people or beings that we do not see, because we need to lose that shyness, our eyes are not going to see it, but our other being is going to see very clearly to whom it is speaking to.

And so, say to your heart: “ I know that I have not considered you very much, but I want you to help me to give me the answers that I need”.

What it is going to understand are not words, but rather the energy that you deposit into your summoning and it immediately will give you an answer.

The answer that you are going to get will be from your heart and you are going to be able to compare it with the ones your brain gives you.

And so little by little you are going to realize how one and the other feels, until you can tell each time better which answer is the one that you should use for each situation.

It is possible for us to see that the solutions are not the ones that seemed more difficult, because we always think that what is going to take us to what we want is that which is sinister, what makes us suffer, when in reality the simplest things are more real.

We are used to think in this way, when in reality it is the easiest way through the one we should go. Life is not complicated and we will see that little by little when we take the answers that our heart will give us.                              

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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*Photo: Heriberto Parra


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