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How to Guide our Children?

To live among laughter is to live with wisdom and that is what our children do best, and it is up to us to encourage this sensitivity and communication to them with what we sometimes do not see

When we humans are born, we are born free of bias and with a special vision that we keep during our childhood, until some adult comes along and teaches a different reality that causes that we forget everything what we thought of life and the world.

It is vital which we understand that children are very special beings, full of a sensitivity that adults must encourage, not eliminate, reason why we must listen with the heart to their wisdom and learn.

They know how to say if they like something even though one thinks that it only can attract the adult ,they also speak to us of things that are not understood, like of other lives, since they are born with that capacity to know who were in a past existence.

But through the bad formation that for a long time we have been carrying, that sensitivity is lost to open the way to a rational mind that believes in nothing else that can be verified.

For example, in their first childhood it is indicated to babies that they look at some specific thing ("Look;, and we indicate with the finger), whereas the children do not focus their sight, wanting to see something more.

The doctors say that it is because the babies cannot fix their eyes on the objects, and partly is is true, but also it is because they can see further than that, to the other dimension located after this one.

We only must understand that babies are more connected with that other world that coexists then what the adults see.

They see beyond the physical
Another error is that in the schools only teach everything that is physical. But they do not tell us that we must know who we are on the inside so that we can be able to take our life of the correct way nor do they indicate to us that we must know what surrounds us and to learn that it vibrates just as we.

Children are taught only to focus on the material and that is how we, the adults, have been losing the communication with which is not physical, with the other part that also conforms us and that is very important to take into account.

Now, it is up to us to learn that there are things that they did not teach to us to see, but that thanks to God there are beings like the Masters of Wisdom who very are interested in that we know of them and appreciate them.

Let us cultivate their sensitivity
1. - One of the forms to preserve in the children their particular sensitivity is putting them in contact with the elements of nature. We must take them to the countryside for example, because the energy that is there is very special, there are also beings that we can not perceive with our eyes, already very limited to what they can see, but that our children can perceive.

What happens with the adults is that we are already programmed and, although our eyes also see further, we blocked a part of our brain so that we do not know that we are seeing other things that we will not be able to rationalize.

But the children do not know of these barriers and enjoy everything that a beach or a mountain offers them, at the same time that is fomenting a closeness with their inner self and what surrounds them.

2. - Something that is very important is to ask to them about what surrounds them, for example what they like of their home. Then we must catch what is what they are seeing with their eyes of a child and to reflect on which they respond.

It is necessary to remember that they can perceive energies and is possible that they tell you that they see some person or being who instills joy or panic in them, reason why is necessary to evaluate anyone of the two options and to act in case that what your son sees is not a positive entity (see Master Dcim ).

3. - We must motivate that they have love for nature, for minerals, plants and animals, because is good that they have communication with all these elements that are so near love.

For example, show them to speak with the flowers because it develops their sensitivity and communication with other beings who also inhabit this planet.

Also, when the children approach a flower there is a communication that we are not able to see, by these means is which nature and the elements leave a very important teachings for them and for their lives.

This connection between our children and other beings occurs in a simple way, because children make no effort because they have already had that communication all along. For them it is like saying: "Turn around and talk with this child" and they are going to be able to do it as soon as we tell them.

With the adults it is different because we are already full of bad information, and also that our brain is one of the strongest and jealous weapons, and our intelligence is very capable to move us away from that communication with which it exists beyond.

Of course when we manage to pass that barrier that our mind have put, then we will be able to have communication with our heart, our inner being and with all those elements of nature that see us and talk to us the way they have always done, since our childhood.

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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